Fostering the best fitness experience with technology

Founded in 2015, MevoFit is a lifestyle brand that promotes fitness with its superior quality products. The idea is to foster fitness obsession with integrity and drive innovation and excellence with ownership. MevoFit has orchestrated the range of fitness products leveraging wearable technology to bring changes in the lives of people.

The product range entails smart fitness watches, wireless audio headphones for workouts, gym gear, bags, yoga mats, and organic green tea. We are dedicated to leverage technology to enrich our everyday lives. We know how you feel!

MevoFit has what it takes to understand you, your everyday life and be the best fitness companion at every step.

The founder’s obsession with fitness, the frustration of using multiple applications to fuel the obsession and hands-on leadership experience of an application development company gave birth to the brainchild, MevoFit. The platform started as a weight-loss application that evolved into a fitness-friendly product marketplace. Additionally, the company leadership and management have plans to unify the segmented markets to disrupt the marginalized players in the fitness space with modern technology.

With a creative and dedicated team, extensive e-commerce experience, and impeccable vision of founding members, the company is ready to realize the goal of being India’s no. 1 fitness application and top provider of wearable fitness gadgets.

Everything we do as a company, we are doing it to make fitness, not just a goal, but lifestyle. We understand that health and fitness are extremely important and is central to every culture and society. Besides, MevoFit believes fitness has the power to change lives, this is why we create our products that look handsome, stay fit and serves you for the long-term.

MevoFit merchandise is innovative and high-quality products that minimize the impact on the environment and create sustainable value. They are best suited for fitness enthusiasts, tech-savvy, and people who follow fitness as a lifestyle. Interestingly, anyone can get it and we are sure you will love the MevoFit application when you find out more. In addition, the wearable technology gadgets are highly advanced and performance-driven that reflects your dedication to overall fitness.


Our team of product designers uses state-of-the-art-facilities to develop your personalized fitness assistant. We are using ever-evolving technology to formulate a one-stop solution for all your fitness needs. We at MevoFit are building an ecosystem that can take care of all fitness related needs with technology.


We offer a hassle-free system on our platform to meet the fitness requirements. MevoFit has an integrated application to keep track of all your activities and vitals. The system also consists of several simple yet powerful wearable fitness products and services tailored to fulfill your fitness goals.

MevoFit aims to be an Absolute Fitness Solution by giving 360-degree fitness to its users and customers. Starting from the fitness gadget to the all-rounded fitness app equipped with the MevoFit credit system to a full-fledged marketplace, MevoFit offers all in one solution for a fitness enthusiast. The company is headquartered in Willmington, USA with offices in Delhi NCR, India.

A user can get all products & services from different health & fitness providers in one place. The MevoFit marketplace has millions of users, consist of thousands of fitness products, professionals, & services specially tailored as per user needs. Bottom line is that MevoFit has an entire scope of an integrated ecosystem of fitness-focused consumers on one end, and providers of fitness, sports, wellness, & fitness-friendly wearable products as well as services, on the other.

Composite Fitness Solution
MevoFit Fitness Tracker app is a composite solution for all your fitness needs. The app easily connects to all MevoFit Devices and also offers you composite Diet and Workout Plans. Further, the app has a wide range of exciting challenges to always keep you on your toes!

Social Community
MevoFit Fitness Tracker app comes also connects you with the advanced social community of like-minded individuals to discuss various topics and update your latest health topics.

Mevofit Rewards Mechanism
MevoFit is the only app that provides you "FITNESS WITH BENEFITS." For each healthy action done in the app you are likely to earn reward points and the earned rewards can be used to buy exclusive MevoFit merchandise at amazing discounted prices.

If you have any other query/concern, please get in touch with us at life@mevolife.com and we shall be happy to assist you!

What is MevoFit and what do you do?

We are a team of fitness-enthusiasts, like-minded people who are driven to make fitness, your lifestyle. We have products that not only promote fitness but ensure that it matches your requirements and style.

How long will you take to respond?

We are working from Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM. If you send your query, question, or concern within the working hours, we will try to revert as soon as we get your response. In general, we will respond within 24 working hours.

Do you have an Android or iPhone application?

"Surely, we have. Our application is available on both Google Play and the App Store and uou can download the same by typing “MevoFit” in the respective application stores.

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