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Buy a genuine MevoFit - 'Race Space Smartwatch'
with Color Touchscreen and Elegantly cool looks.

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The MevoFit Race Space Smartwatch for Sports & Fitness

The Premium Smartwatch for Men and Women for fitness and activity tracking for the lowest online price.

Get the adorable MevoFit Space fitness watch - the elegant smartwatch with sporty looks, cool features like
Multiple Sports tracking monitor and color touchscreen display.

Fitness Tracking watch with Color Touchscreen, Steps, Calories, HR, BP, Sleep, Notifications,
Smart Tools, Multi-Sports, and Long Battery


The MevoFit Space Smartwatch is one that you can't go wrong and goes well with everything and everywhere, and with all usage patterns well covered, and has the best of both the worlds - Fitness as well as Smartness.

It has a bright color touchscreen interface, and boasts of all pedometer based functions including walk, calories, distance, automatic (24*7) heart rate monitoring, blood pressure and blood oxygen tracking. It is also packed with other functional sets for smart daily use like weather updates, automatic sleep detection, camera control, music control, multiple sports tracking capabilities, and changeable watch faces as well as straps.

It comes with a powerful battery life of 6-8 days on a single charge, and can be charged conveniently with a USB based dongle that comes with the watch. It also sports silky-smooth colorful straps with stunning dual-colored options, with metallic hook.

  • Elegant smart watch with brightness control with high-resolution color touchscreen that stays visible in sunlight.

  • Comes with all activity tracking features with accurate readings from steps, calories, distance, sedentary duration.

  • The health tracking features boast of sleep tracking, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen monitoring.

  • Fully loaded with multi-sports tracking ability - walk, run, cycling, football, badminton, basketball, and skipping.

  • Added smartness with tools for day-to-day lifestyle enhancement like clock, alarm, reminders, calendar, weather, etc.

  • Multiple watch face designs that can be changed to sport different looks, directly from the MevoFit app.

  • Smart alerts with vibration that alerts you of any call, messages or social notifications directly on the watch.

  • Features a long battery life of 8 days, compatible to most android and apple phones, and changeable watch straps.

The Race Space watch is built for smartness, comfort, function and style, so it can be perfect for use by all adults - men or a women, or the kids - boys or girls.

Its got an sporty, yet elegantly classic looks and feel to it, with metallic body frame, and the inter-changeable strap options that make it ready for any use, besides having the option to choose and change watch faces anytime, from multiple options available from within the app.

This watch gets you well covered whether you want to wear it at home, gym, office, outdoors and indoors, and you would surely get the admiration you deserve for choosing this awesome piece of gadget.


Bright Display

MevoFit Space is an elegant looking smart watch with touch screen and gesture control functions. It sports a rich color display that shows beautifully designed watch functions with brightly visible icons and values.

Long Battery

This watch comes with an extra long battery life, thanks to its 120 mAH** Li-ion battery and highly optimized hardware technology, you will get up to 6-8 days of working, without needing to recharge the watch again.

Activity Tracking

With this watch and just a bit of your attention, you can get tremendous paybacks on your health and fitness. The fitness and activity tracking includes a robust set of functions to track your Steps, Calories & Distance.

Health Tracking

Keeping good health along with good fitness is absolutely paramount. MevoFit Fitness watches help you keep a track on other measures to be in good Health - Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, Sleep, Sedentary position etc.

Multi Sports

The sports watch functions in this smart gadget supports multi-sport tacking and provides you with its insights and activity information with historical data recording - Walk, Run, Cycling, Football, Badminton, Basketball and Skipping.

Notifications & Alerts

The watch boasts of smart functions that work hand-in-hand with you, and your smart phone. The notifications gives you alerts for calls, messages, emails, social and other apps like whatsapp, facebook, twitter, skype etc.

Smart Tools

This watch sports a handful of cool tools loaded in the device for delightful day to day experience in useful ways, like - Clock, Alarm, Reminders, Weather, Timer, Stop Watch, Music & Camera Control, Find Phone, Turn Wrist On and Vibration.

Waterproof Device

You can readily get yourself soaked with this watch on, given its IP-67 grade waterproof technology. Go for the outdoor run, even whilst its raining, get into the shower or take a light dip in the pool, without worrying about the watch.

MevoFit Fitness App

The watch comes bundled with your Premium account in the MevoFit App pre-loaded with Advance Features to keep full track of your profile, measurements, goals, achievements, data and progress towards your healthy self.

Fast Charging

Whats more, just charge it can fully get charged in 2 Hours* and you are set for days. And if you are short of time, just give it a 10-15 min* charge and your day is all set.

Easy Charging

The magnetic USB charging cable magically connects to the charging slot on the back of the watch. You can plug it into the USB slot of any standard charger or PC port to readily charge anytime, on the go.



Steps, Calories, Distance, Sedentary


Sleep, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen


Multi Sports - Walk, Run, Cycling, Basketball, Skipping, Badminton, Football, Skipping


Clock, Alarm, Vibration, Reminders, Weather, Timer, Stop Watch


Music, Camera, Brightness, Find Phone, Turn Wrist On


Sporty, Elegant, Comfortable, Outdoor, Rugged, Fashionable, Ergonomic, Trendy Colors


IP67 Waterproof, Metal Dial, Cable Charger, Functional switch


Changeable TPE based Straps with Metallic Studs


Dual Colored Straps options with Black-Grey and Black-Green

Compatible Phones

Apple Phones & Android Mobile Phones

Compatible Brands

Samsung, Xiaomi, RealMe, One Plus, Vivo, Oppo, Honor, Motorola, Lenovo, Huawei


1 Year warranty for all hardware related defects, except damaged or broken


For Product Setup, Technical or Warranty Support via Phone, Chat or Mail, go to 'Support'