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Buy Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic - Sports, Work & Leisure

Get the Best Prices Online on MevoFit Brand Shop

Select from a wide range of Original MevoFit line of Premium
Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for Entertainment, Work,
Sports & Fitness - with Mic

Checkout the latest (2019-2020) collection of MevoFit lines of the New Bluetooth Headphones - Perfect for
your daily usage - Outdoor, Indoor, Office & Work. Here are some of our most popular and top rated
bluetooth headsets, that have got into the best performing category gadgets on MevoFit website.

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Get 'MevoFit' Branded Premium - Original Bluetooth Headphones for Sports, Fitness,
Work, Leisure & Play at the best prices on MevoFit online shop with Genuine
MevoFit products.

Get Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery on your purchase on select places that qualify for our friendly
shipping program on your choice of bluetooth headset device.

Play N100

Our sporty range of original MevoFit bluetooth headphones has optimum variations to suit your wireless audio needs

  • On-Ear / Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Mic (Dark Beat)

  • In-Ear TWS Bluetooth Earplugs with Mic (Atom Play)

  • In-Ear Bluetooth Earphones Neckband with Mic (Play)

Moreover, these wireless headphones, will perfectly suit your style, be it Men, Women, Boys or Girls. You just have to figure out what fits the your preferences the best, and get started with enjoying delightfully clear sound quality, with deep base, high battery power, with-mic capabilities for hands-free calling along with premium noise cancellation for bold sound.

Select the right sports audio device from our affordable range of smart audio wearables with Online Deals, Big Discounts,
Free Shipping on purchase of Genuine MevoFit products.


Sports, Fitness, Work & Play Smart headphones from MevoFit are perfect for use by everyone - Men or a Women

Smart Bluetooth Headphones
  • The bluetooth enabled wireless headphones deliver a strong-stable connection, with its high quality acoustic design and materials used for the body, as well as premium grade chipset and components used in its development.

  • Premium sound quality is at the core of these new sports headphones, with its strong base level drivers, and advanced design and hardware, it makes for perfectly clear audio quality, even while delivery high pitch music. Additionally, the high grade noise cancellation technology produces waves to cancel the effects of outer noise to a great degree, enabling you to enjoy music in a blissfully elated state.

  • Designed for powerful performance and convenience for your daily use, these headphones can be used to sport any look being your compelling gadget companion wherever you take it. You can be assured of amazingly incredible listening experience, and yet make a strong, noteworthy fashion statement, with enviable appreciation from others.

Choose the headphones that defines your personality or inspires you to build your better, fitter, future self.


Be it listening to music, watching a movie, playing games, or watching videos, or using them to make hands free calls,
these wireless bluetooth headphones with mic, deliver incredible power punched performance, that is pleasing to
your ears, as well as style - be it a man or a women - you would love to have them with you everywhere.

  • You can take it to an outdoor run, or the gym, or if you are working out at home - these sports headphones are perfect for the intended use and the looks. And they are groovy enough to be sported everywhere else - at the cafe, or the library, or the office, or binge listening to media at home.

  • Each battery charge is going to deliver a long thumping media experience that will last longer by several hours, with the power packed and superior optimization of the battery with the hardware functions.

  • The high quality original components used make these all original headphones an equipment of high durability, ready from any sporting activity down to the basics of general leisure usage.

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones


Besides riding high on features and functions, these all new and original wireless headphones from MevoFit,
command the highest level of usage convenience, practicality, comfort and performance.

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  • From having an SD memory card reader and fold-able headphones design, to the comfort - ear cushioning on the over-ear or on-ear, and headset inner band side of the headphones - the Dark Beat wireless bluetooth headphones with mic, are made to be irresistibly apt for much more than the ordinary music experience, that lasts long enough on each charge.

  • The TWS - True Wireless Stereo based bluetooth earbuds, the comfort piston design sits in your ear like a charm for hours and hours of delightful music listening or calling experience, the Atom Play bluetooth wireless TWS earbuds with mic, will be your most used pocketed accessory of choice.

  • The Play wireless neckband headphones with mic, are designed to go over your neck and sit there, ready to be inserted in ears, as and when you want, and yet delivering a lasting experience of music and calls.

  • You can call it your earpods/earbuds/earplugs, either ways, these wireless earphones, have the capacity to forget when you charged them last, and even more, given the beautiful automatic charging case that holds up to 3 x times recharging of your earbuds, on the go.

  • The touch controls and friendly one-touch buttons on these devices, are meant to give you the control, whilst ensuring absolute fluid-ness in design and usability. You are able to control calls - accept, reject, redial etc., and navigate through your music list with previous, next records, along with play-pause-stop and volume up and down controls, and more.


Smart Bluetooth Headphones

The wireless technology of the new bluetooth based MevoFit sports headphones are able to free you up from the hassle of managing the chores associated with using and moving around with a wired set of headphones.This is a boon to your style, and exhibit true freedom and ease of use, that can be assured out of taking away the wires, and yet delivering un-matched level of sound quality.Coupled with their design styles, these are so easy to be slipped along anywhere you go, without the need of managing - tying-re-tying the messy wires and their entanglement. All you need to do is just keep them in your small purse or a bag, or just hang them on your body, and you are good to go.

