Buy a genuine MevoFit - 'Drive Bold Fitness Tracker'
with Auto-Bright Color Touchscreen and dashing looks.

The MevoFit Bold Activity Tracker Band for Sports & Fitness

The Premium Fitness Tracker for Men and Women for all activity tracking for the lowest online price.

Get the dashing MevoFit Bold Fitness Band - the classic Activity Tracker with awesome looks, cool features like heart rate tracking and a bright color touchscreen with gesture control.

Fitness watch with Color Touchscreen, Auto-Brightness, Steps, Calories, Heart Rate, Sedentary, Sleep, Notifications, Smart Tools, Sports and Long Battery

This fitness tracker is very well suited for both men and women. With its bold, stylish and premium looks, you are sure to get attention and be noticed, and you can also change the watch faces to suit your mood. This band is also perfect for all settings including home, gym, office, outdoors and indoors, and come with waterproof technology.

MevoFit Bold Activity Tracker

$ 45

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Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate, Big Color Display & Gesture Control - Large Wireless Waterproof Fitness Tracker Monitor......

  • 1 YEAR Warranty
  • Secure Payment



Steps, Calories, Distance


Sedentary, Automatic Sleep, Automatic Heart Rate (24*7)


Multi Sports - Walk, Run, Cycling, Basketball, Skipping, Badminton, Football, Skipping


Clock, Alarm, Vibration, Reminders, Weather


Camera, Auto-Brightness, Find Phone, Turn Wrist On


Bold, Elegant, Outdoor, Rugged, Fashionable, Ergonomic, Trendy Colors


IP67 Waterproof, Direct USB Port (Inbuilt)


Changeable Diamond Cut Strip Design, TPE based Straps with Metallic Studs


Multiple styling colors - Black, Blue, and Purple

Compatible Phones

Apple Phones & Android Mobile Phones

Compatible Brands

Samsung, Xiaomi, RealMe, One Plus, Vivo, Oppo, Honor, Motorola, Lenovo, Huawei


1 Year warranty for all hardware related defects, except damaged or broken


For Product Setup, Technical or Warranty Support via Phone, Chat or Mail, go to 'Support'


The MevoFit Bold Fitness Tracker is a beautiful and bold looking band with a Auto-Brightness Display mechanism, with a elegantly curved and smooth body.

It has a rich looking interface with color touchscreen and gesture control. It also boasts of Automatic Heart Rate with (24*7) monitoring and Blood Pressure tracking, weather updates, automatic and extremely accurate sleep tracker, and all activity and multi-sports tracking capabilities, and changeable watch faces as well as straps.

  • Dashing fitness tracker band with auto brightness control with color touchscreen and gesture control.
  • Comes with activity tracker functions like steps, calories, distance, and prolonged sedentary reminder.
  • Health tracking with sleep monitoring and analysis and automatic heart rate 24*7 measuring capabilities.
  • Boasts of Multiple sports tracking functions - walk, run, cycling, football, basketball, tennis and skipping.
  • Changeable watch faces with different beautiful designs to match with your current frame of mood and style.
  • Handy tools for daily use for convenience, like - clock, alarm, reminders, weather, find phone, camera control, etc.
  • Smart alerts with vibration for calls, messages or social notifications like whatsapp, facebook, etc. on the band.
  • Incredible Battery performance of 7-10 days, compatible to most android & apple phones, changeable straps.


Bright Display

MevoFit Drive Bold is a bold and stylish looking fitness band with auto-brightness display, color touchscreen, gesture and control for efficient and convenient daily use.

Long Battery

The power punch battery pack of 80 mAH Li-on battery with hyper optimized hardware gives you uninterrupted usage of about 7-10 days usage between each charge.

Activity Tracking

The inbuilt pedometer sensors accurately monitor and display all your daily activity tracking such as steps, distance covered, and calories burnt with activities with its inbuilt pedometer.

Health Tracking

The Bold watch also boasts of health tracking parameters such as automatic sleep analysis, prolonged sedentary monitoring, and continuous Heart Rate (24*7) Tracking features.

Multi Sports

The multiple sports tracking features of this fitness watch, keeps a track of Walk, Run, Cycling, Football, Badminton, Basketball and Skipping.

Notifications & Alerts

Get alerted for any new incoming calls, messages, social and other apps notifications directly on your band from your phone with smart alerts.

Smart Tools

A set of handy tools to assist you in your daily activities with ease - Clock, Alarm, Reminders, Camera Control, Find Phone, Turn Wrist On and Vibration.

Waterproof Device

The Drive Fitness Tracker comes with waterproof grading of IP-67 level, that sets you free to take it to the shower, or the outdoor, even if its raining.

MevoFit Fitness App

The activity band comes bundled with the full set of powerful functions of MevoFit Fitness App to further assist you in tracking and loosing weight.

Fast Charging

With a 15-30 mins quick charge, you are set for a day or two, and load it up for 3-5 hours, and you won't need to do it again for about a week.

Easy Charging

The direct (inbuilt) USB charging port is hyper convenient to charge anywhere on the go, without the need of carrying a secondary charging cable.

It comes with an amazingly powerful battery that lasts for a week or two on a single charge, and can be readily recharged anywhere with its in-built USB charging port mechanism.

It also sports a plush strap with 3-D diamond cut inlay design with metal studs.