• All MevoFit wrist smart wearable watches and fitness tracking bands come with on-display screen on its devices with high quality displays to support maximum ease of use with absolute stunning display mechanisms.
  • The activity bands are designed to be sleeker with smaller monitors, and the fitness watches beginning with the smaller dials, and going bolder on the size with the mission based prime functions for both kinds of device ranges.
  • Besides, depending on the device segment, the devices, start from mono display and going on to color displays with high level colored display with high contrast and brightness to show data even in bright light and outdoors. Besides many devices can be controlled for brightness, where some also support auto-brightness functions, thanks to the embedded light sensors and correction technology embedded within the hardware.
  • As for the displays, these screens have been developed from the objectives of showing the user level data with ease, and minimal efforts, thus chronologically designing the functions in more practical order, and allowing intuitiveness of usage with the optimum UX approach.
  • Further the displays, based on some of the devices, allow multi-function touch point functions, swipe functions, full touch capabilities, and going on to wrist movement functions to auto display the data, and then making it auto off to save the precious battery to give you the maximum juice out of each charge.


  • For MevoFit range of smart devices for activity tracking, be it the fitness watches or the smart wrist bands, battery capacity and optimization is never left out of the most essential focus of functions.
  • Thus most of the range of smart monitoring devices form MevoFit, simply enjoy an ultra rich device usage time, and simply keep going on with lasting activity, inspite of full tracking functions, without the need for re-fueling with another charge.
  • The development of premium devices with value based attractive costs, instead of simply proto-developing a cheap device, has too many advantages like heavy long lasting and superior batteries with extra mAH, and fine tuned optimizing usage algos, now that adds to your benefits of owning such a watch.


  • All MevoFit watches and trackers for activity and health are embedded with high grade bluetooth chip sets to enable flawless working and stable connection between your watch and the bundled app for device pairing from MevoFit.
  • This compliments to the standalone usage function of these devices, all of which support full featured display, but also the paired linked usage, like syncing your data, keeping records, and monitoring your over all fitness progress, besides providing you with other benefits such as showing you of any call, message, social or app based alerts on device when they come on your smart phone.
  • Besides the quality hardware technology, the devices are also embedded with the latest protocols, as well as superior algorithms that are mastered to provide quick connect, fast response, flawless syncing, and very stable connectivity between your smartphone and these smart health devices - now that's really smart!


  • The smartwatches and fitness trackers from MevoFit are armed with hardware design and development with IP67 (Waterproof) and some with IP-68 (Swimming proof) technology equipment.
  • Since the devices are made to be sported on your wrist at all times of your usual daily activities, it is imperative that these enable restriction free usage, that does not require you to take the device on and off your wrist.
  • For the most part, our IP-67 based waterproof devices are good enough for all your activities, but in case you are a swimmer who loves to splash every now and then, then you are well covered with our Swim Proof range of devices that will help keep count of your calories and activity with a breeze up to 3-5 meters of water on you.


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