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MevoFit (USA) Body Fuel X Waterproof Black -Gym Traveller Duffel Bag Sports Outdoor for Men and Women with Pockets for Mobile and Accessories .....
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  • You are going to the gym, all packed and ready with accessories. And suddenly it starts raining. Would you be worried?
  • You wouldn’t be if you have MevoFit’s Body Fuel X Gym Bag. This rugged and waterproof gym kit bag is equally suitable for carrying your sports, travel, and fitness accessories without compromising on your style quotient. It is extremely rough and tough so you could always have an untiring companion with you in workouts and trekking activities.
  • Available in 15- and 25-liters capacities, this genuine fitness and travel gym duffle bag is powered by durable metal fasteners (zippers) to keep your belongings safe and secure. You may easily keep clothes, shoes, towels, cellphones, and other accessories in this bag. You may also choose from three different colors - black, blue, and grey that go best with your style.


If you are a sports or fitness professional and are looking for an all-weather bag that you can keep as an unfailing companion, MevoFit’s Body Fuel X travel and fitness duffle bag is just the thing for you. It is a durable, trendy, lightweight, premium, and waterproof travel bag that’s currently on sale on MevoFit Online Store at an exciting price today!

This rugged and branded gym duffle bag is just what happens when you multiply style and fashion with functionality. Made of polypropylene for extended durability, it is extremely rough and tough and would last you an eternity. It has ample storage capacity that is segregated across several compartments and is held together by a durable triple-layered, five-thread stitch matrix to support heavy load without falling apart.

Every MevoFit’s Body Fuel X duffle bag comes with a dedicated and ventilated shoe pocket that you may use to keep wet clothes and soiled shoes. Or it may also be used to pack in an extra pair of shoes (other than you might be wearing) during a trip or a workout. Whatever you prefer to use it for, it would significantly keep the malodor of soiled clothes and shoes off your tracks. Fitness-minded men and women shall find this feature handy and useful.

These lightweight gym bags are made of waterproof polypropylene fabric and feature PVC coating on the outside. They have ample storage and they come with extra padded extra comfort. The cabin space inside is divided into multi-layered compartments that resist further water seepage in the bag. Last but not least, it features interlocked metal zippers that are stitched inside-out to block water seepage.

MevoFit’s Body Fuel X also comes powered by an adjustable shoulder strap that is bounded by Velcro tapes. This gives cushion support to your shoulders while you are carrying the bag so you do not get red or tired shoulders even after longer durations. Also of note are its durable base supports that are tasked to provide balance and sturdiness so that the bags can stand upright at all times. This would also prevent its rolling over sideways when it is filled.

This branded gym duffle bag has detachable straps that are placed on either side. It means you can use this duffle bag as a handle or as a messenger bag, as you please. This factor makes it an obvious option for gyms, trekking, hiking, and weekend trips alike. Its stretchable strap accounts for it being an automatic choice for compress packing as well.

This genuine gym duffle bag is available in black, blue, and grey colors. Each of the color options also has a cushion padding layer all across it for a premier look and feel, and this comes second to its handles that come padded with Velcro tapes. We suggest you buy these genuine gym duffle bags at the best prices online at MevoFit Store today.

Please find its main features below

  • Branded and premium fitness travel duffle bag
  • Made of high-quality polypropylene fabric for durability and longer life
  • Feature a triple-layered, five-thread stitch matrix to support heavy load and prevent tearing
  • Stitched with strong and heavy-duty 'Polyester thread'
  • Comes with several stitch support straps
  • Locked by durable zippers and stitching
  • Can be used to pack up for gym, travel, hiking, or camping
  • Washable and Waterproof bag
  • Extra PVC coating on top for durability and a premium appearance
  • Numerous compartments like the main compartment, side zipper pocket, and side mesh pocket
  • A ventilated and reserved shoe compartment to keep soiled shoes and wet clothes
  • All capacity variants are allowed as a carry-on bag in most airlines
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and side handles
  • The main strap comes with extra cushion padding
  • Extra adjustable strap for compress packing
  • Base support to prevent sideways spilling and rollovers
  • Padded handles with Velcro tapes for easy grip and comfort
  • Multi-purpose bag that can be used while going to the gym, or while traveling, hiking or trekking
  • Available in black, blue and grey colors; and storage capacities of 15L and 25L

Main Features

MevoFit’s Body Fuel X is a top-notch Sports and Travel Duffle Waterproof Bag that offers a ton of advantages. Two of its biggest positives are that it
is extremely rugged and that it is waterproof. These two factors provide it a leading edge over other substandard gym kit bags that are not durable enough.

Spacious and well-laid out compartments

Next up in the list is are its spacious compartments that are segregated for different uses. You could use them to put your clothes and towels (in the main compartment) and hand towels and mp3 players/iPod in the side pockets. These compartments are all held together by high-quality metal fasteners to ensure proper safety and privacy.

Suitable for compress packing

This rugged and waterproof gym kit bag can also be used for compress packing, thanks to an extra-adjustable strap and high-quality polypropylene fabric that can sustain stress for longer durations of time. And yes, you can also wash this bag to clean it up any day you want!

