Sports Tracking

Multiple Sports Tracker

  • The activity tracking of a smart watch does not end at steps, calories and distance tracking. A plentiful other ways to be active and to up your fitness quotient, is by helping you keeping track of your sports activities.
  • As many of us rely on multiple sporting regimes, be it for physical traction or just for the sake of plain cool fun, sports takes your body and mind to another level of fitness.
  • If you play any of the sports supported by this watch - Walking, Running, Cycling, Football, Badminton, Basketball and Skipping, then this watch will help you be on top of these activities and along with the calories you have burnt whilst being in action.

GPS Tracking for Run / Walking Track

  • The crown of Fitness is best up-hold by the numerous folks who like to go out for an everyday walk, or even better 'Run' to keep their quotient of fitness, endurance, and stamina levels up to the brim.
  • If you belong to these awesome group of fitness freaks, then MevoFit fitness watches and trackers that are aided with the GPS chip set inside, are your perfect mate for your everyday outdoor activity.
  • These devices let you activate GPS at the start of your walk/run, and they will keep a complete track of your outdoor activity by recording the holy grail of your undertaking - Track it on a Map.
  • Thus the device, not just helps you find the distance, steps, speed, and calories burnt by your during the activity, but also helps you witness and keep record of the tracks, laps and routines by plotting them on a Map


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