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Buy Premium Smart Watches for Men, Women
& Kids for Activity & Fitness Tracking

Get the Best Prices Online on MevoFit Brand Shop

Select from a wide range of Original MevoFit line of Premium
Fitness & Activity Smart Watches

Checkout the latest (2019-2020) collection of MevoFit lines of Smart Watches - Perfect for your daily style and
fitness outlook. Here are some of our most popular watches, that have got into the best performing
category gadgets for MevoFit.

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  • Get 'MevoFit' Branded Premium Smart Watches for Sports, Fitness, Health & Activity Tracking at the best prices on MevoFit online shop with Genuine MevoFit products.

  • Get Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery on your purchase on select places that qualify for our friendly shipping program.

  • Our range has something for everyone - Men, Women, Boys & Girls. So just get started on your fitness regime, backed with our high grade technology.

  • Select the devices that fit your need from our affordable range of smart wearable watches with Online Deals, Big Discounts, Free Shipping on purchase of Genuine MevoFit products.


Sports, Fitness, Activity & Health Monitoring Smartwatches for Men, Women, Boys & Girls

  • MevoFit Smart Watches are premium quality hardware devices that are bluetooth enabled digital wrist watches that not only show you the basic Date / Time functions, but also offer a host of everyday fitness, health and lifestyle based features and tools for convenience.

  • The watch collection, perfectly crafted to suit men, women, boys and girls, with individualistic approach for design as well as function, and come with handful of colors and changeable straps.

  • These Smart Watches are ready to track activities, health, and heart parameters, with smart tools and controls for daily convenience, with a collection of colorful watch design faces and hardware dials, and loaded with high usage time from each battery charge.

Smart Watches

Choose the watch that defines your personality or inspires you to build your better, fitter, future self.


Activity tracking functions of these smart watches include tracking of Steps, Run,
Multiple Sports, to Calories burnt, Distance covered, Sedentary position.

Core Features
  • Health tracking functions monitor key parameters such as Sleep and Sedentary patterns, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, etc.

  • The digital tools include handy functions such as Clock, Alarm, Reminders, Calendar, Weather, Timer, Stop Watch, and Vibration Alerts.

  • Smart controls such as Music control, Camera control, Brightness, Find Phone, Display on Wrist Turn, Changeable Watch Face Designs, etc.

  • The devices also sport advance functions for health and fitness in the range of many models like - ECG / PPG for heart care, and GPS for outdoor activities such as running or walking.


  • Besides the high loaded monitoring functions, these smart watch gadgets are designed to offer a collection of style and substance. These devices rest on your wrist, and has to be a part of your primary fashion statement of the new ages.

  • Style: They come in beautiful premium hardware and designs - from classic to trendy looks, metallic dials, changeable clocks, colorful straps that can be changed with other options easily.

  • Substance: These devices come with selections that sport big battery with long performance after each charge, have IP-67, IP-68 level waterproof capabilities, even being ready for swimming, easy charging options with direct USB, charging dongle, or dongle cable.

High on Design and Function


You might wonder, why must you have a smartwatch and what it would do to make your life any better. But here's the fact - you always tend to be more vigilant and progressive about your fitness if you have assistance to back it.

Smart Watches

And here is one that goes hand in hand with you, within the para-frame of your existing ways of orderly dailyactivities and routines. A smart fitness watch is designed for a purpose. It has you and your well-being in mind.

It objectively targets to compliment your style, making it blend with your personality, completely eliminating a need for wearing a separatemonolithic watch, and in addition, becomes your permanent assistant who tirelessly counts your fitness,right from steps to calories, to health monitoring.

Smart Watches

And make no mistakes, these devices, are really smart assistants. They would promptly alert you of any new notificationson your phone, without having to glance at your phone, every non and then.

With the powerful data crunching, analysis and syncing of the data to the paired MevoFit app, it can really start making thedifference in you, as much as you'd like to get for your good sake.


Superies Devices
  • From an airline to a super computer, technology drives everything today. But it does not necessarily have to be big. Your cell phone is an excellent gadget that proves its mantle on what right hardware can do, it needs to be smart, and really good at it.

  • The watches from MevoFit have a clear mandate of being superior on hardware and design form to deliver comprehensive performance. They are not cheap or sluggish, but are meant to give you an edge with powerful functioning.

  • Neither the looks nor the functional aspects are neglected whilst developing the hardware, and no, we are not in the 'me too cheapest race'. Cheap is cheap, and should be that way. The rest makes us what we deserve to be.

  • To be able to offer premium smartwatches with advanced functions, superior materials, trendy designs, robust technology and all this without making a dent on your pocket, by being able to offer these at very affordable prices, stand to be a commitment of an enormous proportions for us.

  • Thus owning a MevoFit watch will give you the comfort and confidence of having a device that boosts the looks you sport, and also tirelessly works with you to achieve your activity, health, fitness and even sports goals.

  • So get the smartwatch that brings you to the new trend and need of our times, and easily do away from your other analog watches, that can fit your other select outings.


  • These smart watches come bundled with the MevoFit app where you can select the watch you own, pair it with ease, and get all set for your new endeavor of endless fitness support.

