So, what goes into the making of a premium health band?

What is a fitness tracker band?

A fitness tracker is an electronic device that monitors and tracks fitness-related metrics like distance traveled, steps taken, calories burnt, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and so on. It may seamlessly sync with smartphones via Bluetooth connectivity and can track various types of motions via sensors.

Several fitness trackers may also be paired via Bluetooth to a smartphone and a pre-installed app to properly sync the data on online servers in real-time. At best, a fitness tracker looks like a miniature rectangle-shaped smartwatch.

It keeps time and date and you can also set up alarms and reminders on it. However, that is only for the starters- there is a lot more that goes into the making of a fitness tracker. Several premium fitness trackers (or activity trackers) can detect wakefulness and can thus show relevant results about the quality and duration of someone’s sleep.

You would also find a good-quality health-tracker band showing relevant fitness vitals like body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and sedentary energy levels through a system of highly sensitive wearable sensors.

Why would you need it?

You would need such a health tracker band to track your progress to work better and faster. Research shows that gyms usually see far more dropouts than do colleges because people working out often fail to quantify their progress personally and they lose hope when they see that nothing has changed over a week or two of their joining the gym.

A health tracker lets you see the progress that you are making per unit time. You can track your fitness on a personal level and take appropriate steps to maximize your advantage. It can be likened to a ledger that keeps an account of your daily activities and the energy that you have spent to carry them out.

The more sophisticated ones offer a detailed view through features like ECG and PPG tracking, heart rate, and blood sugar tracking. They also feature some unique features to back it up like round-the-clock measurement of heart rate (24x7) and this expands to include all major activities, rest and sports activities that you could be doing.

(TL, DR) How it works: Should you be a techno-geek, you would be thrilled to know that a health tracker uses a triple-axis accelerometer to measure your progress. This device works on the principle of gravity and its accelerometer can calculate the precise angle at which the device is tilted from the vertical with every motion that you make.

It may thus calculate the velocity by calculating the difference in angles and the time it took for the device to move thus far.

Why should I go with a premium health tracker band?

A health tracker band is much like a smaller and stripped-down version of a health smartwatch. It offers a bright-colored rectangular display mounted on a multi-touch-enabled screen (also called touchscreen) that delivers all health-based notifications in real-time.

It may thus offer your health variables like heart rate, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels, calories spent while doing a certain activity like sleeping, running, hiking, working out, or even while sleeping. Here are some psychological and fitness-centric benefits that one may avail from this miniature fitness smartwatch every day:

  • It helps you set time-based fitness goals on a daily basis

  • It helps you create a plan and stick to a routine

  • It helps you be accountable and responsible for your fitness goals

  • It keeps a track of your progress so that you don’t have to

  • It keeps you connected with the outside world even when you are busy working out

  • They provide you enough baseline data that you can discuss with your trainer or coach to build your endurance and fitness upwards

  • They are trendy and can go with all attire

  • They are useful across a wide range of activities

  • Can be linked to a smartphone to deliver real-time notifications

Now here’s a disclaimer: The readings shown on a fitness tracker band may not always be accurate or precise. This is because the sensors may not calculate the entire scope of movement during an activity and thus may lead to less desirable results. This effect may be reduced by using premium and branded fitness bands.

One such top-notch brand is MevoFit and it is known for its premium offering called MevoFit Care Activity Tracker Band in the segment. The following discussion lists what makes the duo such a hot cake among fitness enthusiasts in India and the US.

MevoFit Care Activity Tracker Band

Available as a premium health band for fitness-minded men and women, the MevoFit Care Activity Tracker Band offers you a smart way to quantify your progress in real-time on a daily basis. As a first-rate specimen of electronic gadgetry, it presents itself as a rectangular-shaped wristband that houses circuitry and sensors underneath and covered with a highly sensitive touchscreen on top.

It comes riding on the top of an IP67-rated water-resistant screen that lets you keep it on even while washing hands or taking a shower after a good day’s workout. The band would still hold its ground if you get caught in a shower while running back home from the office or gym.

‘Adorable’ could be a buzzword with it and a part of the reputation could be due to its unique mix of attractive color schemes and a pronounced degree of gesture control. It is powered by a smart assortment of bright colors that are easily ridable even under broad daylight!

Here are some of the most important features of MevoFit Care Activity Tracker Band:

1. Clock, Alarm, Reminders, and Weather notifications

2. Advanced daily tracking of sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels

3.Measures steps walked, distance traveled, calories burned

4. IP67 rated (water-resistant)

5. Real-time notifications of ECG and PPG for all macro-health components

6. Comes with an OLED screen and features multiple colored faces

7. Four Sports Modes (walking, cycling, running and hiking)

8. Offers a dedicated tracking and saving of sports data

9. Bright display for easy readability under sunlight

10. Can be paired up with any Android- or iOS-powered smartphone and MevoFit Fitness app to sync profile-based fitness data

11. Offers push notifications from the paired smartphone (call, SMS, and social media notifications) and installed apps

12. Comes enabled with ‘Find my Phone’ and ‘Turn Wrist On’ features

13. Available in Rich Black, Royal Blue, and Subtle Red colors

14. Features changeable TPE-based straps with metallic hooks

15. A 50-minute charging can give up to eight days of battery life

16. 1-year warranty

Furthermore, all the above qualifications come as a standard so you could always have the most premium experience of working out and tracking your fitness macros in real-time.

It must be noted that MevoFit has diligently one-upped each of the following list of features with premium craftsmanship and precise mechanics. You shall notice the difference of owning a Mevo device the moment you put it on and start performing towards your goals.

It's time to track your fitness, the smart way!

There is a difference between working for fitness and working for fitness in a smart (and calculated) way. The latter offers a more refined and granular view of the progress that you’d be making and this stretches to include all relevant health-based vitals and macros.

Most fitness professionals around the world prefer going in with precise measurements of their fitness journey to derive maximum advantage for their hard work- and it’s time you too get in the swim of things!