Buy a genuine MevoFit - 'Race Dive Smartwatch'
with Touchscreen and trendy cool looks.

The MevoFit Race Dive Smartwatch by Echoronics

The Premium smartwatch designed for men, women & kids for fitness and activity tracking at the lowest online price.

Get the cool MevoFit Dive fitness watch - the trendy 'round dial shaped' diving smartwatch with fashionable looks, cool features like swim proof technology (IP 68) and colored touchscreen display.

Fitness tracking watch with color touchscreen, steps, calories, HR, BP, sleep, notifications, smart tools, and multi-sports.

MevoFit Dive Smart Watch

$ 60

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MevoFit Race-Dive Swimming-Smart-Watch for Fitness & Sports PRO Sporty-Swimming-Smart-Watch, All Activity Tracking .....

  • 1 YEAR Warranty
  • Secure Payment



Steps, Calories, Distance, Sedentary Alerts


Sleep, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure


Multi Sports - Walking, Running, Cycling, Badminton, Basketball and Skipping


Find phone, Turn wrist on

Smart tools

Clock, Alarm, Vibration, Reminders, Weather, Timer, Stop Watch


IP68 Waterproof, Metal Round Dial, Dock Charger, Functional Switch

Screen Details

0.96” inch color screen and 160*80 pixels


Changeable silicon TPE based Straps with Metallic Studs. Single Color Strap - Black, Dual Colored Straps - Black-Red and Black-Green


Sporty, Outdoor, Rugged, Cool, Fashionable, Trendy Colors


100 mAH Lithium iON battery which lasts for upto 5 day

Compatible Phones

iPhones & Android Mobile Phones

Compatible Brands

Samsung, Xiaomi, RealMe, One Plus, Vivo, Oppo, Honor, Motorola, Lenovo, Huawei, iPhone


1 Year warranty for all hardware related defects, except damaged or broken


For Product Setup, Technical or Warranty Support via Phone – 8826692984/86, In app Chat or Mail – merchsupport@mevofit.com, or go to 'Help Center'.


The MevoFit Dive fitness smart watch comes with an IP-68 grade technology that lets you be absolutely care-free from the intended or unintended usage, as its good to go everywhere with you, water submerging won't matter.

This diving smartwatch has a bright color interface with touchscreen, and boasts of all pedometer based functions including walk, calories, distance, heart based monitoring features like automatic heart rate (24*7) detection, blood pressure and blood oxygen tracking. It is also packed with other functional sets for smart daily use like weather updates, automatic sleep detection, camera control, multiple sports tracking capabilities, and changeable watch faces as well as straps.

  • Trendy smart watch with round and bright resolution color touchscreen for clear vision in outdoors.
  • Activity tracking for accurate monitoring of steps, calories, distance, sedentary duration.
  • Health tracking with sleep tracking, heart rate, and blood pressure measuring capabilities.
  • Multi-sports activities tracker - walking, running, cycling, badminton, basketball, and skipping.
  • Smart daily tools for convenience like clock, alarm, reminders, calendar, weather, etc.
  • Changeable watch faces with different designs to go according to your mood and fancies.
  • Push notifications with vibration to alert you of calls, messages or social notifications on watch.
  • Pogo pin dock charger, long battery life, smart phone compatible, replaceable fashionable watch straps.


Bright Display

MevoFit Dive is an trendy looking smart watch with a beautiful round dial and touch screen display with rich color and bright color icons for features and tracked values.

Long Battery

Loaded with a robust battery backup and optimized performance, this watch will give you 4-5 days worth of usage, powered by a 100 mAH battery package. You can be assured of a long period of performance, with a single charge.

Activity Tracking

The watch will be able to aid you with the assistance you need to keep fit. It monitors your activity parameters throughout the day, like steps, calories and distance, and you can use this data to achieve your goals.

Swimming Proof

The MevoFit Dive watch is a swimming / water proof fitness gadget with IP-68 grading, that lets you take the watch everywhere, like outdoor in rain and plunges in a swimming pool, without any worry against damage.

Health Tracking

The Dive watch also boasts of health tracking parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, sleep and sedentary alerts, thereby supporting you with the information that will help you be more healthier.

