All MevoFit Fitness Bands, Smart Fitness Watches, Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, and Accessories come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty. MevoFit products are engineered for continual high performance in normal and everyday settings. They deliver quality fitness and high-satisfaction.

If a MevoFit product is used in the way it's intended and it breaks down within the warranty period, it's our responsibility to take care of it. You need to contact MevoFit customer support for replacement within warranty. To confirm the duration of the product warranty, please find your product in the list below.

Steps to activate warranty

In just a few minutes, you can activate your warranty. Simply register here and improve your experience with MevoFit. Enjoy more efficient support, product support alerts, and more.

Step 1

Download the MCLUB1 app from Appstore or Google Play

Step 2

Register your account

Step 3

Enter product details along with the invoice

Step 4

Get the warranty status within 24 hours

Step 5

Use warranty to claim replacement in case you face any issue with the product

Terms & Conditions

  • The warranty starts effectively from the date of purchase. In case the date of delivery is later, the warranty will begin from the date of delivery.
  • The customer must provide proof of delivery/purchase before the replacement under the warranty.
  • The replacement of the product under guarantee will not extend the period of the guarantee.

Exemption from warranty

The following points are not covered in the product warranty:

  • The product has been subjected to unauthorized tampering, modification or repairs.
  • The product has suffered physical damage on the account of abuse, neglect, or improper use, handling, storage, installation, or testing, including any use that is not in accordance with the product manual, documentation, or other instructions provided along with the product.
  • The product has suffered waterlogging or any other damage due to heat, humidity or moisture doing operations.
  • The product has suffered any misconduct.

If you need to make a warranty claim, it’s best to contact us, so we can help guide you through the process. For any queries or questions related to the product warranty, feel free to get in touch with us at merchsupport@mevofit.com.