Why Sports Headphones with Wireless Bluetooth
Technology are better suited to your daily lifestyle?

Why Sports Headphones with Wireless Bluetooth Technology are better suited to your daily lifestyle?

We believe there is something crucial that’s common to a workout regime and music- and it is rhythm. It helps us tune into our higher selves in both the endeavors to bring out the best in us.

This blog explains how you may elevate your plane of fitness by increasing your consistency and helping your body churn out better results in real-time as you press harder, all along a rhythmic response to your favorite music through wireless headphones. One of the basic instincts of the human body is to stay fit and exercising is usually the way to go about it.

This physical endeavor helps us be in shape, reduce respiratory and cardiac ailments, maintain blood sugar levels, and remain positive. Research shows that doing aerobic or anaerobic exercises for six days every week can help you achieve better physical and mental health in as little as two months. But there is something called consistency.

It all starts with a burning desire to get up every morning and start stretching. Consistency thus often plays a faithful sequel to the discipline required for the arduous task and the duo culminates to a signature rhythmic response. It is this very rhythm that most fitness professionals look for in their regime but only seldom find.

But if you do discover your spark?

Technically, there’s nothing like it!

It is this very rhythm that one-ups your passion to work your way up and music can prove to be a wonder drug that can keep it aflame. This is one significant reason that most of the experienced fitness professionals now prefer to wear sporty wireless headphones that come enabled with Bluetooth connectivity.

Listening to your favorite music keeps you on your toes, relieves you of boredom, increases your stamina, and makes you feel better as you go bettering the scores with every rep. Music is deeply linked to your mood and you may synchronize your performance with the rising and falling musical beats in real-time.

This is one prime reason why fitness professionals prefer cordless and sporty headphones that come with Bluetooth connectivity and offer an immersive music quality. At a granular level, this boils down to rich and punchy bass, pronounced mids and highs, and active noise cancellation support. It should be a child’s play to verify the physical and psychological effects from thereon.

Why is listening to music on Bluetooth-enabled sport headphones better?

While listening to fast and disco songs is linked to a better workout experience, it should not be limited to the gym or on yoga mat alone. Music is an all-pervasive entity that encompasses all living souls and thus it makes perfect sense to understand that listening to something foot-tapping on your sports headphone can have tremendous benefits.

If you haven’t tried the happy trend so far, it’s time you consider the advantages mentioned below:

  • Listening to music on a sport headphone is a GOOD distraction

Listening to your favorite music on your sporty headphone is a good idea when you are driving your car, making official presentations and reports, spending some quality time alone, and especially when working out. Such premium quality headphones are powered by an advanced grade of sound quality and noise cancellation features that help you get an immersive experience sans the noise.

  • Music pumps up your happy hormones (Dopamine, Oxytocin, and Endorphins)

Your Bluetooth-enabled headphone can be your gateway to a lot of heavenly bliss as it can instantly get your happy hormones kicking. This can help you up your physical and mental outlook in next to no time and translate the same into a significantly enhanced working experience. In other words, this can help you put more effort into your workouts.

  • A headphone can simply tune you in and tune all else out!

This argument should have been at the top. All good-quality, premium sporty Bluetooth-enabled headphones offer enhanced noise cancellation features to tune you out of outside noise the moment you hit the ‘Play’ button on your music device. This helps you focus on the task like driving the car, working out, coding, or just about doing anything. The surreal effect comes all topped with listening to your favorite music, of course!

  • Rhythmic beats can help you sync your workout pattern

In line with point #1 above, rhythmic rise and fall of musical beats can especially stimulate the motor section of the brain to rapidly increase the movement of your hands, arms, or legs while running, working out, or doing any other task. These simulations are time-based and may fluctuate at irregular intervals, thus leading to a “harder” session and weight loss.

  • Music may help you release adrenaline to push harder

Listening to music on a wireless and sports-centric Bluetooth-enabled headphone can send you on overdrive by releasing adrenaline, the thrill-inducing hormone. This can help you get more done in less time, no matter what activity or task you are pursuing.