Multi Sports

This watch also supports a range of sporting activities to provide you with data including activity for the sports you indulge in. You can track activities for Walk, Run, Cycling, Badminton, Basketball and Skipping.

Notifications & Alerts

Push alerts on your watch, help you in getting notified and let you view them directly on the watch. It provides notifications for calls, messages, social notifications and other apps like whatsapp, facebook, twitter, skype etc.

Smart Tools

The watch provides you with a bucket full of smart handy features to enhance your day to day activities with tools like Clock, Alarm, Reminders, Weather, Timer, Stop Watch, Find Phone, Turn Wrist On, and Vibration Alerts.

Waterproof Device

With its IP-68 level waterproof grading, this smartwatch is technically robust enough to withstand the pressure of water, even in a pool. So ofcourse, whether its in the shower, rain, or the pool, you don't need to watch for your watch!

MevoFit Fitness App

It can be paired with the bundled full fitness regime app - MevoFit Fitness App, that enhances your experience with premium and advanced features. It can also help you maintain your profile, goals, and measure data and progress.

Dock Charging

This watch comes with a charging dock to let you charge it more easily with solid placement. The dock itself can be plugged in with any standard USB cable for charging, and you will be done with charging within 2 hours.


It comes with a powerful battery life of 4-5 days on a single charge, and can be charged conveniently with a USB based charging dock that comes with the watch. It also sports silky-smooth colorful straps with stunning dual-colored options, with metallic hook.

This sports smartwatch is an absolute no-brainer for fitness and outdoor enthusiasts, and especially a boon for the swimmers, runners, and sports addicts who like to flex in the open, be it a man or a woman.

With its sporty, casual and trendy looks, it lets you don one whatever your intended use and wherever you go, and you can change the watch faces to suit your mood. This watch is also perfect for all settings including home, gym, office, outdoors and indoors, and come with the worry shattering waterproof grading of IP-68, that arms you with the antidote for carefree attitude whether in a pool or a Jacuzzi, or a beach.




You need to download MevoFit Fitness Tracker app to connect and pair the watch with your phone. The app is available both on Android & iOS.

In order to set date and time on the watch, please connect the watch with the app. Once the app and watch is connected it will auto sync your phone's date and time.

To activate the 1 year warranty for this watch, simply download MCLUB1 app from the Play store and input the required details.

The main permissions that are required by the app are in context to let you use all the features of the watch conveniently. The camera permission is required for camera control feature, the contact permission is required to sync the contact details and enable call alerts on the watch, the background permissions are required to maintain smooth connection.

You can simply setup the account by using any of your email. This account will help you maintain all your history and better sync records.

Yes, MevoFit Race Dive Smartwatch by Echoronics is a waterproof touchscreen smartwatch that offers measurement of BP, HR, and Sleep. It also offers notifications about calls, SMS, social media interactions, and WhatsApp.

No, it does not. This smartwatch has a Swim Mode that is meant for sports and fitness professionals and offers real-time measurement of BP, HR, and Sleep. You can wear the watch while swimming but it does not track swimming activity.

It connects only with the MevoFit fitness app that is available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. We would recommend you to download MevoFit Fitness Apps for the best results. These apps are super secure and pairing your MevoFit Dive smartwatch with any of them would help you keep a track of your fitness data, goals, and progress at all times. This app syncs your data securely with MevoFit’s Cloud Servers so you could check your progress even when you are on the move!

No. Please note that it is a battery-operated device and it is thus important to save its power. The watch has advanced gesture control and highly sensitive sensors that detect even the slightest movement of your hand and turn the display on. Rest of the time, the display is off.

It comes with a USB-type Pogo Pin charger that you can use to charge this trendy touchscreen smartwatch. Extra straps are available on MevoFit Online Store/Website. You may shop for them or any spare from the ‘Accessories’ section on the MevoFit website. You may choose your preferred colors, shape, and size of the straps at very nominal prices.

Yes, you can. MevoFit Dive smartwatch comes with IP68 rating and Swim Proof technology that makes it waterproof.

