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Terms and Conditions

1. The coupon is available on the MevoFit platform only.

2. One coupon can be applied once per user.

3. The offer is not applicable to already discounted products or flash sales.

4. Multiple coupon codes are can not be used in a single order.

5. The coupon can be applied before cart check-out only, once the cart check-out is complete, or order is placed, our team can not apply for the promotion on an already placed order.

6. Should a user wish to cancel the order made with online payment, the amount refunded will be equal to the payment made by the user at the time of check-out.

7. The terms and conditions of refund differ depending on the mode of payment. In general, the refund will be made in the MevoFit wallet or original mode of payment.

8. MevoFit reserves the right to change or discontinue any offer, promotion, or coupon point in time with notifying the users.

Frequently Asked Questions

The discount coupons or codes that are listed on certain products offered by MevoFit. These coupons can be collected and saved from the coupons page on the MevoFit website or product detail page. The coupon discount applies to the price of the qualifying product at checkout.

These coupons are currently available on certain products offered by MevoFit. The same has been mentioned on the product details page.

Coupons for MevoFit products can be found on the coupons page. In general, they are also mentioned or written on the product detail page. You can find the same while making your shopping cart.

You can copy the code and paste the same in the coupon section where Apply Coupon is written. Also, you just have to click on the Apply Coupon button on the coupon page and the discount will be automatically applied to the price of the qualifying product as you checkout.

No. But, if a product is listed in flash sale and carries a coupon, it is eligible for the coupon discount. However, if you later modify or cancel the product, it will be possible as products purchased can not be returned.

Copy the code from the coupon page on MevoFit website, paste the same code during your cart check-out. Click on the Apply Coupon button and once you've clicked the button, you will find confirmation that the coupon has been applied. Now, just follow the regular procedure of placing an order. On the payment page, you will see that the coupon discount is applied.