Health Tracking

Good Health is not just about activity, it is as much about knowing the average general vital parameters of your body, the duration and quality of your sleep, and warning you of prolonged idle activity.

These include many of the prime health indicators that are monitored by MevoFit Smartwatches and Fitness Tracking bands like - Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Levels, ECG, PPG etc.

This not only is useful while being in your general day-to-day activities, but also whilst you walk, run, train, or workout in other forms of physical activity you conduct, and can be instrumental to know the boundaries or when to stop.

Sleep Tracking

  • Good Health is not just about activity, it is as much about knowing the average general vital parameters of your body, the duration and quality of your sleep.
  • This watch accurately monitors your sleep time (start time and wake-up time), and records a complete history to gauge the overall sleeping patterns for weeks, months and years.
  • Besides the quantity, the quality of your sleep is paramount, and this smart watch monitors it deeply with its optimized algorithm to decipher between light and deep sleep, and also *wakefully resting.*

Heart Rate

  • MevoFit smart fitness watches and activity tracker bands use the embedded HR sensor in the devices to measure and monitor your pulse rate 24/7, and can help identify your stress levels and tiredness.
  • The devices come embedded with advance optical sensors to measure the blood pumping inside your body through veins and try to accurately measure your heart rate and can check your ongoing low bpm levels under optimum conditions.
  • Not just this, but these devices also feature an automatic constant measurement of the heart rate data, with ability to modify the time gaps of invoking the measurement of your pulse with the optical sensors in the the fitness watch.
  • This data can then be viewed on the device and historically seen in the MevoFit app linked to your device with overall performance and upkeep over time.

Blood Pressure

  • The sensor technology in MevoFit watches and fitness trackers are based on constant bursts of light illumination on your skin and correlate it with the absorption of light by your skin.
  • This aids in monitoring the PPG - Photoplethysmography and EKG - Electrocardiogram measures that determines the pressure of blood against your arteries, in relation to your pulse rate and your arteries' elasticity.
  • The readings can be produced by selecting the Blood Pressure option on the device and then keeping your finger tapped on the indicator for about 20-30 seconds, with you sitting in stationary mode with your arm resting on a desk or on your legs.
  • This data is then crunched by the complex algorithms and statistically displayed on the screen of your device, and the overall statistics of the monitoring are further synced with the MevoFit app that is connected to the tracker.


  • The MevoFit range of ECG/PPG measuring fitness watches and tracker devices employ a combination of 2 technologies for measuring this health parameter of your heart's health.
  • It uses light illuminating sensors to determine the PPG (Photoplethysmography) measure from your skin, and employs metallic electrode strips to trace the ECG (Electrocardiogram) or the tiny electrical pulses that are produced by the beatings of the heart.
  • ECG - Electrocardiogram, in the most straight forward sense is the measure of your heart's well being, the pulse rate rhythm, and its overall satisfactory functioning, or hinting at any abnormalities if they show up.
  • This is done by invoking the option to check ECG, and then pressing your finger for a period of about 20-30 seconds on the defined point to read and show the pulse trace data on the screen and then produce the overall results of the measurements on the device as well as the connected MevoFit app.

Supportive Health Tracking

Since these fitness tracker watches sit conveniently on your wrist in the day on your usual course, or even at night, should you elect to let them gauge your sleep patterns, they end up being an invaluable asset on continuous monitoring of your pulse, day and night, with or without activity.

Whereas the Medical devices are specialist mission based complex machinery designed with technology and support to sense the minutest details of your key health indicators or its variances, the smart wrist watches and fitness trackers are your ready points of reference without the need of paying attendance everyday at a medical facility, and yet somewhat fit enough to get an idea of your locus standee in your day to day life, in comparison to being driving in the dark, all the while.

Even though at times the accuracy cannot be upheld strongly, these gadgets offer an unprecedented indicator of your constant body health measure by providing you with uninterrupted data with convenience and without intervention or efforts. The idea is to be generally informed of your overall well being and being alert of your health indicators, in case the devices show much variances from your previous general readings repeatedly, and you also feel your body is also telling you from inside of something not being apt.

These devices then become a boon, to further test with other specialist medical equipment or go see the doctor to get your self checked at the right time. Thus owing to this add-on that comes in smart wearable devices, as an extra at no exorbitant or additional costs, is a welcome way to get on top of your health quotient that does not make you do extra, and being just good enough for the purpose as supplementary benefit of owning a fitness device.

Besides tracking, these device help you in keeping a track of your data and health performance by syncing it with the paired MevoFit app, and gives you insights on demand on your current and past performance while you have worn it. The Heart Rate sensors, although highly optimized for accuracy, do have some variances in the measurements owing to nuances such as the position and being loose on your wrist, external heat, high body movements, skin texture, tone, hair, and sweat.

In case of Blood Pressure sensors, in addition to some of the above parameters, may also be effected for accuracy by several others such as alcohol consumption, smoking, high carbs or fried food diets, age, gender, weight, time of day or night, and even from your mental well being or conversely stress. Generally more activity is directly related to higher blood pressure.

The ECG (Electrocardiogram) function on the wearable devices are limited by the fact that they generally support 1 or 2 measuring electrodes fixed within them, in a sharp contrast to the 12 lead points that are used in the medical equipment available with your doctor's lab or a hospital.


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