Buy a genuine MevoFit - 'Race Thrust Smartwatch'
with Color Touchscreen and Bold and Powerful looks.

The MevoFit Race Thrust Smartwatch by MevoFit

The Premium Smartwatch for Men and Women for fitness and activity tracking for the lowest online price.

Get the incredible MevoFit Thrust fitness watch - the stunning smartwatch with bold looks, cool features like ECG & PPG monitor and color touchscreen display

Fitness Tracking watch with Color Touchscreen, Steps, Calories, HR, BP, ECG, Sleep,
Notifications, Smart Tools, Multi-Sports, and Long Battery

MevoFit Thrust Smart Watch

$ 80

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MevoFit Race-Thrust ECG-Smart-Watch for Fitness & Health PRO Sporty-Health-ECG-Smart-Watch, All Activity Tracking.....

  • 1 YEAR Warranty
  • Secure Payment



Steps, Calories, Distance, Sedentary


Sleep, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, ECG, PPG


Multi Sports - Run, Cycling, Climbing, Basketball, Swimming, Football, Treadmill, Training, Skipping


Clock, Alarm, Vibration, Reminders, Weather, Timer, Stop Watch


Find Phone, Turn Wrist On


Bold, Sporty, Elegant, Comfortable, Outdoor, Rugged


IP67 Waterproof, Round Metal Dial, Cable Charger, Functional switch


Changeable TPE based Straps with Metallic Hook and Pin mechanism


Laser striped straps in Black, Blue and Red colors

Compatible Phones

Apple Phones & Android Mobile Phones

Compatible Brands

Samsung, Xiaomi, RealMe, One Plus, Vivo, Oppo, Honor, Motorola, Lenovo, Huawei


1 Year warranty for all hardware related defects, except damaged or broken


For Product Setup, Technical or Warranty Support via Phone, Chat or Mail, go to 'Support'


  • The Bold smartwatch with colorful round metallic dial and high-resolution screen with touch display.
  • Allows for all Activity Tracking including monitoring your steps, calories burnt, distance covered and sedentary.
  • The watch boasts of incredible health monitoring with ECG, PPG, blood pressure, heart rate and sleep analysis.
  • This smart watch also boasts of multiple sports tracking - walk, run, cycling, football, basketball, and skipping.
  • The watch is not just bold, but smart too, with inbuilt tools like clock, alarm, reminders, weather, timer etc.
  • With the Watch faces that can be changed easily from the watch, you are free to choose from available choices.
  • Get alerts directly on your watch for added convenience, when any new notification come on your phone.
  • With an ultra long battery life of 8-12 days, smart phones compatible - android and apple cell phones.


Bright Display

MevoFit Race Thrust is a stunningly good looking smart watch with touch display and round dial. The color screen supports gesture control function, rich in color, and boasts of exquisite rich icons and functional display.

Long Battery

The powerful battery gives you uninterrupted performance for almost 8-12 days. The 150 mAH battery pack inside the watch, makes you worry free from having to charge repetitively after usage, for many many days.

Activity Tracking

Monitoring your activities daily is the most important function of a fitness smartwatch. The Thrust watch lets you track your steps, distance and calories utilized with daily activity, silently and accurately.

Health Tracking

The Thrust watch comes with inbuilt metallic sensors for gauging your ECG and PPG, apart from heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. Your overall health monitoring is a boon with the help of the tracking technology of this watch.

Multi Sports

With multi sports tracking features, this watch makes it a serious sports tracking device. It lets you record your sporting activities while you keep sweating - Walk, Run, Cycling, Football, Badminton, Basketball and Skipping.

Notifications & Alerts

When the push notifications are received by your phone, the watch smartly get you alerted. With convenience of being able to look at the notifications on your watch for calls, messages and social and other apps, you are worth your style.

Smart Tools

The watch offers many smart ways to take over with your day to day life with style. With tools that add up to your convenience - Clock, Alarm, Reminders, Vibration, Calendar, Weather, Timer, Stop Watch, Find Phone, Turn On.

Waterproof Device

The Thrust watch comes with IP-67 grade water proof hardware that gives you an edge. You are ready to don the watch in the shower, or outdoor for a run, even when its pouring, or a quick dip, absolutely no worries.

MevoFit Fitness App

The Fitness App that comes with this device, is an absolute premium piece of technology in itself. You are all set on the path of your fitness progress and achieving your goals, with the powerful data monitoring and robust features of the MevoFit app.

Fast Charging

With a quick charge of a few minutes, you are all fueled up for a couple of days. And give it a full charge of about three hours, and you can forget about recharging it for a good week or two.

Easy Charging

The watch comes with a magnetic dongle that can be easily connected behind the watch and it simply positions itself. The cable can be connected to any standard USB port, be it the circuit board or a computer port.

Get to know the meaning of all the icons on MevoFit Race Thrust ECG Smart Fitness Watch. Watch this video now to see how the smartwatch works and how you can use all the available features.