A premium fitness band, meant for the runner in you!

“Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow.”

Did you get this note plastered somewhere in your room, gymnasium, or maybe even your college classroom or at your office desk? Chances are you too are one of those passionate and hard-working health professionals who are busy exploring all the relevant avenues to push their limits of physical endurance to be a fitter and leaner version of yourself. We appreciate that too.

But here’s a question: how are you measuring your progress?

By running? Yes, that is a good one but running alone won’t just cut it. Running with intent and with properly measured progress would come to help you- and this is exactly where a fitness band comes into play.

What is a smart fitness band?

A smart fitness band, or an activity tracker, is a touchscreen-enabled wearable electronic device that’s used by health professionals to monitor and track their routine fitness-related metrics. The latter may primarily include steps and distance walked or run, calorie consumed, increased heart rate, and even changed blood pressure and blood oxygen levels.

Some professionals may even rely on a GPS-based navigation system and sleep patterns checker to see the complete picture. So a fitness tracker could be best likened to an advanced form of a wearable computer and a pedometer rolled into the form of a small smart fitness watch.

It could sync wirelessly to a computer or a smartphone via an app for tracking and storing the results of the training. If not for anything, such a smart fitness band makes up for a cool gadget to share your fitness journey on a daily and weekly basis.

What should you expect from a smart fitness watch or band?

Several psychiatrists believe that if a fitness professional continues to wear one such smart band over longer periods of time, he becomes conscious of all his moves. This props him up to subconsciously try and get better results with all his subsequent endeavors. This may lead to weight loss and a positive change in the desired health macros and other vitals.

We have seen several smart fitness watches or bands that can detect and measure wakefulness with a high degree of accuracy too, and maybe these psychological triggers are the reasons these gadgets are selling like hotcakes!

In a nutshell, here’s what you can expect from a premium quality fitness watch or activity band in 2020:

  • It should be a smartly upgraded version of pedometers

  • It should measure steps walked, distance walked or run, and calories burnt

  • It should measure cardiac vitals like heart rate

  • It should feature multi-sports tracking

  • It should detect wakefulness and sleep patterns

  • It should preferably have a GPS-based navigation

  • It should have IP 67 or IP 68 water-resistant screen

  • It should be meant for men and women of all age groups

  • Most importantly, it should offer a real-time assessment of the health vitals mentioned above

All this should come riding on the back of premium quality accelerometers and altimeters to derive the results of every health- or fitness-based activity. The more accurate the results are in a certain time frame, the more useful the device is. And we think we have just that kind of gadget with us today!

Choosing quality over quantity is important

Yes, you might have heard of this adage many times but it is nowhere truer than it is in the world of fitness. A cheaper and substandard fitness watch may cost you less, but it will most probably offer you dubious results and you would at best derive only inappropriate conclusions from them. It’s not worth it in the end.

A premium and top-quality fitness band would have a different story to tell. It would feature the best of gadgetry and circuits and would offer a specific measurement of all your health vitals, starting from the instant you even lift a finger. This is just the level of preciseness you should come to expect from a top-notch smart fitness watch or tracker in the first place.

This would empower you to take positive decisions with your fitness regime and to derive even better results from it every single day. Let’s take running for an example. If you are a fitness professional who prefers to jog and do laps of running around the park, you would always require a fitness band that could measure every single step of yours during the process and then uses it to calculate your health vitals in a precise manner.

Fitness-centric running is by no stretch of the imagination a mean feat. Taken over a daily basis, you would always derive immense satisfaction from checking your health vitals if your preparation is going in the right direction. The key lesson to remember here is that only a branded and good quality fitness gadget can get you there.

What is the best activity tracker in 2020?

Fitness is a rage nowadays and its market is swamped with all types of fitness gadgets. You would find a lot of options for every single fitness gadget that you could be looking for, and here’s why we are explaining just why you should go with a good quality activity tracker that goes best with your daily fitness regime, including running.

