Get MevoFit Audio Series for the Best
Musical Experience in the Gym!

Get MevoFit Audio Series for the Best Musical Experience in the Gym!

“Music can transport you”, this is how a lot of people feel about music. Besides, a large number of people spend hours buying headphones, and other audio devices. Mostly because music has an impact on the perception, emotions, and behavior of the listener. So, they are not wrong to do thorough research to enjoy music to the fullest. Since you are here, we will do that for you.

If you are looking for perfectly designed products with the latest configurations to listen to your favorite tracks, let us share all the technical details you need to know before you buy headphones or earbuds online. Now, listening to music while commuting or resting is one thing, but during a workout, music can do wonders. Here’s a quick look at why?

Why is listening to music so popular among gym lovers?

It is known that listening to music in the gym improves your enthusiasm. The more interesting part is how your favorite songs and soundtracks can enhance your exercise. It distracts athletes from their bodily awareness and has an even more profound effect on perceived effort during a workout.

1. Music is a good kind of distraction: But there's more to it than a distraction. Music makes the participants less aware of their exertion.

2. It ups your effort: It has been seen that people apply force in relation to the tempo of the song.

3. Music puts you in the zone: Everyone has that go-to song to enter in the "in the zone”. We connect songs with memories, often to the context in which we originally heard them.

4. A good beat can up your pace: The workout music stimulates the motor area of the brain as to when to move. It assists in self-paced exercises such as running or weight-lifting.

5. It makes you want to move: You don’t want to stop the beat! Studies found that music excites the brain and induces movement in the listener.

The relationship between music and physical exertion might just be more complicated, it significantly improves the experience. People exercise on machines and listen to music, essentially allowing them to create their soundtrack of the body. We know its not easy working out on equipment that coordinates our movements but music can harness the power and drive force of physical activities and making it less exhausting.

What does MevoFit offer in it’s best music listing devices

MevoFit has a line of audio series that leaves you dazzled. The company is using the best and latest technology to make music listening experience better for everyone. Interestingly enough, they have thought about style, quality, and durability while developing the products. They have launched MevoFit Atom Play X100, the superior quality bluetooth earbuds, or earplugs.

They are ergonomically designed, easy to carry, lightweight, splash-proof, and offer a decent battery back-up of up to 4 hours. Another remarkable foot of engineering in music space is MevoFit Dark Beat Z100. It’s On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphone which offers an incredible experience whether you are in the gym or on the run, they will fill you with the high-quality sound of your favorite songs.

They have up to 8 hours of playtime, 100 hours of standby time that allows you to bring your A-game. The wireless headphones are supported by iOS and Android both. That’s not all. There are other products in MevoFit Audio Series. But, what is truly fascinating is the what makes the MevoFit headphones or MevoFit bluetooth earbuds better than others.

Wireless Technology

The most commonly used wireless technology in headphones, earbuds, and other music devices is Bluetooth. It provides a stable channel for signal transmission up to 10 meters. Bluetooth headphones have gained a lot of popularity as keep away the hassle of cables.

Another modern age wireless headphone technology is NFC. All you need to do is, tap to an NFC enabled device to connect the wireless headphones. Currently, MevoFit is using the latest version of Bluetooth in the audio series but the day of NFC enables devices at MevoShop is not far.

Noise Cancellation

As we implied earlier, the company plans to set foot in the future. Giving a noise cancellation feature to users brings out the best of music. Even when you are attending a call, the clarity of their voice can make you feel a bit closer to the person you are talking to.

MevoFit believes in more enhanced experience and you can go for wireless headphones from MevoFit. Whether you are looking to buy headphones online for the gym, or just add to your studio collection, you need to check MevoFit wireless bluetooth headphones.


See, sensitivity is the ability of a speaker to convert electrical power applied into an acoustical signal. That developers sound without any distortion. The higher the sensitivity, the greater the efficiency of headphones. It also brings out the louder sound. The MevoFit audio series devices are highly sensitive and give a user an all-round music experience.

Before Goodbye

We hope now you have the idea of technical specifications to look at when buying wireless Bluetooth headphones. If you are looking to buy premium headphones, look no further than MevoFit. They offer a range of portable audio products, including wireless Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth earbuds, and Bluetooth neckbands. Live the MevoLife now!