Removable and adjustable straps, bounded by Velcro tapes

MevoFit’s Body Fuel X gym bag is powered by a removable and adjustable strap that features extra padding for extra comfort. It means that you can carry this bag for longer durations of time without getting red and tired shoulders. This padded handle also comes attached with Velcro tape for a better grip.

You can count on its detachable straps to turn it into a messenger bag too. It is easier if you are running upstairs or if you are picking it up to put it somewhere else.

Durable (Multi Stitch) Construction

A bag is only as strong as its fabric, stitches, and zippers. Body Fuel X Bags are equally capable of carrying around the heaviest of loads in their respective storage categories (15L, 25L) because of their durable stitching and high-quality zippers.

Allowed in most airlines

The standard dimensions for carryon bags usually vary but one standard dimension among them all is 22x14x19 inches or 22x16x8 inches. These bags fall in the limit.

Suitable for all (Men, Women, Teens)

These trendy bags are available in different colors and storage capacities while keeping the quality constant. Men and women can buy this trendy bag as per their choice of black, blue, or grey colors and storage capacities as 15L and 25L.

Ventilated and reserved shoe compartment

This waterproof gym bag is meant for fitness-minded men and women of all age groups. It also has a reserved and ventilated shoe compartment that you may use to keep your shoes, socks, or dirty clothes so that their malodor stays locked there and doesn’t embarrass you.
With so many top of the notch features and advantages, the MevoFit Fuel Body X is an elegant gym kit bag that completely trumps all your need for an all-rounder and heavy-duty bag that understands your needs the best. We suggest you take a smarter step ahead and buy the genuine Body Fuel X gym duffle bags at the best online prices today, only at MevoFit Store!

Gym and Travel Bag

Meant for fitness-minded and travel enthusiasts, MevoFit’s Fuel X is best suited for fitness-minded and traveling enthusiasts who want a pick-and-take bag for themselves. This bag is made of top-quality polypropylene material and has ample storage to take on your next adventure.

Duffle Bag

A Duffle Bag is the go-to storage accessory for fitness-minded and travel enthusiasts. This bag has ample storage and offers enough ease of carrying so you could take it on your next trip. Not only this, but it can also be used for keeping sports accessories for sports like tennis, basketball, swimming, and outdoor activities like camping, and hiking.

Dust-proof and Waterproof

Made of top-quality polypropylene fabric, Body Fuel X bags are dust-proof and waterproof. It means you can keep your belongings reasonably safe and secure even against natural forces. These genuine bags also have a PVC coating for extra safety so you could always rest assured of the safety of your belongings.

Multiple Pockets

The more, the merrier. MevoFit’s Body Fuel X bags have several meshed or zipped pockets that can be used for compress packing too. At the very least, these pockets (that are placed in front, left and right) can accommodate enough personal stuff.

Padded Handles & Sling

Padded handles and slings help you take the bags anywhere you feel like, without feeling a thing on yourself. These padded handles are bounded by Velcro tapes for a better experience.

Amazing Quality

Made of waterproof polypropylene fabric and covered by PVC coating, Body Fuel X bags are meant to last forever. These bags have ample storage and are lightweight and have extra padded extra comfort. Body Fuel X has PVC fabric on the outside and the cabin space inside the bag has multi-compartments layered that resist further seepage in the bag. Last but not least, high-quality metal zippers are interlocked and stitched inside-out to block water seepage.



High-quality polypropylene


15L and 25L


Black, Blue, and Grey




15 Liters: 42 cm x 22 cm x 22 cm ; 25 Liters: 49 cm x28 cm x 28cm


Yes. These duffle bags are made of high-quality polypropylene fabric and they have metal fasteners. They would last longer.

Yes. All the three capacities of this duffle bag (15L, 25L) are allowed in most airlines.

Here are the dimensions:
15 Liters: 42 cm x 22 cm x 22 cm
25 Liters: 49 cm x28 cm x 28cm

These bags are available in 15 and 25L storage capacities. Please note that the shoe compartment is available in 25L variants. This bag is available in black, blue, and grey colors.

Yes. Most airlines allow 22x14x19 inches or 22x16x8 inches as the standard size for carryon bags. These bags fall in the limit.

You may purchase these bags from MevoFit Online Store and avail exciting deals and discounts while they are on sale. You may also purchase them from all leading eCommerce stores.

Very strong and durable. These bags come with a triple-layered matrix of five-thread stitches in multi-directions to create an engineered lock to support heavy load and prevent tearing. We have also used a strong and heavy-duty 'polyester thread' for stitching and we have also added lengthy stitch support straps for better usage.

MevoFit assigns tremendous importance to the quality of these bags. We have used high-quality manufacturing materials (like matt) and multi-layer polyester threads for maximum tensile strength. These strategically designed bags go through a series of quality checks with regards to their color, stitching, material, and usability criteria that make them way different from their counterparts.

These bags come with a standard warranty of one year from the date of purchase. For more information, please visit our Warranty section.


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