Smart Functions

Smart watches and fitness tracker bands cannot be deemed smart, without smart functions.

It takes a leap of faith to design and develop smart monitoring devices with functions that exhibit the
limitless possibilities that a user can derive from a rookie to an avid fitness freak.





The smart attributes need a compelling list of pre-requisites that cover every aspect of the device from core aspects of hardware functions to sit on top of the underlying layer of complex functional algos to deliver exceptional user experience and functional, feature rich usage.


  • The MevoFit trackers come loaded with many cool features in a large range of its devices, that let you go around your day to day activities coupled with daily fancy gadgets to tune the beat.

  • Some of the handy tools that you get in these are Clock, Alarm, Reminders, Calendar, Weather, Timer, Stop Watch, and Vibration Alerts.

  • These tools assist you with day-to-day smart usage to shine your life smarter, everybit with the availbility of these easy to use handy tools, available right on your wrist, or your fingertips.


  • Notifications is one of the top-smart functions that any wearable device to monitor fitness activity and health, must sport.

  • MevoFit has developed high grade notification watching functions under the hood of its paired fitness app for smart phones, for both android and ios based mobile cell phones.

  • The app becomes a watchful assistant that keeps an eye over new notifications getting in your phone, and pushes it over to the linked MevoFit device on your wrist, and displays it readily on its monitor.


  • You can watch easily any new notifications on your watch, without the need of run to grab your phone, and thus becomes a boon for comfort when you are idle, professional when you are at work or in teams, and handy when you're on any activity - be it a workout, or in kitchen or on an outdoor run.

  • The possibilities and advantages are endless, and you can readily get alerts directly on your smart device for not just for calls, and messages, but also emails, social and other apps like whatsapp, facebook, twitter, skype etc.

  • The app names mentioned here are registered IPR of the respective companies, and have been only referred to here as what the devices supports for alerts


  • Smart watches get smart with smart features intuitively embedded around the functions of the device as well as the connected app to manage and control these amazing functions.

  • These not only give you enhanced experienced over your device, but also an absolute ease of control, like Music control, Camera control, Brightness, Find Phone, Display on Wrist Turn, Changeable Watch Face Designs, etc.

  • The MevoFit wearable devices are designed with the view of being able to use throughout with conventional ease and functional high, and this is made possible with the loads of smart control functions that you can use with the watches.


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