While taking calls and talking over the phone, has become so hassle-less, thanks for the hands-free operation owing to the in-built mic on these wireless earphone headsets, you no more have to keep your hands busy holding the phone, and nor the heat and sweat that makes way on the phone screen with prolonged use.You don't even need to plug-unplug them every now and then from the dreaded sockets of one device to the other, or those hard to find joints on the back of your media devices. Well these MevoFit headphones, can be made to pair with your devices, and they intelligently and readily start playing the music to your ears, with one command to your media device.

Smart Bluetooth Headphones
Smart Bluetooth Headphones

They also come as a boon, when you prefer to listen some other media slice, whilst letting others enjoying what's not your desire to befriend with at a given time, and yes, that comes pleasantly well without cutting a void between you and them.To own a set of original MevoFit wireless earphone headset, is a matter of joy, comfort and pride, while making your deal towards sports, leisure, work, or fitness, a lot more in-style and rewarding with superior sound and entertainment.Its time to do away the wired headphones that seem so ape-aged for the new decade, and couple your smart phone with the smartness of a smart wearable media powerhouse - the handy with-mic MevoFit bluetooth wireless headphones.


Superior Devices
  • The beautifully laid out design and color options available on these headphone series, you are assured of a bold, confident and sporty looks or casual loose hanging, or professionally solid outlook, that is fashionable and classy, especially with the blacks and the greys.

  • The premium substances including high quality metallic and above the mark materials, with the sleek cuts and designs, you are sure to stand out of the ordinary.

  • The outlays of the headphones is studded with metallic body that gives them a firm and solid-bold feel, that not only ensures a very rich premium form, but also add to the bass acoustic capabilities that need the strong hard surface to create the deepness and richness in sound.

  • Unlike the cheap variations available in the market, that give a poor look and feel, with their lightweight plastic-y feel, to ensure the cheap price they need to hold, saving costs on everything, but yes, they remain and exhibit cheapness, whilst our premium range ensures you and your good personality is admired, not frowned upon.


The range of MevoFit Smart Headset Wearables are suitable for both Men and Women. These include a hot level of choices to
help you the one that you identify to yourself, and will work for you.

These are the recommendations that we make, and rest will really depend on you and your preference for the device or the colors:

Dark Beat Headphones

This headphone dons a fresh new sporty look, loaded with advance functions like sd card memory.

Most Suitable for Classy, Bold, Working, and Sports Pro - Men and Women

Atom Play Headphones

These are sleek and small magical devices that fits into your ears, and come with auto-charging case.

Most Suitable for both Casual or Professional users be it Men or a Women

Play Headphones

This neckband is your hang-loose earphone that silently rests on your neck and jumps back to life on demand.

Most Suitable for regular daily use by Men or Women

When you have choices as availed by MevoFit in its range of smart wearable headphone devices, you can be assured of a pair that would fit your need - just checkout all the options and identify the one you most relate to. Its not just the functional aspects, but we do believe that smart looks are paramount to the usage by customers, since the more the user is confident and comfortable of a style that goes with them, the more they would take them along everywhere, and the more they would be used. Its simple! So the all New Bluetooth Wireless Headphones range by MevoFit turns into your true sport and wearable gadget companion to your day-in and day-out life schedules and seamlessly blends into your life, adding power, flexibility and entertainment all over.

The smart gadgets are so cool and so handy, you would love to take them around everywhere. And you would feel the urge to have them with you, if you somehow manage to miss them at home, it may feel miserable. So we suggest, once you reward yourself with a pair of bluetooth headphones from MevoFit, you better get a hold of making sure you keep them with you before you slip out. And not just that, you would also miss out on sporting them on you, as they become a part of your identity and your inner-self being connected to music on prolonged durations.

So don't wait no more, and get going with the one device that would be the headphone of your choice and we will back your selected gadget with fabulous discounts and offer deals with free shipping on most orders, only from MevoFit online store.



  • Each kind of smart wearable range is available with a wide range of color options, that suit every need, style and personality. From the bold, colorful and trendy, to the more upright, classy and sophisticated.

Some of the color options in the device range are:

  • Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Lilac, Purple, Silver, Gold, Metallic color options, etc.

  • At MevoFit, its - Your Choice, Your Preference, Your Style.


MevoFit smart wearable devices are bluetooth enabled, and compatible with a large range of devices including Mobiles, Computers, TVs, etc.

The smart watches, activity trackers, and wireless headphones are compatible with all major mobile cell phone platforms - Android and iOS.

  • Android Mobiles : Samsung, Xiaomi (Mi, Redmi), One Plus, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Motorola, Lenovo, Honor, other brand cell phones

  • iOS Mobiles : Apple cell phones

The bluetooth headphones are additionally compatible with all other devices that can run media on bluetooth like - ipads, computers, Televisions, Stereo systems, Media devices etc.



All MevoFit products a standard warranty of 1 Year against any manufacturing defects.
For full details on our warranty and exchange policies, checkout these links:

Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Exchange Policy

Exchange Policy

Available on

The most wide range, variations and color options of MevoFit products is available on MevoFit Online Shop and MevoFit Fitness Tracker App.

  • Our range is also available on major online stores like - Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, PayTM

If you cannot find anything on our best priced shop online, it could be out of inventory, but we suggest to check with us on support, email or call to know if its available or will be coming next.



Wherever you purchase your MevoFit product from, the product support - help, setup, app, or other issues
and warranty support will be provided here on our Online website or the MevoFit app.

Here are the links for these issues for Product & Warranty Support:

Live Chat




Just get in touch with us, and we will put our best foot forward to help resolve your issue proactively.


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