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Cork Yoga Mats
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Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Anti-Tear & Anti-Skid Organic MevoFit Cork Mats
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A MevoFit Cork Workout and Yoga Mat is just what happens when you add some of Mother Nature’s most tangible blessings to your daily workouts and meditations. These are organic mats best suited for all types of home- or gym-based exercises and have pronounced anti-skid and anti-tear properties. All this rides on top of its constituent materials- TPE and cork that are obtained from trees without cutting or harming them. You can thus count on a completely PVC- and toxin-free experience every day at affordable prices.

These mats come powered by a natural grippy rubber base and a smooth cork top for an anti-skid and anti-slip experience, even during longer workout sessions. They are resistant to molds, bacteria, and other infections as well.


Perfect Size

72" x 24" ensures comfort for people of all shapes & sizes

Anti- Skid

Excellent slip resistant to prevent injuries

100% Organic

Do not contain any latex, plastics, PVCs, or glues


Exceptional resilience to help you maintain your balance


Made of natural cork & TPE eco-friendly material

Top Quality

Comparatively longer, thicker, and wider yoga mats


Made of biodegradable & recyclable materials


Comes with free carry strap & yoga mat bag


Are cork yoga mats safe?

Yes. These mats are safe because they are made of cork & TPE material. Both these products are obtained from trees without cutting them or harming them in any way.

Are cork yoga mats better than plastic mats?

Incredibly better than plastic mats. These cork yoga mats are 100% genuine and are made of natural products like rubber and cork. They do not contain any toxic substances, glues, or plastics.

How long do these mats last?

Ideally, these genuine cork mats last more than 2 years. However, you should use them carefully and take all the necessary precautions for handling and packing them.

Are cork yoga mats slippery?

Of course not. On the contrary, they rather have strong adhesive qualities because of their rubbery surface. We would advise you to slightly wet the mat’s lower surface for the best results.

How to take care of the yoga mat?

For regular mat maintenance and routine cleaning, we recommend wiping your mat down with a damp cloth on a weekly basis. If you have a vigorous practice, or are doing hot yoga, we recommend doing so after each use.


Yes, all our yoga mats come with a high quality carry bag so that you can carry your mat with style. Along with this our yoga mats also come with a carry strap in case you are not in the mood to carry a bag.

Buy MevoFit Cork Yoga Mats - Eco-Friendly, Sustainable,
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