How To Lose Weight By Skipping?

How To Lose Weight By Skipping?

Guess which fitness equipment could you purchase for less than $10, that can easily fit in small space and can be used by everyone from young to adults??? The answer is simple: It is SKIPPING ROPE! It is obvious that every one of us has or at least tried jumping a skipping rope in the past. It is a very significant cardio exercise that helps to boost up your heart rate and by doing so contributes in burning large amount of calories in a short span.

How to do skipping the right way?

If you are well versed with the right method of skipping it is great, but just in case you are a little confused then follow this simple method:

The basic way to do skipping is to keep your feet together with your elbows close at your sides. Hold the rope behind you with the middle touching the floor just behind your heels. Swing the rope and jump a few inches off the ground as the rope swings around to your front.

Move your wrists and forearms, not your shoulders. It is a little difficult to coordinate your body with the rope as you need to assure that the rope hits the floor when your feet/body is in the air, but that is main key of doing this exercise effectively!

How much calories does it burn?

The answer to this question is: As much you want! This is because the number of calories you burn from skipping is variable as it depends on your body weight and the level of intensity. For example: If you are an extremely overweight, you need more energy to jump up so you burn more calories than a lighter person, but even if you are a light person you can burn more energy too if the intensity is on a higher level.

On a generic basis, skipping when done properly would help burn at least 600 calories in 30 mins and is actually great for your heart since it really pumps up the heart rate much faster than any other type of cardio.

Benefits of skipping

Some of the major benefits of including skipping in your weight loss regime are highlighted as under:

a) It is a high-intensity interval training workout, which makes it one of the best cardio exercise. Skipping burns more calories in comparison to running. To make the difference more clear: The effort it takes to jump rope for 10 minutes is the equivalent of running a mile in 8 mins! Along with this, British Rope Skipping Association has explicated that 10 mins of skipping can have the same health benefits as a 45-minute run.

b) Skipping is a no equipment form of exercise. All the equipment that the skipping exercise requires is a jumping rope, which can fit into your purse or handbags and is travel-friendly. So, you won’t have to miss your workout, all you need is a rope and an open area to burn calories.

c) Jumping rope blasts the calves, tones your arms and shapes the abs. Studies show that skipping exercises put lesser pressure and is less shocking for the joints than running. It is a low impact exercise than running and, therefore, a better option. Those who regularly jump rope gain more stamina, agility, better posture, balance, quicker reflexes, and much higher levels of overall coordination!

d) Skipping can be done by anybody and everybody, from beginners to advanced level.

e) Skipping is a perfect exercise to improve your flexibility and it also aids your coordination and balance skills!

f) Skipping also helps to keep the problem of osteoporosis at bay as it is a weight-bearing exercise which plays an active role in improving the body density!


Thus, the highlighted information is quite motivating for you to include skipping in your weight loss regime to speed up the process and reach your desired goals faster!