No. This smartwatch is not a telecommunication device and cannot replace your smartphone, so it cannot be used for calling or texting. However, you may receive real-time alerts for incoming calls, SMS, WhatsApp messages, and other social media notifications. The same is true for alarms and reminders on your smartphone too.

MevoFit Race Dive Smartwatch by Echoronics is a top-quality product that offers a standard 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defect. Please contact IN-APP HELP DESK 24*7, Email: merchsupport@mevofit.com, Phone: +91 88266 92984/64 for more details.

MevoFit Dive is a waterproof smartwatch that comes with a maximum of 4-5 days of battery backup, thanks to its 100 mAH battery. It charges in 50 minutes via USB slot.

It is a trendy, round dial-shaped smartwatch with a 0.96” color screen and a resolution of 160x80 pixels. It looks very fashionable.

In order to activate notifications on the watch, please allow the notification permission asked on setup. Further, please go to the notification manager and ensure all the notification alerts are enabled to start getting notification on the watch.

Once all the permissions are enabled but you are still not getting the alerts on the watch, it is recommended to follow the steps given in notification troubleshoot section for resolving the issue.

In order to activate the BP tracking feature, you need to calibrate the settings for the same by entering your systolic and diastolic BP in the app. This will help in getting accurate results.

In order to record sleep in the app, wear the band while sleeping and sync it with the app in the morning.

The credits earned in the app can be used to purchase the MevoFit merchandise at discounted price. The credits can be earned by all the activities done in the app including – log your meals, take challenges, post in community and more.

MevoFit Dive Smart Watch Reviews

You get what your pay for


The design is lit, the black band looks very sexy. Coming to display, it has nice display with vibrant colors. Display is visible easily under sunlight at high temperature or high glare and it is well resistant to scratches. Full touchscreen ie touch sensitivity and responding is very good and smooth. One thing i wanted to improve in the watch is the bp monitoring as it is sometime getting inaccurate.

Great product! Great service! Great value!


The product itself is very nice and, as of now, appears to be a GREAT VALUE. This is an excellent inexpensive waterproof fitness tracker and watch. I have had both Fitbit and Garmin watches and I have and would recommend this product to everyone. Compared to the other trackers that cost almost twice or thrice the price, you get same experience for less money. I can’t wait to use this daily and I love that I can check the weather, get text messages, monitor heart rate, walking. I love that it's waterproof and I can take showers with it. Love it!

A good quality smartwatch


The watch is just fantastic, does what it says. Screen is ultra bright and visible in sunlight as well, pedometer is accurate, heart rate monitor does excellent job, touch is just awesome, notification on device works smoothly.

Best smart watch on a budget


This product tracks steps, monitors sleep and track heartbeat. This is a good alternative for other expensive trackers out there, this does the job and is quite sturdy. This watch also comes with a handy charger which has a USB on itself and is very convenient. In short, it is one of the best smartwatches I've come across lately, complete bang for the buck.

Most comfortable watch I have ever bought


I have bought a few smart watches in my lifetime and I have to say this is the most comfortable watch I have ever worn. The graphics is good. I love the interface on the app. It's very user friendly and I love the design. The watch is very sleek and modern. The strap is very flexible yet sturdy. Very pleased with my purchase and definitely recommend.

Smart and stylish smartwatch


Smartwatch comes with very useful features and the smartwatch is an accurate tracking device to track all your daily activities, bp, hr etc. A very stylish and light weight smartwatch...

Watch every one should buy


This is indeed an exceedingly good smart watch. In fact it is at a throwaway price.
1. Great Display-Bright and attractive display. Visible under outdoor light conditions also including sunlight.
2. Good sleep tracking capability.
3. Continuous heart rate tracking, blood monitoring, sleep tracking, pedometer, shows messages & social notification on the phone.
4. Overall looks are great-Pretty refined look of the watch combined with soft straps.
5. The watch also has sports mode that is very useful.

Best value for money


Like this watch so far. Value for the money and serves all my basic smart watch needs. I like the watch a lot ,the features are great it tell you step , minutes and many more , I also get notifications for text messages and incoming calls ! Great watch ! I would totally recommend this fitness tracker for anyone that looks for a simple and affordable device with in a budget.


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