8 Highly-Effective Total Body Resistance Exercises
(TRX) You Should Do Today!

8 Highly-Effective Total Body Resistance Exercises (TRX) You Should Do Today!

Total Body Resistance Exercise is a non-weight-bearing regime of resistance training exercises. It involves using two bands and bodyweight movements for a highly effective and versatile workout. It is an ideal option for beginners and fitness junkies alike because it gives faster results for achieving fitness.

Tip: This intensive form of workouts should be done under expert guidance with due diligence.

The two suspension straps allow for an infinite number of exercises that help to improve strength, balance, stability, and flexibility. When you work on it, you may get faster results with your weight loss plans because TRX engages the whole body.

We are presenting 8 advanced TRX exercises to help you achieve lean muscle growth and a more attractive physical appearance. These exercises will also help you tone your core better, lose weight faster, develop strength, and have better fitness standards in much less time.

What are some of the best TRX exercises for backs and legs?

The following fitness regimes and workouts are tailor-made for a faster weight loss experience. One may also derive the dual benefits of toning one’s midsection and lower body with this regime. It focally uses the person’s body weight and gravity together to create a joint resistance, and working against them helps one build strength and agility.

Persisting with it burns up extra flab off the core and improves coordination and flexibility. This is why several fitness experts advise obese people (BMI > 30) to start with it as soon as possible to shed some flab quickly. The same also works for those looking to develop leaner muscles faster and to boost flexibility. Just one piece of advice, go with them after a proper warm-up, or else it may backfire!

Here are some of the best TRX exercises you can try today for your back and legs:

1. TRX Suspended Lunges

Place your right foot inside the loops. Walk out until your right leg is fully extended. Slowly lunge forward until your quad is parallel with the floor and there’s a deep stretch through your butt. Hold for 5 seconds and powerfully thrust back upwards. Make sure that you maintain a strong posture and a tight core throughout. Complete 10 reps with each leg.

Target: Legs, Core.

2. The Best TRX Abs Workout: Frog Kicks

Get in a push-up position with both feet in the straps. Slowly contract your abs and push both legs out laterally, so that they’re slightly wider than shoulder-width. Using your lower abs, pull both knees in towards your chest. Squeeze both legs together and kick your legs out straight back into the push-up position. Repeat for 20 reps.

Target: Core, Lower Abs, Hips.

3. TRX Triceps Extensions

Grab both straps and lean forward with your arms extended. Slowly bend both elbows and allow your body to go towards the floor. Lower until your elbows are bent beyond 45 degrees. Hold for one second and repeat 20 reps.

Target: Triceps.

4. TRX Knee Tucks

Start in a push-up position with both feet in the straps. While maintaining a flat back, slowly contract your lower abs and draw your knees into your chest. Hold the contraction for 1 second and go back to the start position. Repeat for 10 reps.

Target: Core, Lower Abs, Hips.

5. TRX Pendulum

Start in a push-up position with both feet in the straps. Keep your upper body stationary and slowly swing your hips and lower body laterally from side to side. Swing outwards as far as possible while maintaining a strong contraction throughout your core. Continue for 30 seconds and repeat.

Target: Core, Obliques, Transverse Abdominis.

6. TRX Reaching Rows

Grab a TRX strap with your right arm and drop back into a 45-degree angle. Puff out your chest and powerfully row upwards, and touch the top of the strap with your left hand. As you’re rowing upwards on the right side of your body, your left side should simultaneously elevate and twist. Repeat this for 10 reps.

Target: Core, Back, Rear Deltoids, Obliques.

7. TRX Chest Flies and Chest Press

Chest Flies: Grab both straps and extend into a push-up position. With a slight bend on your elbows, slowly drive your arms down and out while your chest drops toward the floor. Lower until your triceps are parallel with the floor and powerfully squeeze your chest and arms together into a full push-up position. Repeat for 12 reps.

Chest Press: This one would require a fixed anchor. You can hold that anchor with both hands and lower yourself to make your chest in line with the anchor. Then you should slowly raise yourself using only your triceps. Repeat the exercise. Remember to inhale before lowering your body and exhale after you have lowered your body.

Target: Chest.

8. TRX Hanging Dips

Set the TRX straps at waist height. Grab both handles, flex your triceps, and press your body upwards off the floor into a full extension. Lean forward slightly to engage the chest, stabilize the arms, and slowly dip downwards until your triceps are approximately parallel with the floor. Powerfully contract your triceps and chest and push back upwards to the starting position. Repeat for 10 reps.

Target: Triceps, Chest

Caution: How NOT to do the Body Transformation Exercises (TRX)?

Beneficial as they may seem, Body Transformation Exercises can also cause you harm if not done properly. One may get dislocated joints, pain in body parts, or even an injury that could set you back by several weeks.

Here are some mistakes that beginners make while doing TRX:

1. Not standing in a proper stance

2. Defeated body language (dropped shoulders, negative self-belief)

3. Doing them immediately after recovering from an injury or illness

4. Not having the right fitness gear or equipment

5. Putting unequal pressure on both hands or legs

6. Taking too many breaks in between

7. Not training the target muscle

How to make a TRX workout plan?

This one needs some time to get around. You must never try to do these exercises all by yourself, especially if you are a beginner. They should always be done under expert guidance, lest one doesn’t hurt oneself by doing them improperly.

Train yourself virtually through an expert of your choice!

We thus recommend that you should get the services of a virtual fitness trainer to do this regime properly. It is a safe, fast, and personalized mode of getting on-demand contactless consultation and guidance in real-time on one’s smartphone or laptop.

Alternatively, if you are an experienced fitness coach yourself, you can opt for a software-based approach to unify and expand your clientele on a global level. This can help you boost your visibility, position yourself as an expert in the domain, and translate the lead in monetary terms. Here’s a link to help you get started right now with an exciting promotional offer.

Your next Total Body Resistance Exercise plan is due today. Get it done better with us!