Pros and Cons of Using
Wearable Technology

Pros and Cons of Using Wearable Technology

A few years back, Nike & Apple collaborated on their product Nike+ iPod sensor to track a runner’s speed and mileage. The first of its kind, it spurted the growth of several similar and more function-centric devices globally. The rapid advancements in this technology are attributed to a proportional increase in how electronics gadgets can decipher the efficiency of our body functions. Wearable Technology is here!

Some devices count our steps, tell us how far or fast we run, assess our sleep, and also measure heart rate. Now everyone can track not only how many calories we take in, but how many we burn each day as well, which was earlier accessible only to athletes through the assistance of coaches.

What is wearable technology?

Wearable technology refers to those smart electronic devices that are worn close to and/or on the skin to detect, analyze, and transmit information about one’s health vitals. These devices double up as wearables and fashion wear too.

These devices consist of micro-controllers that are mounted on an electronic circuit, and are powered by an internal battery. These devices are available as the Internet of Things because they allow the user to exchange data using the internet or Bluetooth connectivity without any human intervention.

Pros and Cons of Using Wearable Technology

Considering the increasing usage patterns & dependence, the question arises: Are fitness gadgets & devices any good for weight loss? We asked some of our technology and online fitness experts to know what they felt about the topics.

The answers varied on several factors, but there was one thing they fact they were unanimous on. It was weight management, the most dreaded word in the world of fitness and healthcare. Our experts believe that going for more technology- and software-based approach for fitness does have its benefits because the user and expert can gauge the progress on-demand.

Ditto for these activity trackers.

The rise of a pandemic has indeed necessitated the need for an online mode of offering appointment-based training and personalized classes by fitness and healthcare professionals. As they look to expand their footprints globally, MevoLife is here to provide them a strategic help for helping them take their services online.


1. The power of knowledge -

A strong plan is a must-have to win and achieve goals. To achieve goals, you must reduce the gap between where you are & where you want to be. Fitness tracking gadgets provide a ballpark range of daily activities and maintain their logs, two factors crucial for weight management.

2. Actual visible results -

Compiling data sheds light on the big picture. Sometimes we need a reminder of just how active we are or are not. This makes a major impact on the outcomes of efforts in terms of results. One can connect these devices with one’s smartphone or laptop, and send these files for further revision to an expert.

3. Accountability -

In the words of Mark Twain, there are 3 types of lies - lies, damned lies, and statistics. It's hard to argue with the numbers when you wear a gadget. The only way to hit your target numbers is to earn & work for it. If you need that extra little push in getting active, this is something you can look up to!


1. Accuracy

Most people point out the fallacies and inaccuracies of correct data measurement on these devices. It so seems that the accuracy in these devices is a direct function of the sensors installed on the chip. Better sensors would cost more money and the same is added to the price of the wearable device.

2. Not able to measure variations

Skating, skiing, and gliding are hard to measure on these devices, which reduces their usage scope. These fitness trackers and smartwatches are only good for measuring pulse rate, spo2 levels, oxygen content, blood oxygen, and sleep patterns of the user.

3. Science v/s humans

Too much dependence on analysis and numbers can distract the emotional construct of behavioral patterns. You should be careful with a fitness tracker or smartwatch that it doesn't become your focus. Most experts would also advise you to count the number of reps and sets instead of your health vitals.

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