No Equipment Workout

No Equipment Workout

Many people give this excuse that because they do not have the expensive equipment or a membership of a fancy gym so they cannot workout.

At this point, I think of movies like Rocky by Stallone and Shaolin Kungfu. Remember a scene in Rocky where one person works with fancy equipment in a high-tech gym and Sylvester Stallone works out in jungles with no equipment. Ultimately, he is better.

The real champions and fitness freaks really do not need fancy equipment. If you see my own fitness studio, it has mirrors on all sides and sports wooden flooring and it is bare. It is an empty hall. When people come to train with me, they are amazed. Very surprised, they nervously ask me, “You train here? Without any equipment?”

And I proudly say, yes. In that fitness studio, there is nothing and there is everything. For a decade, the same studio has trained hundreds of clients and delivered results, which no other gym possibly could. There has never been any injury.

So how to train without any equipment?

Firstly let us evaluate equipment. In any gym all over the world, what are the machines you find for cardio? Treadmill, bike, cross trainer and maybe rowing machine. There is nothing else ever. Then they have big machines to workout each body part separately.

Now let us see the unlimited options you have to workout without machines or for that matter without any equipment.


Aerobics, kickboxing, Tabata, Boot camp, power yoga, spot jogging, spot skipping, stair climbing. Not to forget various dance related workouts like Zumba, jazzercise, Bhangra aerobics, Bollywood workout, etc.

Sculpting and Toning

Yoga, Pilates, calisthenics, partner workout, free hand exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, crunches, planks etc.

What is equipment? Anything can be your equipment if you desire to workout.

Walk in the park. Jog on the road. Swim. Ride a bicycle. Climb stairs and do not take the lift. Cardio is not hard to achieve. Remember the movie Mary Kom and how she trained? Our sports people really train like that. Your own body weight is the best resistance to workout against. How much weight will you lift in a gym? 5 kg, 10 kg or 20 kg.

When you do a push-up or a squat, you workout against your full body weight and see how many kgs it is. What equipment does yoga require? Just a yoga mat. Sometimes not even that. Yoga is a complete workout. Doing quick rounds of sun salutation is a cardio.

Incorporate some inverted postures like headstand or plough. Doing a Crow pose or a scorpion is tougher than doing 30 push-ups. You need not just physical strength but also the mental strength to do it. Climb trees, climb mountains. Go for hiking and trekking.

Have an active lifestyle. Play games and sports. Our forgotten games like hopscotch or kho kho are good for agility and cardio. Stretching is important to make the body supple and relax the muscles. It also helps you become lean. Stretching does not require much equipment. You can stretch on your own even on the floor.

Have you observed ballerinas working out just with barre? Our super fit pehalwaans workout in akharas that are raw and rustic. They have an amazing muscle strength and endurance and no machines. When you are not dependent on machines, you can workout anywhere- while traveling to a different city, in your office, in a hotel room and even in the aircraft.

You know how to modify your regime. Amazing exercises like burpees, Mountain Climbers, Planks, lunges, etc. do not require equipment.

So now, no more excuses. It is time to workout. For workout, we need will power and persistence. Make your workout real and effective, challenging and fun. Fancy is out and raw and rustic workout is the new rage.