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Home and Gym Workout Wear


Our home and gym workout active wears are centered on our extensive research into the expectations of women between 16 and 55 years of age. These t-shirts are made of 100% cotton and are softer, slim-fit-oriented, lightweight, and breathable for the best experience.

These anti-sweat t-shirts would help you be at ease with yourself while you are stretching, jogging, hiking, camping, or working out. Our trendy activewear is available in exciting colors and you can pair them up with our yoga pants or running tights to mark a style statement emphatically.

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Genuine workout wears that provide a sweat-free experience

  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Slim-fit stitching for better shape
  • Lightweight, comfortable, breathable and stretchable
  • Pair perfectly with yoga pants and running tights
  • Fashion-wear and Active-wear; can double up as Sportswear too
  • Suited for 16-55 years of women, fits as per feminine silhouette
  • Different styling and designing on all colored t-shirts


These super-soft and lightweight gym t-shirts are extremely breathable and stretchable, and they are suitable for yoga as much as they are suited for camping, hiking, and traveling. You may also wear them with all types of jeans, pants, and shorts every day.
The best thing about them is that they resist sweat and can be worn for longer workout sessions too. An ideal way to use them is to pair them with MevoFit’s anti-sweat leggings for your regular workout sessions.


If you thought these home and gym workout t-shirts were meant to work out and hike alone, you’re grossly mistaken. These t-shirts are trendy, healthy, sporty, and fashion-oriented and you may thus wear them for most indoor and outdoor activities any day. Their superb designing and fitting will sit just as easy with your yoga pants as it would with your denim wear too. They double up as attractive sportswear for women too.

At MevoFit, it is our constant endeavor to offer you an experience that is geared towards making your hard work count in the best way possible.


We have gone the distance to make these high-quality fitness apparel with a unique flatlock stitch. It is a unique type of stitching that’s mostly found in premium home and gym workout t-shirts, and it is based on single-layer stitching. This practice prevents friction by minimizing seam rubs against your skin to offer you a rash-free experience.

Meant for women between 16 to 55 years of age, these breathable and lightweight active wears are geared to provide a better and more positive workout experience every single time.

MevoFit Fitness Apparels - Lightweight, Comfortable, Breathable &
Stretchable Workout Wear for Daily Home & Gym Workout Sessions!