Serious about Fitness,
Driven about Success


Join hands with the most fitness driven ecosystem leveraging technology for a more fit society. We are craking some of the toughest business problems for wearable technology and professional services in fitness space.

Work with us and help solve them faster. Build a career with MevoFit and write your own success story. We know great teams are built with passion, dedication, and excitement for excellence. If you think you have it in you and believe challenges shape a person, you are welcome.

Life at MevoFit

As a company, we are driven by the goal of making fitness, a lifestyle. We want you to feel like home when you're working at MevoFit and for that, we've curated a great set of benefits for you.







From the Founder’s Desk

Here at MevoFit, we are driven by one goal, make people fit. From what I see, fitness is one of the areas which is not as well organized as others.

As an organization and as an individual, I firmly believe that no dream is big enough if you set your mind right.

With MevoFit, we are trying to unify the segmented market in fitness space and build an ecosystem of all fitness related needs in one place.

We connect with our users with an engaging application, stylized wearable gadgets, and promote fitness.

Meet the team

Disha Sethi

Head - Product

“I have been a part MevoFit for a long time now and this has been a tremendous journey at MevoFit for me so far. I have learned a lot and saw a lot of ups and downs. I believe that the challenges we take make us stronger and even if we fail, it makes our will to rise and get back up more powerful. I have been blessed with great roles and given challenges that not only enhanced my professional capabilities but also, somehow impacted positively on my personal life.”

Harsh Gupta

Business Manager - Social

“I love what we are doing here at MevoFit. I am a gym freak and working in a company that is driven by the idea of fitness is like a dream come true. Our office is loaded with a lot of fitness-friendly gadgets and me for one, love testing them out. Our leadership believes that when it comes to fitness, our users deserve nothing but the best and I dig that.”

Ratikant Nayak

Head - Operations

"I joined the company 12 years back and I have never looked back. I started as a Computer Operator, worked and learned almost everything here.
My journey has been full of excitement, learning from challenges, and most of all, going above and beyond.
I still feel that there is a lot to learn and do.
Moreover, I believe in the vision of the leadership and surely apply continual efforts to realize the same."

Yash Kumar

Lead - Technology

“The experience of working in MevoFit has been truly fulfilling for me. The whole team has a sense of purpose and that is amazing.
The work environment is 'all-hands-on-deck' and the level of ownership is really commendable.
For me, the last 10 years of my life in MevoFit has taught me a lot.
My journey from a Trainee to Tech Lead has been surprisingly dynamic and fun and also made me achieve my true potential."

Be a part of our success journey

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Frequently Asked Questions

In simple words, the right fit. We look for a candidate who does not shy from hustling. We expect a professional attitude and a zeal to beat the competition.

Well, honestly, as much as you can be. But, we also know that hustlers are always ready. A go-getter can express well about past experiences and challenges faced in any circumstance. We look for a candidate who willingly set new benchmarks and continually beat them.

We are looking for a candidate who is professional about work, attitude, and lifestyle. To build our team, we hire people, not their wardrobe. We also believe, being professional, you have to comply with office decorum.