MevoFit’s Bluetooth Headphones: First
Impressions After A Week of Use

MevoFit's Bluetooth Earbuds: Premium, Trendy, With an Extra Punchy Bass

When was the last time you thought you had plugged yourself into an immersive muscle experience?

There are always two types of fitness-minded professionals, one who plug in just about any earphones and get to work out. The other type is that of the more style-conscious and quality-centric audiophiles who take their music as seriously as they take their exercise routine. They take their preferred pair of premium and trendy Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to the gym and plug them in to tune out everything else out.

These are exactly the two ends of the spectrum that one can see in fitness studious and gyms- and chances are you too would be in one of the two extremes.

Research has proved that listening to your favorite music directly affects your performance by pumping up your adrenaline in real-time. As one chooses to use a more premium and fashionable music accessory to get through the show, the listening experience too is magnified by a factor of more than one. Here’s how you can maximize that lead.

Benefits of Bluetooth Earbuds

Why you should go with them?

Meant for your Android smartphones and iPhones, premium Bluetooth earbuds pack a complete punch with their small size and unique form factor. They are easy to use, keep, charge, and maintain- four essential factors that go with any electronic device.

Secondly, they can be set to work for extended hours of usage with proper upkeep. But this prospect opens itself up only after when you have bought your favorite set of earbuds as per convenience, requirements, and musical preferences.

Another positive to count in this scenario is that you can keep on working out while listening to music when you use these musical accessories without worrying about them falling off.

Earbuds check a lot of boxes with their ubiquitous presence and usability, and here’s why you should go with them:

1. Being wireless, they do not tangle you into wires

2. Latest Bluetooth versions ensure static-free and uninterrupted music

3. Longer battery life

4. They reflect your fashion sense

5. They can be used to lock and unlock your smartphone

6. They do perfectly resonate with fitness- and sports-centric lifestyle

7. They’re comfortable and secure

8. They have a better range of motion

9. They are available with high bass and punch, and noise cancellation features

10. They may avoid interference and crosstalk with advanced frequency hopping techniques

11. They are cost-effective

A special benefit of such earbuds is that they usually come with an inbuilt microphone (or mic) too. This can help you make and take calls seamlessly, even when you are on the move. This is also of special help when you are consulting a virtual fitness trainer while working out in the gym. You may note that using a set of wired earphones could only limit your range of motion.

What are the best Bluetooth earbuds with a mic?

Technically, it all boils down to the grade of pristine muscle quality that you’d like.

We would recommend going with something that offers a True Wireless Stereo experience on Bluetooth. It is characterized by a unique piston-like form factor and offers an immersive experience of listening to your favorite music, never mind if you are on the go.

MevoFit’s Atom Play X100 checks the boxes above and also offers the following features for a better listening experience:

1. HD drivers

2. Microphone support

3. Long battery life

4. Sporty design

5. Stylish auto-charging case

6. Noise cancellation feature

7. Low weight

8. Good battery backup and lesser time for charging

9. Compatibility with a wide range of smartphones

10. Bluetooth v5

11. Clear acoustics with punchy bass and sharp treble

12. Enabled physical controls for making and taking calls, controlling volume, and changing tracks

13. Mic with hands-free calling support


They are powered by Water-Safe Nano Coating technology and IPX4 certification that makes them sweat- and water-proof and resistant to dust. The cumulative effect of these advantages springs back to offer you a more immersive and profound experience of listening to your favorite music.

It’s time to make a smarter choice!

MevoFit’s range of musical accessories centrally includes Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones and earbuds, and they all punch well above their weight with their top-notch mix of features. We welcome you to explore their features here to know which one suits you the best.

They all cost way under Rs. 3000 and are termed the best in their respective categories. Remember, the feature of TWS and an effortless experience of listening to your favorite music is a constant in all of them!