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MevoFit is an ecosystem of a fitness application, fitness-friendly gadgets, accessories, and services in one place. We are making to the news and getting the coverage from some of the best news channels in the country. The idea behind the evolution of the ecosystem from a standalone fitness application to a highly-engaging reward-based application that connects with fitness bands and smartwatches is rooted in the founder’s obsession with fitness. Most of our users are avid fitness followers and ensure to add best there is in their lifestyle.

Alongside it, we present the unmistakable elegance of design, stylized and technology-enabled range of fitness devices, accessories, and applications. With it, we are trying to solve the problem of managing multiple applications for fitness trackers, fitness regimes, lifestyle tips, and so on. What other applications offer individually, MevoFit offers in one place. On top of that, there is a wide range of products in the company-owned marketplace. The response has been outstanding so far and we plan to make life better for our users. Read all about the MevoFit new coverage in the section below.

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MevoFit has been covered by several news agencies as media partners. Check out our media partners mentioned below:

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MevoFit Drive

MevoFit Apps

MevoFit - Reinforcing Fitness

MevoFit Smart Bands and Watches personify a new you with several characteristics or mode instilled in its operating system. Other accessories and products for fitness launched by MevoFit are also sporty, elegant and are suitable for everyday use in all environments.

If you want to reach out to us as a media partner, you can e-mail us at support@mevofit.com for further communication.

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