  • The app will magically sync the data as and when, with your watch, and bring it along in more meaningful ways to track and monitor with consistently available data points over longer periods of time from days to years.

  • When you have the well crunched data, ironed with the technologically hyper tuned algorithms, you get the monitoring systems with deep indices and logical methods of interpretations that make the dent that is needed to break inactivity and low lying activity regimes.

  • The app will over your overall profile with all the critical data points and help you boost your progress with information, at the right time and pragmatic ways.

  • From getting into a workout at the gym with the plans and videos in the app, or exercising at home on your own, with no special equipment needed, the app will help you get the most out of your regimes, even if you are bodybuilding.

  • Besides other numerous edgy features, the app can let you simply keep a tab on your calories with its easy calorie-calculator that can be used each time you indulge in a food intake, with database of millions of food and dish choices of worldwide cuisines.

  • And yes, it can help you toss a quick new dish from its bag full of diet and healthy food options available in the healthy recipes section.

  • It also lets you be in touch with an army of MevoFit fitness users who can help discuss any topic of fitness, be it the routines, tips, device or any other, you sure will get a handful of more than what you expect.


The range of MevoFit Smart Fitness Watches are suitable for Men, Women and Kids. These include a
hot level of choices to help you the one that you identify to yourself, and will work for you.

These are the recommendations that we make, and rest will really depend on you and your
preference for the device or the colors:

Smart Watches

This smart watch comes with a basic set of fitness functions for daily use.

Most Suitable for Men and Women

Fitness Trackers

This watch comes with a sleek design and suited for fitness pro & swimmers.

Most Suitable for Men, Women, Boys and Girls

MevoFit Slim

This smart watch is a strong performer for overall health, fitness and sports pro.

Most Suitable for Men, Women, and Boys

Thrust smart watch

These smart watches are bold and bundle fitness, health and heart care in one.

Most Suitable for Men and Women

Having choices is good, and we have based our collection of smart watches that offer fitness and health benefits, coupled with smart designs that work with you, and compliment your style. With the guidance and recommendations as suggested above, you will be in a more conclusive position towards what reflects your preferences according to your usage and fashionable quotient.

Smart watches for men naturally need to be more substance and bold on style, and where women's smart watches will relay more of fashion, trendiness and colorful choices. Either ways, it has to delight and entice you, and must look charmingly kick-ass on you. We're passionately elated that we can offer choices for both men and women, but also the kids - be it a boy, or a girl, there is something that everyone can relate to when it comes to a smart watch that is right for them, and of-course, it has to, if it has to sport on your wrist, it really really needs to feel smart and rich. And the rest can be the need you see for yourself, between balancing style, power, activity, fitness, health, sports and smartness. You have it all, and you can get the one that covers your demands out of right device.

We get it - when you choose a smart watch, whether you are a man or a women, you are giving away the choice of wearing your other regular watch, although, that might be old school when it comes to the digital and fitness functions of a smart watch.

But since this inadvertently becomes the watch of your day to day outgoing, there cannot be anything that is of a lesser objectivity to us, and we have worked on these aspects when developing the design and functional concepts of our watches. Men's smartwatches or smart watches for women, these MevoFit devices have been rooted to link with your desire and commitment to standout and get solid with your fitness, and if you are a kid, well the trendy designs and colors will further boost your activity with style that you need. So get-set and ready to go on the shopping spree of the smart watch of your choosing, backed by the fabulous discount deals we offer on the MevoFit online store, with free shipping on most orders.

Smart Watches


  • Each kind of smart wearable range is available with a wide range of color options, that suit every need, style and personality. From the bold, colorful and trendy, to the more upright, classy and sophisticated.

Some of the color options in the device range are:

  • Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Lilac, Purple, Silver, Gold, Metallic color options, etc.

  • At MevoFit, its - Your Choice, Your Preference, Your Style.


The MevoFit smart watches and activity tracker bands are compatible with all major mobile cell phone platforms - Android and iOS.

  • Android Mobiles : Samsung, Xiaomi (Mi, Redmi), One Plus, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Motorola, Lenovo, Honor, other brand cell phones

  • iOS Mobiles : Apple cell phones



All MevoFit products a standard warranty of 1 Year against any manufacturing defects.
For full details on our warranty and exchange policies, checkout these links:

Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Exchange Policy

Exchange Policy

Available on

The most wide range, variations and color options of MevoFit products is available on MevoFit Online Shop and MevoFit Fitness Tracker App.

  • Our range is also available on major online stores like - Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, PayTM

If you cannot find anything on our best priced shop online, it could be out of inventory, but we suggest to check with us on support, email or call to know if its available or will be coming next.



Wherever you purchase your MevoFit product from, the product support - help, setup, app, or other issues
and warranty support will be provided here on our Online website or the MevoFit app.

Here are the links for these issues for Product & Warranty Support:

Live Chat




Just get in touch with us, and we will put our best foot forward to help resolve your issue proactively.


Want to learn how MevoFit Smart Tracking Technology helps you to keep fit and healthy?

Checkout the knowledge base that gets you at speed for everything you need to know about this phenomenal technology and how MevoFit Brand stands to watch your back in your journey towards a rewarding health, fitness and lifestyle.

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