Presenting Some Top Fitness Trackers
for Marathons and Triathlons

Presenting Some Top Fitness Trackers for Marathons and Triathlons

“I dare you to train for a marathon, and not have it change your life.”

Thus answered the famous Pennsylvanian runner, Susan Sidoriak when she was asked why of all careers she chose to be a marathon runner. It was a tough question to be asked and she could have ducked it and rather sang about how she could have wanted to be a doctor or a pilot or something else but chose to say the truth. This is just what following your passion can do to you.

But following your passion and preparing for it are always two entirely different things.

If you’d like to be a marathon or triathlon runner or a sprinter or a jogger or 5k runner, you need to have sorted some simple things even before you start. One of them is committing yourself to a life-changing goal and the second is to back it up with rigorous practice. Next up is quantifying your progress at every stage of the game by measuring the change in your health vitals on a daily basis.

What are the best benefits of wearing a fitness tracker?

It is often said that you should run the first third of the race with your head, the second third with your legs, and the last third with your heart. This surely underscores the significance of willpower and methodical training an absolute must in your fitness plan. If you want to run your first sprint someday but haven’t yet decided on a fitness trainer, you can explore this link to get started right now.

Back to the fitness trackers. There are several fitness-centric using these wearable devices for marathons and other sprinting exercises. For one, they keep you motivated and regular with your workouts, sleeping schedules, and dietary practices. They also keep you focused on the journey that you have completed so far and how far you have to go- but these benefits are just at the periphery.

Here’s what else you stand to win by making a fitness tracker a part of your daily schedule:

1. You become accountable and start owning the responsibility of the results

2. You become more punctual and disciplined

3. You can use the activity band as a GPS device to track your run

4. It can help you set time-based goals

5. It can track your sleep and eating patterns (as discussed above)Also read: Running Everyday: Easiest of Workouts

6. It monitors your heart and pulse rate, the two most critical elements to run or jog

7. They can be worn by professionals of both genders and all age groups

8. They have a longer battery life as compared to smartwatches

9. You can pair it with your smartphone to know of incoming calls and messages

10. They are fashionable and trendy

Using a fitness or activity band can help you boost your productivity by quite a large margin. By keeping you aware of time-based completion of goals through a real-time assessment of your biometric signatures.

What is the best fitness tracker for running?

Some of the best fitness trackers come with a heart rate monitor and GPS facilities, and it is these types of activity bands that are considered the trendiest and most useful ones. Responsive heart rate monitoring is the key to successful jogging, running, or sprinting sessions.

The best thing is that some of the best wearable devices can even alert you if you have been pushing yourself way too hard than you actually should, and thus putting yourself at risk.

a). One of the best fitness trackers for runners in 2021 is MevoFit Run Activity Tracker Band. Powered by an inbuilt GPS tracker, it offers a signature style comprising bold looks and full sports tracking modes.

1. You can expect it to offer you the best bang for your buck with its color touchscreen and highly sensitive gesture control. With regards to its work-related features, it packs in a GPS monitor with counters for steps walked or run and the calories spent in the process.

2. It offers a precise and accurate measurement of heart rate, sedentary, multi-sports tracking, auto sleep monitoring, along with a paired smartphone’s call and messages as notifications. All these features come topped with a waterproof experience, thanks to its IP 67 rated touchscreen.

With its competitive pricing, it also doubles up as one of the best budget fitness trackers right now. You can get one for yourself at just INR 3790 today on MevoFit.

b). Next up on the list is MevoFit Care Activity Tracker Band. Powered by multi-sports tracking features, it is the one that you should aim to buy before your next marathon or triathlon race. This is an elegant device with sporty features like real-time ECG-PPG tracking and biometric analysis of heart rate and blood pressure.

1. This elegant activity band is designed for hardcore fitness professionals and runners because it offers a bright color touchscreen whose gesture controls swings into action with even a simple twist of your wrist.

2. Like the one above it, this tracker also offers a host of features. These include measurement of heart rate, sedentary, multi-sports tracking, and auto sleep monitoring.

3. This wearable smart device can be paired with your smartphone to offer you alerts for calls and messages in real-time. All these features come topped with a waterproof experience, thanks to its IP 67 rated touchscreen.

It’s time to run your first marathon this weekend!

Once you have prepared long and hard with your personal trainer and have put your smart devices on, it is time for you to get going with your first sprint this week. Do not forget to take some water, glucose, and a lot of positive thoughts with yourself as you start to run. Your fitness tracker will keep you informed of all the health vitals so you run your best that day!