Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking capabilities are the heart of any fitness monitoring device, and their significance over the most important functions desired from a smart tracker, cannot be over stated.

These are the most basic functions that any fitness tracking wearable must exhibit to be of any relevance fit enough for usage, but also the quality of execution and accuracy of such track-able parameters is of a paramount nature for any fitness monitoring device.

Keeping this at the heart of the functional and performance based building blocks of design and development of its trackers, MevoFit closely upholds this criteria, beyond any other, and makes it available under all its range.

Accurate Pedometer

  • The Pedometer function of this fitness watch, helps in tracking steps using advance hardware and complex algorithms based movements to record precise measurements.
  • Thanks to the combination of a 3 axis accelerometer that measures the velocity using vibrations, and a gyroscope to gauge the actual orientation of the device movement against gravity.
  • This information is fed into the devices intelligent algorithms to accurately measure not just the steps taken, but also the calories burnt and the distance covered by you.
  • And finally this data is then synced with the MevoFit fitness tracking app into your health profile.

Calories Consumed

The data obtained for the number of steps taken is run through a series of other arithmetic based calculations by the algorithm, like the time duration and total number of steps taken in each event of walking activity, and thus is able to correctly define the calories consumed by the activity.

Distance Covered

Further, on the basis of steps taken, the device is able to come out with the measure of the total distance you have covered with the walking activity, and then all this data is synced to the app for further monitoring, for checking on activity logs later, and also in different formats like - Kilometres and Miles.

Sedentary Alerts

  • The watch helps you to keep a track of how non-active you have been in a certain period of time. It warns you if it suspects you being a couch potato, or engrossed in your work in a sitting posture, and pushes you to get up and move.
  • Warning you of prolonged non activity tsime is one of the most effective ways to break the chain of your body being in rest mode.
  • You can control the sedentary time period for alerts to be triggered, and also the active time of the day for monitoring.


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