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It’s time to immerse yourself into an unforgettable musical experience
in the most stylish way possible!

Say ‘Yes’ to an immersive musical experience with MevoFit Play N100 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Headphones.

They are meant for fitness-minded men and women who prefer an exciting mix of music and workouts for longer lengths of time on a daily basis.

These sporty and sweat-proof neckbands are powered by attractive features like the dual pairing, tangle-free design, and a magnetic lock besides active noise cancellation and microphone support.

MevoFit Play N100 Sports

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MevoFit Play N100 wireless headphones come with Bluetooth 4.1 technology that delivers superior sound quality and power to move you......

  • 1 YEAR Warranty
  • Secure Payment


Headphones Fit Type Neckband

Connectivity & BT Version Bluetooth 4.0 & Above

Headphone Features

Flexible Neckband, Lightweight, Easy to Operate, High-Quality Sound, Headphones with Mic, Low Battery Alerts

Function specifications

Bluetooth Earphones, Microphone

Charging time

1 hour

Stand by time

300 hours

Talk Time

12 hours

Music Play Time

12 hours

Mic Support



-42 dB


Water-resistant Sweat-proof


Android phones, iPhones, iPods, iPads, Windows PCs and Laptops, Macs, TV

Product Dimensions

18 x 15 x 2 cm


40 gms


Wireless, Battery 170 mAH, Lithium-ion


If your music is exciting, why shouldn’t your listening experience be? It is this very philosophy that drove us to create a unique neckband for you- one that blends seamlessly with your style and preference for your favorite genre of music.

The result is MevoFit Play N100 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Headphones. It packs in an exhilarating experience of listening to music in High Definition Audio for fitness-savvy and active professionals like you, and it simply clings to you without bothering you with anything else.

This special class of sweat-proof In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth headsets comes with dedicated support for Mic and has extra bass and noise reduction features. The same is boosted by the presence of external controls like Play/Pause and Previous/Next (for music) and Accept/Reject (for calls) so you could always listen to your favorite music in your zone and use its hands-free facility on the move.

It comes with a radically improvised tangle-free design and has a magnetic lock, plus is powered by a rugged metallic frame that can last some of the toughest workouts, just like you.

And the best thing is that you can keep on playing it for 12 hours on a trot without caring for its battery. These premium neckbands are available in five different colors to suit your style the best. These colors are Dark Green, Light Green, Red, Navy Blue, and Sky Blue.

MevoFit Play N100 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Headphones feature Bluetooth 4.1 with AptX music support. The former can be used to pair with two devices at a time to enjoy a seamless experience of music, even if you are 10 feet away from the scene.

If that wasn’t enough a show for you, consider this: you can tune out everyone and everything out to immerse yourself in your music, thanks to its HD Stereo-centric AptX technology and active noise cancellation feature!

We welcome you to explore its features below

  • HD Stereo music
  • Water-resistant
  • Sweat-resistant and skin-friendly
  • Noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth 4.1, powered by CSR 8645 chip
  • AptX music technology
  • 30 feet connectivity
  • External buttons for Play/Pause (for music) and Accept/Reject (for calls)
  • Up to 12 hours of playback and call support, 300 hours of standby time
  • Enhanced microphone
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Magnetic lock
  • Suited for strenuous outdoor activities like running, hiking, and working out
  • Works up to 10 meters distance
  • High Power 170 mAH battery
  • Available in five colors: Dark Green, Light Green, Red, Navy Blue, and Sky Blue.


MevoFit Play N100 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Headphones is just where style, portability, and a top-notch listening experience meet in unison. These sleek and “hang-loose” in-ear headsets are powered by Bluetooth 4.1 and can connect with up to two devices at a time from a maximum distance of ten feet.

Powered by Bluetooth 4.1

We have deliberately chosen Bluetooth 4.1 because it doesn’t interfere with the 4G spectrum of telecommunication and that it consumes less battery power. This results in extended duration of dedicated support for music and calls, especially when you are on the move.

These trendy and magnet-locked in-ear headsets pack a 170 mAH battery to offer 12 continuous hours of HD music plus interruption-free call and hands-free supports. This surreal effect is available up to a distance of 30 feet from the paired device, thanks to the revolutionary CSR 8645 electronic chip.

HD Stereo Sound

These sweat-proof and water-resistant in-ear headsets come with advanced acoustics to move you. It has deep and strong bass with a pronounced identification of mids and highs for a completely immersive experience. Its active noise cancellation simply lets you drown in a fantastic experience of listening to your favorite music in your zone by cutting you out of surrounding noise.

