6 Workout Habits that Winners Don’t Make | Get Free
Checklist and Expert Tips

6 Workout Habits that Winners Don’t Make | Get Free Checklist and Expert Tips

He’s been religious about working out. He can’t remember the last time he ate a slice of chocolate cake. He also takes the good advice of the trainer and friends, and he has tried every miracle tip. He’s attempted every belly fat burning exercise too but when he gets on the scales, the needle doesn’t budge – it’s almost glued in its place.

You think he might have hit a weight loss plateau and that he should just give it up for some time. But what if he hasn’t and your assessment is wrong?

More than a successful sweat session, it is about following the right set of workout habits and practices. As people get frustrated even after putting their best, they give up and it makes them even more annoyed with themselves.

Over the past few years, we have been monitoring various fitness professionals around the world. We have found a pattern of mistakes and improper workout habits in most of them that can be fixed easily. Once that hurdle is out of the way, they can lift their game and come out trumps.

Free Checklist: 6 workout habits that are hurting your fitness

This section lists six of the most common exercise mistakes and workout habits that can sabotage your fitness regime from the first day. Presented as a set of questions, this list would be topped with the best fitness workout plan that would make your home-based workouts more time-effective.

We recommend that you check your fitness regime and experience against each of these mistakes.

1. Not warming up and/or cooling down

People often disregard the importance of building up some steam before the actual workouts. Warming up before a sweat session and cooling down after you’re done with your exercising schedule can help you get more done with lesser pain and fatigue. These two phases will help you go through a full range of muscular flexibility and physical motion and can help you get better results faster.

2. How realistic are my expectations?

Eating a healthy meal and regularly working out are the rules for weight management but they also require a commitment. If you’re expecting instant results, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Such improper expectations could also set up a chain reaction of other detrimental habits and lead you to health risks.

3. How focused is my workout?

Do you walk on the treadmill while catching up on the latest gossip with a friend? Do you spend your time at the gym trying to catch the eye of a cute guy who doesn’t even know you exist? You should always remember why you were working out. However, you are free to tune into some upbeat music, plug in your sports headphones, and switch yourself off from distractions.

4. Is my workout demanding enough?

Are you pushing yourself enough? Is your workout intensive enough to work up a good sweat and leave you feeling tired and accomplished? If you don’t feel wiped out after your workout, you aren’t doing enough. You should do better than being affected by one of the worst workout mistakes.


Please note that the practice is vastly different from working out in an obsessive manner and hurting yourself. If you are suffering from depression, please note that you should consult a wellness expert promptly. Working out is not a foolproof method to get rid of any mental ailment.

5. How varied is my schedule?

Are you stuck in a rut, doing the same workout day after day? While it’s not a bad thing to get moving and get your heart pumping but a lack of variation in the intensity, duration, and type of workout could lead you to a weight loss plateau. Besides, following the same routine, weights, and workout plans will slowly dampen your enthusiasm for weight management and other goals.

6. What is my post-workout routine?

If you’re like me, exercising would make you as hungry as a wolf. Are you negating all your efforts by digging into calorie-rich snacks after your workout? Plan and have something healthy and nutritious within reach when you’re finished exercising. A nutritious diet is just as crucial for your weight management goals as is for anyone else who has already done it.

Expert Tips: How to Exercise at Home to lose weight the RIGHT Way?

In the post-COVID era, it is important to adhere to a fitness schedule to boost our immunity against ailments. Going to a gym has somewhat become a challenging (rather a risky) proposition. This is why people are now gunning for safer modes like virtual training to work out themselves at home.

Here is how you too can exercise at your home, the right way:

1. You should know your fitness goals and a reasonable time frame

2. If possible, work out with your partner

3. Craft a schedule and a fitness regime as per your goals

4. Be regular

5. Start with a warmup (as explained above)

6. Get yourself gym wear and a yoga mat (if required)

7. Use smart apps and devices to measure your progress every week

Weight Loss Workout Schedule at home:

You may follow this schedule to get going with your first fitness session from tomorrow onwards. It would help you lose weight faster, tone your midsection, and develop more strength over time:

Fixed daily schedule:

1. Start with Yoga meditation

2. Warmup and stretch

3. Stair climbing or jogging

Variable daily schedule:

1. Monday:

a. Do some Body Weight or Strength Training Exercises

i. Cardio: Burpees, Jump Rope

ii. Strength Training: Squat, Planks, Overhead Triceps Extensions

2. Tuesday:

a. Flexibility Training

i. Forward Lunges, Side Lunge

ii. Crossover

3. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday:

a. Total Body Resistance Exercises (TRX)

4. Saturday:

a. High-Intensity Cardio

i. Burpees

ii. Kickboxing

5. Sunday:

a. Rest

This daily home-based workout schedule would help you not just with your weight loss goals, but also with maintaining proper fitness and immunity standards. As you work on it, you would also derive positive self-belief to push yourself further every day!

Special Case: What is a Weight Loss Plateau?

A weight-loss plateau is a phase when a fitness professional experiences stagnancy against his fitness goals- be it for weight loss, developing leaner muscles, or making a strong core. No matter he or she is working out or eating, his results are not showing up.

It may also arise when one goes on an undisciplined eating spree after months of staying on a restricted diet (like Keto or Mediterranean). One often gains more weight due to no reason whatsoever and may go the opposite way of results. It would be better to ask a healthcare and fitness expert about it.

Get Real-Time, On-Demand, and Qualified Advice from a Virtual Fitness Expert

Anyone can feel frustrated and confused when one’s fitness goals are far from realization despite one’s best intentions. Made worse by overthinking and over-commitment, this can also come back to hurt their confidence and progress in the long run.

Choosing a qualified personal fitness trainer and working out under his guidance can help you tweak your fitness regimen and derive better results in less time. He would teach you techniques and exercises to keep you on top of your goals and would also help you sail away from injuries. You would avail expert tips about your nutrition and best workout habits.

If you are a fitness expert, we welcome you to try a new and exciting way of integrating your existing clientele with that of a prospective one. You can try a software-based approach to offer personal training services using a safe and secure online platform. The best thing is that you can get started with an extended free trial of 60 days today if you signup today using the above link.