Premium Experience

The MevoFit app, besides maintaining the tracking and history of your activity data, is hyper loaded with numerous features that are hard to compare like - food calories checker and logger, exercise and workout plans with videos, food and health tips, and numerous other functions.

The app lets you make your profile and your initial stats and then becomes your personal coach with guidance on your journey to become fit, using the cutting edge functions of the tracker device and the full fitness regime app.

Any fitness device without a high quality specialist app, and without fitness regime complimenting functions, only ends up being more or less, as a useless piece of technology.

  • And the benefits of owning a MevoFit device become loaded with endless possibilities, with as many fitness and health boosting functions, as you want to use, without any limitations of features, nor usage.
  • You could 'Go for a Run' with your phone, for outdoor tracking of your path and activity over a map, take part in amazing challenges with others, discuss fitness and get encouragement with the MevoFit community, or with numerous other layers of functions within the app.
  • Think of it like this - if you are a female, the app can even help you keep a complete track of your menstrual cycle, ovulation periods, and even help you with amazing body, skin and beauty tips. With MevoFit Fitness Tracker app that comes bundled with your wearable device, you can be always be limited, only by your imagination.
  • It takes dedicated efforts by huge teams with experiences in cutting edge technical backgrounds, time and huge costs to nurture and support the level of algorithms, software, apps and platform that can make something of this scale, quality and accuracy possible.

Professional Experts

  • The MevoFit app can also help you finding professional help from experts, available on MevoFit Fitness Professionals Marketplace - from Dietitians to Trainers, to Yoga Masters to Zumba classes to Skin Experts, the choices are limitless.
  • Simply choose and hire from the experts who offer their services for your benefits from within the app. You don't need to take out time and without the need of making repeated visits to an expert in person.
  • At MevoFit Fitness Marketplace, you are spoilt with the range of health and fitness options, choice of numerous talented professionals, and not even limited by your location or theirs.
  • Just browse through the professionals available under the numerous fitness categories, checkout the experiences of other users who have used and reviewed the service providers, perhaps go for a trial run where its provided, and choose the one that gives you the best services at lower cost.
  • Not just that, get the services you want from professionals from across the globe - from Singapore to San Francisco, from New Delhi to New York, from Rome to Rio de Janeiro, it does not matter, and you are only limited by your next action.
  • You can try sessions, and then book and take services from the convenience of your phone, with inbuilt video and chat functions embedded within the app.


Want to learn how MevoFit Smart Tracking Technology helps you to keep fit and healthy?

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