MevoFit Play N100 Bluetooth headphones fill up your eardrums with High-Fidelity (Hi-Fi) stereo sound quality to make your favorite songs sounds even better. The same experience is further accentuated by class-leading AptX technology to provide a mind-blowing frequency response for high-resolution audio files.

Sweat-proof and Water-Resistant Ergonomic design

MevoFit Play N100 In-Ear Neckband Wireless Bluetooth Headset is based on ergonomic design to fit all neck sizes and stay there throughout the day without feeling heavy. The material used for it is premium-grade soft silicon and can withstand sweat, rain, and dust. Featuring an extra pair of ear tips, the flex is compact and is built on a diagonal angle to fit into the ear canal.

Here’s another user-centric aspect of this simple but heavy-duty in-ear Bluetooth neckband headset: its exceptional flexibility and small size. It means you can always bend and fold them and pack them in your pocket or handbag, only to take them out later and rock your world in High-Definition music again!

CVC 6.0 Noise Reduction Mic Support

Most Suitable for regular daily use by fitness-centric professional men and women, MevoFit Play N100 In-Ear Neckband Wireless Bluetooth Headset comes enabled with comfy earbuds and pro-grade cVc 6.0 Noise Reduction for HD music and hands-free calling support.

clear Voice capture or cVc 6.0 is an advanced set of noise-reduction algorithms that is built by electronic major Qualcomm. It comes baked into the microphone audio processing circuit of premium and top-end Bluetooth headphones to dynamically suppress unwanted sounds at the caller’s and the receiver’s ends for a clearer and better audible experience.

External Audio and Call Controls

As mentioned above, these top-notch in-ear Bluetooth neckbands are meant for fitness-savvy working and sports professionals. Their unisex color and designing make them an automatic choice for men and women of all age groups and that’s exactly why they come sporting external buttons for changing music tracks and for making or taking calls on-the-move.

You can make one-touch access to Play/Pause and Next/Previous besides making or taking calls with the push of one button. It’s external audio and call controls make its mobility quotient way too high for cheaper neckbands to compete, let alone beat it.

Quality Assurance

MevoFit is known for offering a top-class lineup of consumer products across a wide range of lifestyle and fitness segments. The same tradition of premium craftsmanship can be seen in these sporty Bluetooth neckbands too. They have a distinctive metallic shine that’s hard for counterfeit and cheapskate products to replicate, and the insides are just in a class of their own.

We offer top of the line features inside out so you could always have the best bang for your buck, and this primarily includes assimilation of latest technologies at prices that don’t send you to rob a bank. We also observe a series of high-quality checks to ensure that only the best of our products reach you.

In case you’d be looking for some exciting discounts to buy this product online, we have you covered for that too. Please follow this page to know more about the deals and discounts that we offer on the MevoFit online store to help you get the best price. Please also note that most of the orders we process qualify for free shipping and you could be the one with the next!


Yes, it does. Please note that your phone may not support the feature of resuming playback so you might just have to hit the ‘play’ icon again there.

Yes. These neckbands do connect with 2 phones at a time. However, only one of them will work actively at a time for music or calls.

Yes. These neckbands are ergonomic and offer extended support for music and calls even when you are working out, jogging, hiking, or doing any other strenuous exercise.

Yes. MevoFit Play N100 features Bluetooth v4 that helps in better utilization of Bluetooth bandwidth, thus offering you an immersive sound quality that’s free of static. Secondly, this BT version is highly energy-efficient and thus offers up to 12 hours of continuous music and call support.

Bluetooth headphones disconnect frequently when they have low battery power left. Check if your in-ear headset and your smartphone have enough juice left.

No, it’s not recommended. While these neckbands have top-class circuitry, prolonged fluctuations in voltage may leave them vulnerable to damage after 100% charging. Thus, you should not charge them for more than 2 hours at the most. Leaving charged overnight on one or two occasions is fine though.

Bluetooth frequency is usually different from those of the airplane’s communication frequencies. However, it is advisable to check with your airline operator first. You may use these Bluetooth neckbands for traveling by train and buses without any issues though.

The standard rule for Bluetooth connectivity is 7 ft for most Bluetooth devices.

It has a standby time of 300 hrs. and 12 hours of continuous music and calls.

Meant for fitness-savvy men and women, MevoFit’s MevoFit Play N100 In-Ear Neckband Wireless Bluetooth Headset is made of premium materials and feature the latest audio technology. You should keep these neckbands clean and not drop them roughly. Take care of the flex and do not tamper with it. Keep them away from pets too.