7 Minute Workout Trend!

7 Minute Workout Trend!

All you need is a 7-minute workout to get in shape… Does it sound too good to be true?

Is it a fad? No, it is not a fad and it actually works! The main theory behind this HIIT workout program is that it combines both the strength training and cardio exercises in such a way that they produce measurable health benefits. The experts consider that the trend of 7-minute workout is far beyond a fad as it is based on scientific research.

The fact that you can actually see the results of your physical actions without spending hours in a gym is really a big revelation but what matters more is the actual effectiveness of the program.

The major psychological benefit of such programs helps in reducing the number of dropouts as many people become discouraged from going to the gym, because they believe that they can only receive health benefits if they have hours and hours dedicated to their fitness.

The impact of the notion that the same amount of fitness can be achieved in 7 mins as the full fledged workout routine makes the dream of getting into shape really achievable. Along with this, it is obvious that if people start an activity with a positive feeling, they are more likely to stick with it!

The underlying principle of this workout is that even the busiest people can spare at least 7 mins and that too for their health. The program is easy to squeeze into your daily requirements and also assures success which makes it effective in long run.

As for the basic physical results, the science has already proved the benefits of interval training on cardiovascular and general fitness for years. Along with this, a new research has been conducted which sheds some light on the minimum amount required to earn a measurable benefit. The major focus of the short, intense interval training is the afterburn.

The metabolism gets charged up and even after the workout the calorie burning continues for hours very much similar to what it does when you go for a long run or lift weights for a half hour. Though it is true that the average person will likely see more and better results from spending more time exercising, the new 7-minute promise gives us all a good place to start.

Not to forget the fact the exercising can itself make us feel good and the consistent patterns of the 7-minute workout can help balance neurotransmitters. Along with this, 7 minutes is enough time for the body to release the endorphins hormone which is responsible for boosting a person’s mood.

Along with this, it is the feeling of exercise euphoria is likely to motivate individuals to being more active and dedicated towards exercising! So no more excuses, make sure to dedicate the small duration of 7 minutes towards workout and exercises and see the maginificient weight loss results.