Professional Experts

The MevoFit app can also help you finding professional help from experts, available on MevoFit Fitness Professionals Marketplace - from Dietitians to Trainers, to Yoga Masters to Zumba classes to Skin Experts, the choices are limitless.

Simply choose and hire from the experts who offer their services for your benefits from within the app. You don't need to take out time and without the need of making repeated visits to an expert in person.

At MevoFit Fitness Marketplace, you are spoilt with the range of health and fitness options, choice of numerous talented professionals, and not even limited by your location or theirs.

Just browse through the professionals available under the numerous fitness categories, checkout the experiences of other users who have used and reviewed the service providers, perhaps go for a trial run where its provided, and choose the one that gives you the best services at lower cost.

Not just that, get the services you want from professionals from across the globe - from Singapore to San Francisco, from New Delhi to New York, from Rome to Rio de Janeiro, it does not matter, and you are only limited by your next action.

You can try sessions, and then book and take services from the convenience of your phone, with inbuilt video and chat functions embedded within the app.


Want to learn how MevoFit Smart Tracking Technology helps you to keep fit and healthy?

Checkout the knowledge base that gets you at speed for everything you need to know about this phenomenal technology and how MevoFit Brand stands to watch your back in your journey towards a rewarding health, fitness and lifestyle.