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As a foundational approach, MevoFit has emphasized that the owner of any line of MevoFit product range, must feel delighted with their possession and should be able to put to it use, sport it, or flaunt it, all the time and everywhere.

  • From smart wearables like fitness watches and wireless headphones for sports and fitness, to active wear & gym gear for workouts and sports, and down to the herbal green teas for healthy food habits, our approach towards selective quality maintains the standardized outlook to deliver this nuance all the way.
  • When the range of every product category is premium - from the quality of hardware, technology, premium components & materials, design, form factor, packaging, expertise, and the brand name itself, it wont feel cheap, backed as much with the know how, expertise and intent driven focus as center point.
  • Its always a battle between Cheap trash for some money or Premium Quality at a modest cost, the differences with the approach of what seems to define the brand reflection towards its customers, largely results in its outcome.
  • You wont feel the cheap, light, plastic like material form and feeling, or structures that seem out of way or deformed, let alone the technology, components and other quality measures, these factors are compellingly difficult to keep at bay with very low priced cheap devices, and in turn also downgrading your personality and aspiration of your intended usage of any product.

Superior hardware, components, and selective materials,

Superior chips, advance technology, and stable drivers,

Smart multiple sensors embedded in the devices;

Complex, rich and well thought of logics and algorithms,

Absolutely delightful app features and experience,

Intuitive functional designs with advance functions,

Cutting edge functions and mission capabilities,

Excellent premium form structures of materials,

Exquisite designs and colors for dials and straps,

A range that is sporty, trendy, classy and simply premium.

Thus at MevoFit, we know what run after, and infact, the range is developed to enhance your outlook and to gain appreciation of you and your lifestyle, and for just a bit of cost considerations, can be very re-assuring for your confidence
and joy of ownership for a right product from a right brand.

What isn't MevoFit

Most of the devices in the market, being in the pursuit of being cheap, actually end up being cheap pieces of manufactured hardware, that have lower ability to produce potent results, without much quality, brains and substance.

This is since besides cutting costs on quality hardware with high degree of components and technology, the effectiveness is further marred by the missing nuances of high grade algorithms, rich complex logic, and software, used to measure and quantify the real macros behind accurate measurements.

And yes, we get it - if you feel reasonably fine hiding under a rock to escape a purchase gone wrong for a smart watch or band, there is enough trash available in the market with cheap stuff from 'me too' companies be-fooling people with cheap and useless toy devices.

Well, 'Value' is the answer. Of-course, if the consideration is only to find out the 'cheapest' and not the 'right value', at modest price, the outcomes are mostly, entirely different. At MevoFit, it would not serve our users well to dump the markets with such garbage, or do us any good to be available much cheaper as a 'trash worthy gadget', just to garner some more sales volumes.

And then comes the plunge of making you download some random apps created by non-reliable 3rd party sources of unknown origin, that is the approach undertaken by innumerable number of brands for their incapability towards advance technology and superior know how's.

Few have even gone ahead by simply making some changes to the background colors or theme styles, and label it as their so called 'Branded App'. These are usually a low grade piece of un-secure and non-performing code, put together by amateurs, instead of well formed talented teams, to somewhat come out with an app that can somehow talk to the hardware.

These, not only are sketchy, buggy and low on features, but also pose a direct threat on data security and privacy issues. Apart from some notable names of well known brands, most of the others come directly under this category.

Besides electing to procure cheap goods in bulk, stamping them away with fancy brand logos and packaging, and talking high about of their fancy gadgets. That wont do the intended job though, except some sales with the customers left in the middle with a bad taste, and useless collection of bricks and stones in their closets.


The end result for a poorly driven choice would most likely be a cheap hybrid hardware, software, functional and design disaster, rather then being a technology gadget that actually works with you to achieve tangible fitness results.

And good brands like MevoFit, would not choose this path, so when shopping for your choice of sports, fitness and health products, select MevoFit genuine branded options, and get fabulously lower prices with the added discounts and deals on this online shop by MevoFit.

So what are you waiting for, checkout the Smart Wearables by MevoFit and see what is the right fit for you.



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