Please note that using a cordless form of headphone or earphone is better in this case because entangled wires often cause distraction and may lead you to fizzle out a few seconds earlier. These are just some of the elementary advantages that you may derive from listening to your favorite music while pursuing even your daily activities.

You may get an amplified result with consistent practice and discipline, and the same would extend to cover all sections of your life. You may thus count on an emboldening experience while being at home, office, music, and leisure, including running outside and doing home workout and yoga.

However, here’s a catch!

A good musical experience is directly proportional to the quality of acoustic and electronic circuitry involved with the musical device. This fact both manifests and extrapolates itself on the cost-to-quality ratio and an overall value proposition of the wireless Bluetooth headphones concerned.

Several aspects go into the making of a top-notch sports headphone, such as:

  • Top-notch acoustics (through High-Definition 40mm Audio Drivers),

  • Frequency selection,

  • Sensitivity and resistance

  • Premium build quality

  • Punchy bass

  • Pronounced mids and highs

  • Premium electronic circuitry,

  • Seamless connectivity (easy pairing)

  • Microphone (or handsfree) support

  • One-click volume and music control

  • Lightweight

  • Comfortable earbuds or headbands

  • Sweat-resistant and skin-friendly

  • Longer battery life

  • and Price.

It would thus always pay you better to stick with branded wireless Bluetooth headphones. While they may seem pricey at first, they do offer a much better value-for-money proposition than the substandard ones. You would be courted to a zone of silence to help you get the most of its immersive musical experience and to focus on your current task or activity. If it is about fitness, it would be all the better!

Editor’s choice: Dark Beat Z100 and Atom Play X100

Over the past week, we were immersed in a lot of careful research about what headphones we can recommend to fitness professionals like you. We based our study on the 15 points that we have mentioned above, and here are two headphones that came out trumps.

These are Dark Beat Z100 and Atom Play X100, and they are manufactured by India’s prominent health and lifestyle brand, MevoFit.

The duo packs in a stellar range of features that are geared towards sports and fitness professionals, men and women alike. These headphones don a sporty look and are topped with high-definition 40mm audio drivers to provide a seamless and immersive musical experience at all times.

They are powered by Bluetooth v5 connectivity and offer unbeatable battery life for long hours of music, and thus fit the bill of being an automatic option for an amazing listening experience at home, office, and during leisure. You may pair them with your smartphone to wear them while hiking, jogging, camping, doing home- or gym-based workouts, or even yoga.

  • Dark Beat Z100:

These trendy wireless headphones come with premium color schemes for a bold and sporty style statement. Bounded by a sturdy metal frame and adjustable headbands, these ergonomic acoustic devices weigh less than half a pound and feature enhanced noise cancellation features. They may be used in wired or wireless form by engaging or disengaging the standard 3.5mm jack respectively.

  • Atom Play X100:

These sporty headsets come powered by IP-X5 certification to ensure that they remain skin-friendly and sweat-resistant even after longer durations of consistent use. If not for anything else, MevoFit’s Dark Beat Z100 justifies its price tag by offering a class-leading immersive experience comprising 40mm High-Definition drivers, microphone and SD card support.

MevoFit’s Atom Play X100 come enabled with True Wireless Stereo support and HD Drivers to offer a mobility-based experience comprising music and calls. They run on Bluetooth v5 connectivity and offer up to two hours of continuous music and three hours of talk time, besides 180 hours of standby time.

These genuine TWS devices come certified with Water-Safe Nano Coating technology and IP-X4 ratings to make them sweat-proof and waterproof. You may best use them to make or take calls on the go with their microphone support and active noise cancellation feature while being connected to your favorite music at all times. Once done, you may keep them in their auto-charging case that offers up three times faster charging.

It’s time to get going in style!

Cecily Morgan, the eminent Afro-American musician, once remarked, “life is music, that’s why our hearts have beats.” Going by this adage, it only seems natural that our lives stand in direct proportion to the quality of music we listen to.

Its rising and falling beats form a rhythm that perfectly syncs with our daily activities, and it may create resonance if we could accentuate it with consistency and discipline. The consequences would be just as beautiful!