It is named MevoFit Run Activity Tracker Band for absolute Sports & Fitness, and is among the very best regarded by runners from all parts of the country. It is for reasons for more than one and we are enunciating them next:

  • A premium fitness tracker that’s meant for men and women, especially runners

  • Meant for all-day activity tracking

  • Sports-based Fitness Watch with inbuilt GPS tracker

  • Fitness watch with an embedded GPS monitor

  • Color Touchscreen with a bright monochromatic display

  • Measures Steps walked, Distance run and Calories burnt

  • Measures Heart Rate precisely

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Checks Sleep patterns by detecting wakefulness

  • Offers real-time Alerts and Notifications

  • Has Smart Tools

  • Multi-Sports Mode tracking functions for Walking, Running, Cycling, Skipping and playing Basketball, Badminton, or Football

  • Unbeatable value for money proposition

sizzling features that are propped up with a state of the art system of gesture control. Its ergonomic design, rugged body, sporty style, and fashionable looks make it a comprehensive offering in your price bracket. No wonders, it is such a hot cake among the fitness professionals and runners out there!

We have segregated its characteristics and features in groups below for a ready reference:

  • Activity measurement: Steps, Calories, Distance, Sedentary, Sleep

  • Health variables: Auto Sleep Monitoring, 24x7 Auto Heart Rate, Blood Pressure Tracking

  • Fitness: Multi Sports - Walk, Run, Cycling, Basketball, Skipping, Badminton, Football, Skipping

  • Miscellaneous features: Clock, Alarm, Vibration, Reminders

  • GPS-based navigation: Tracking of Walk/Run with Route on Map with embedded GPS

  • Advanced Controls: Camera, Music, Brightness, Find Phone, Turn Wrist On

  • Hardware: IP 67 rated: Waterproof, an inbuilt direct USB Port

  • Straps: Changeable smooth TPE based Straps with Metallic Hook

  • Trendy Colors: Multiple color options - Solid Black, Dark Blue, and Elegant Purple

  • Compatible Phones: Apple Phones and all Android Mobile Phones

  • Compatible Android phone makers: Samsung, Xiaomi, RealMe, One Plus, Vivo, Oppo, Honor, Motorola, Lenovo, and Huawei

The best health band you can buy for runners and fitness professionals today!

MevoFit Run Activity Tracker Band for absolute Sports & Fitness is a class-leading product that aside from being a top-notch fitness tracker also acts as a smart partner of your quest to be the best version of yourself. Here’s what makes it so different from the competition:

1. MevoFit has combined some of the most salient features of an advanced form of wearable technology to create this electronic smart band to help you enjoy a comprehensive view of your fitness regime at your fingertips.

2. As a miniature smartwatch, it would help you enjoy one-click access to all your fitness vitals and health variables in real-time, starting with the simpler ones like steps walked and calories burnt to the more advanced ones like GPS-based navigation on a map.

3. This sporty and rugged miniature smartwatch would suit your style perfectly. It comes as a perfect package for all your outdoor escapades, and its rugged and fashionable appearance goes equally well with casuals and formals alike.

4. Wearing it is easy because of its highly ergonomic fit and you can also top it all up with the colors of your choice. Talking of colors, you may choose from three trendy colors, viz., Solid Black, Dark Blue, and Elegant Purple.

5. And this smart band would stay with you for about five to seven days of workouts on a single charge. You can simply charge its 110 mAH battery only once during that period. Should you be using GPS, the battery life would still get you through two days without much fuss.

6. This smart fitness band comes with quick charging support too. It means that you could simply plug it in for just 15 to 30 minutes to avail of a day or two of standard usage. Isn’t that something you’d like to count on while running for your goals?

7. You can pair this miniature fitness smartwatch with your smartphone (Android or iPhone) via Bluetooth to keep it in sync with all alerts and notifications. It would thus alert you of all incoming calls, text messages, social media notifications, emails, and other alarms and reminders in real-time.

MevoFit Run Activity Tracker Band for absolute Sports & Fitness is thus an overgenerous package of a wearable gadget that you may use as your fitness companion to gauge your progress in real-time on a daily basis. We have made a dedicated page for it on MevoFit.com and we highly recommend you check it out today!