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Tpe Reversible Yoga Mat
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Colorful, Reversible, Anti-Tear & Anti-Skid MevoFit TPE Yoga Mats
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MevoFit all purpose reversible yoga mat is made with the best TPE material and has 6MM thickness. Meditate in peace, knowing your new yoga pilates mat is made from organic TPE material. Our highly durable exercise mat is also super easy to roll, and lightweight to carry. You can sling the strong strap over your shoulder, or hang it out across your body using the yoga mat bag.

Beginners, pros, yoga mat for men or yoga mat for women alike, both can enjoy a good session on this durable workout mat. We’ve made this no slip yoga mat with a carrier a little bit longer, wider, and thicker than other mats on the market. Ideal for all types of practice its uses aren’t limited to yoga! Our unique extra large yoga mat materials feature dual layers for increased function and comfort. The non-slip backing ensures you stay put during those hot yoga sessions.


Perfect Size

72" x 24" ensures comfort for people of all shapes & sizes


Exceptional resilience to help you maintain your balance

Dual Colors

TPE mats comes in in best vibrant dual color options

Top Quality

Comparatively longer, thicker, and wider yoga mats

Washable & Reusable

Simply wipe the mat down a damp cloth & you’re ready to go


Comes with free carry strap & yoga mat bag

Anti- Skid

Excellent slip resistant to prevent injuries


Are TPE yoga mats safe?

Yes, these mats are safe because they are made of natural jute and Degradable Thermoplastic Elastomers (or TPEs). The latter is an eco-friendly foam-based material that is made from non-toxic recycled biodegradable plastics and is a substitute for harmful PVCs.

What else does the packing contain?

There is one TPE yoga mat, one shoulder strap, and one yoga mat bag that comes inside the packing.

How long do these mats last?

Ideally, these genuine cork mats last more than 2 years. However, you should use them carefully and take all the necessary precautions while handling and packing them.

How to take care of the yoga mat?

For regular mat maintenance and routine cleaning, we recommend wiping your mat down with a damp cloth on a weekly basis. If you have a vigorous practice, or are doing hot yoga, we recommend doing so after each use.

What precautions should I take?

Do not wear jewelry or pointed objects during your workouts. Pack them away from heat. Do not try to make creases on them. Keep them away from pets.

Are these TPE yoga mats slippery?

Of course not. They rather have strong adhesive qualities because of their soft and grippy surface.

Buy MevoFit Reversible TPE Yoga Mats - Lightweight,
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