MevoFit’s Home Gym Mats with Anti-Tear, Anti-Slip
and Anti-Skid features at low prices

MevoFit’s Home Gym Mats with Anti-Tear, Anti-Slip and Anti-Skid features at low prices

“Yoga is a perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.”

(Jason Crandell)

Doing Yoga is a wonderful experience in itself because it helps us connect to our higher selves. It takes us into the present moment, the only time zone where our life actually exists, and disconnects us from all the worries and distractions.

It works on the principle of increasing positive charges to increase our self-awareness and self-acceptance in real-time so we can do more with ourselves per unit time and feel good about it too. A smart way of it goes through by silencing our mind and letting it focus on one thing at a time.

This calls for paramount importance to be attached to the process. The world is yet not attuned to the singular and all-pervasive wavelength of meditation and the incredible benefits that it comes with.

That is why the subject often takes his own sweet time to decipher his share of puzzles and it thus underscores the significance of being at ease with oneself- at least physically. This is just where a yoga mat or a home gym mat comes in to foot the bill.

What is a Yoga Mat?

For the starters, a Yoga mat is a specifically fabricated mat that’s used for doing various types of physical exercises and meditation endeavors during asana practice in modern yoga. A Home Gym Yoga Mat, as such a mat is often called, assists the process by providing a hard base on which to work on and to prevent injuries to hands and feet by slipping or otherwise.

These Yoga Mats are foldable, thick, and made of organic materials. They have anti-slip, anti-tear, and anti-skid properties so one could work on them for longer lengths of time to complete the more energetic forms of yoga. These mats are all foldable so they can be rolled over and tucked into a corner after their use in a session, and the same process can be done over time.

Regarded as ‘one of the most ubiquitous symbols of yoga's commercialization’, these exercise mats can last more than two years easily with proper care, thus making a strong case for their high value for money proposition.

Types of premium home gym mats and the ones you should buy for yourself

There could be a ton of arguments over the choice of its constituent materials like the ones made of PVC, plastic, organic jute, TPE or cork, and so on. They all have their own set of pros and cons, and we would thus choose to base our decisions on the quality of their being produced from natural resources and being recyclable at the minimum cost to the environment.

Choosing organic mats over those plastic ones offers easy tradeoffs in favor of cost of ownership and maintenance, comfort, grip, storage, and weight.

Please note that you should decide about the particular type of organic yoga mat that is best based on your individual needs during practice and your intended experience with it.

We shall choose jute-based TPE and organic cork-based home gym mats for the discussion.

But before that, there is a ubiquitous fact that we need to get straight. The health and fitness market is brewing to a glorious success and thousands of people are benefitting from making a good choice about the products to match their expectations and requirements.

However, this in no way condones the presence of several online service providers who sell substandard products by offsetting the price to quality ratio. We would like to advise our readers to go for branded offerings from a reputable brand like MevoFit for the best value for money proposition and excellent after sales support.

MevoFit’s Eco-Friendly Anti-Slip, Anti-tear, and Anti-Skid Yoga Mats at affordable prices online

We are presenting a roundup of MevoFit’s highly anticipated and the latest collection of organic Yoga Mats in India. These anti-tear, anti-slip, anti-skid, and foldable mats are designed to match your requirements and budget requirements perfectly without compromising your style and fitness.

These bestselling yoga mats are available across the internet for online shopping and the first smart place to buy them all is MevoFit Online Store. You may choose from the following two variants of this product, as follows:

  • TPE Yoga Mats

  • Cork Yoga Mats

MevoFit’s Home Gym Mats are made of premium quality organic materials so they could offer you the maximum leverage with your workouts without costing the environment anything.

You may thus continue to work on your asanas and workouts (Pilates and Burpees etc.) for longer durations of time without the risk of any toxins seeping into your body through sweat or touch. These exercise mats are strong enough to withstand any wear and tear too.

1. TPE Yoga Mats (available in Blue, Pink and Green Colors)

Available as trendy colored TPE mats, MevoFit’s anti-tear and anti-slip exercise mats are best meant for doing Yoga and Zen meditation, Pilates, and all types of floor exercises.

These premium mats are made of double-layered, top-quality organic jute TPE material to offer significant padding and cushion support for your joints (elbows and knees) so you could work out or meditate for longer durations of time. MevoFit has produced these comfortable exercise mats without using any toxins and poisonous chemicals like PVCs, plastics, lead, and cadmium, etc.

Meant for men and women of all age groups, these big size TPE Yoga mats are lightweight, foldable, washable, and can be easily cleaned using tap water and mild detergents or vinegar only. All this comes at a competitive price so you do not have to rob a bank to buy it!

2. Cork Yoga Mats

It is important to reconsider the weight of all our activities with respect to the environmental price that is attached to them- and Yoga is no exception to this golden rule. While one could buy a mat of costly constituent materials but the question of its eco-friendliness would always remain to be answered.

There is also a risk of bacteria, germs, molds, and mildew and it can be best answered by choosing natural constituents for the mats. That’s why MevoFit has come up with its organic Cork and Natural Rubber Mats to answer the above-mentioned core issues first up.

These big size comfortable exercise mats are made of natural and recyclable constituent elements and are thus free of harmful PVCs and various forms of heavy metals or toxins. This exercise mat rather has a sticky and grippy base and a soft cork top so you could spread it out on the ground and keep working on your Yoga asanas or exercises without worrying about the mat sticking to your skin.

Feature Addition: A stylish Cover Bag and matching Straps

Both these mats come with mirrored alignments so fitness-minded men and women of all age groups could focus and work on their exercises for longer durations of time. Secondly, these big size mats come with stylish cover bags so you could pack and take these comfortable mats anywhere you go outdoors- be it your balcony, your mediation room, beach, gymnasium or rooftop, etc.

These bags also have a stylish cotton strap that can be attached to the bag for easy handling. We’re sure this would have got you hooked. We are thus discussing from where you may buy these top-class mats on sale or at low price in India or the US.

How to buy these outdoor yoga mats online in India and the US? Are they available On Sale too?

MevoFit’s big size mats can be best purchased from MevoFit Online Store. These mats are on sale at low prices and you may choose from four unique colors. This includes the brand’s top-ranked collection for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, and you know you may always spice up your online shopping experience with a truckload of exciting deals and discounts available there.

Paying up there through any of the several payment options is a breeze too and you may simply use a few swipes to get the job done. The online store is powered by a timely and free home delivery across most parts of the country.

Advantage YOU!

Yoga is an endeavor that helps us connect with our higher selves. It also helps us get to know ourselves better and make us aware of our true identity. The better we know ourselves, the better identity we may possess. A foldable Yoga Mat or a Home Gym Mat offers us the medium on which we may sit comfortably and focus on a grander part of ourselves.

MevoFit respects your desire to be self-reliant in a fast-paced world of uncertainty. That’s just why it has offered its top of the notch Active Gears at affordable prices without compromising on the quality or your style statement- and this may be one smart reason for you to hop on to one Yoga Mat today!