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MevoFit Dive Smart Watch

MevoFit Race-Dive Swimming-Smart-Watch for Fitness & Sports PRO Sporty-Swimming-Smart-Watch, All Activity Tracking

$ 60

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Echo Ultra Smart Watch

Smart Watches for Men and Women with All Activity Tracker, Heart Rate

$ 79

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MevoFit Thrust Smart Watch

MevoFit Race-Thrust ECG-Smart-Watch for Fitness & Health PRO Sporty-Health-ECG-Smart-Watch, All Activity Tracking

$ 80

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AIR X1 Smart Watch

Premium Smartwatch with Activity Tracking, HR & Body Temperature Monitoring

$ 60

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MevoFit Space Smart Watch

MevoFit Race-Space Smart-Watch for Fitness & Sports PRO: Fitness-Sporty Smart-Watch, All Activity Tracking

$ 75

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Sports, Fitness, Activity & Health Monitoring Smartwatches

MevoFit Smart Watches are premium quality hardware devices that are bluetooth enabled digital wrist watches that not only show you the basic Date / Time functions, but also offer a host of everyday fitness, health and lifestyle based features and tools for convenience.

The watch collection, perfectly crafted to suit men, women, boys and girls, with individualistic approach for design as well as function, and come with a handful of colors and changeable straps.

These Smart Watches are ready to track activities, health, and heart parameters, with smart tools and controls for daily convenience, with a collection of colorful watch design faces and hardware dials, and loaded with high usage time from each battery charge.


  • MevoFit smart watches are loaded with multiple smart features including an all day activity tracker for steps, calories, distance, sleep and more. Along with this the smartwatches come with health tracking functions that monitor key parameters such as Sleep and Sedentary patterns, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, etc.
  • The digital tools include handy functions such as Clock, Alarm, Reminders, Calendar, Weather, Timer, Stop Watch, and Vibration Alerts. Smart controls such as Music control, Camera control, Brightness, Find Phone, Display on Wrist Turn, Changeable Watch Face Designs, etc.
  • The devices also sport advanced functions for health and fitness in the range of many models like - ECG / PPG for heart care, and GPS for outdoor activities such as running or walking.


Choose the watch that defines your personality or inspires you to build your better, fitter, future self.

  • Besides the high loaded monitoring functions, these smart watch gadgets are designed to offer a collection of style and substance. These devices rest on your wrist, and have to be a part of your primary fashion statement of the new ages.
  • Style: They come in beautiful premium hardware and designs - from classic to trendy looks, metallic dials, changeable clocks, colorful straps that can be changed with other options easily.
  • Substance: These devices come with selections that sport big batteries with long performance after each charge, have IP-67, IP-68 level waterproof capabilities, even being ready for swimming, easy charging options with direct USB, charging dongle, or dongle cable.


Get all set for your new endeavor of endless fitness support

All our smartwatches come bundled with the MevoFit app where you can select the watch you own, pair it with ease. The app will magically sync the data as and when, with your watch, and bring it along in more meaningful ways to track and monitor consistently available data points over longer periods of time from days to years.

The app comes in bundled with workout plans, calories tracker, healthy recipes, workout and food tips. Along with this, the app also lets you be in touch with an army of MevoFit fitness users who can help discuss any topic of fitness, be it the routines, tips, device or any other, you sure will get a handful of more than what you expect.


Get full assistance from us on mail, chat and call

All our products go through multiple levels of quality checks before they are delivered to you. Still, in case you face any issue with the product we provide a 1 year no question asked replacement warranty with excellent customer service to help you get the best. Just get in touch with us, and we will put our best foot forward to help resolve your issue proactively.

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