A fitness watch that tracks your moves, even underwater!

Fitness pros prefer to go with an airtight plan that may comprise running, jogging, skipping and even hiking along with other standard workout regimes. They prefer to stick to them and usually have a fitness band or watch that helps them keep track of their status and progress in real-time.

That’s all good, but what happens when someone wishes to go the extra mile to test one’s extreme limits? Swimming is one good exercise and it often forms the core of several top-end plans of fitness gurus. Some people just love playing the fish in water and for them, and working out through swimming is just one of the very obvious options to take.

The issue arises with proper measurement and tracking of your fitness variables like all-day activity tracker, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen content, etc. underwater in real-time.

Remember, the values for each of the abovementioned fitness variables may vary greatly under the surface of the water and it is thus important to track them in real time so you could have a fair idea about how the things are rolling up at your end. A waterproof fitness watch or band could be the best bet then.

Choosing the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

It is vitally important to go with a fitness tracker that offers allied services like heart rate monitor, blood oxygen content and blood pressure in real-time. These values should be accurate and consistent over a period of time, especially when you are swimming. Obviously, such a fitness band should be waterproof and must have sensors that work equally well in water too.

At MevoFit, we have listened to all these customer feedbacks and have thus come up with a waterproof fitness watch that offers a wide range of fitness trackers. We have been driven by a deep desire to help you get the most of your workouts and here’s something we have come across!

MevoFit Race- S500 Dive Sports Smart-Watch for Fitness & Sports PRO

Yes, it is called MevoFit Race- S500 Dive Sports Smartwatch for Fitness & Sports PRO and it ranks among some of the best waterproof fitness trackers with heart rate monitors in India. We have made it with a view to provide you with one-click access to all your fitness variables in a few taps at the most.

Here’s how this trendy and waterproof fitness band makes a difference:

The MevoFit Race- S500 Dive Sports-Smart-Watch for Fitness & Sports PRO comes with a dedicated Swim Mode to help you track your progress when you are swimming and to thus help you get a step closer to your ideal body shape. This fitness band has a daily activity tracker, sleep patterns checker, and heart rate and blood pressure monitors.

This new mode comes powered with four other standard Sports Modes (Walking, Running, Hiking, and Cycling) to help you just as much when you are not exactly swimming. It also comes with a timer and a notification launcher to help you with incoming calls, SMS and Social Media notifications in real-time.

The MevoFit Race- S500 Dive Sports-Smart-Watch for Fitness & Sports PRO also comes equipped with weather forecast and a smart notification alert system to let you know and plan your day well ahead. Its advanced Gesture Control is highly intuitive and learns your way of working very quickly, and kicks in to offer better insights soon enough.

The smartwatch that pairs perfectly with your iPhones and Android smartphones!

The MevoFit Race- S500 Dive Sports-Smart-Watch for Fitness & Sports PRO connects seamlessly with all iPhones and Android phones, the latter includes top manufacturers like Samsung, Mi and OnePlus too. This smartwatch has a 1.3” colour display on a contrasting black background to help in reading the values easily, even in bright sunlight.

The smartwatch comes in three colours (green, black and red) with three personalized themes in each to suit your taste better. This fitness band’s screen deserves a special mention. It comes powered with an IP68 rating for a stronger composition and a longer life. This rating also makes the screen of this band resistant to rough use and even to a few unintentional falls. Its top attribute of being waterproof completely aces the deal.

Besides, you can always count on its standard One Year warranty and our dedicated Customer Care. The latter is available round-the-clock through email merchsupport@mevofit.com and phone numbers +91 88266 92984/64.

Here’s another bag of goodies!

If you thought that was the end of the show, you are grossly mistaken. Here’s our bag of goodies that we have designed especially for you to get a value-based experience with our MevoFit Race- S500 Dive Sports-Smart-Watch for Fitness & Sports PRO smartwatch

1. MevoFit Fitness Tracker App:

There’s the MevoFit Fitness Tracker App that automatically connects, syncs and displays all your band data through Bluetooth connectivity. You may also change any of the tracker settings from the app too. Please note that it is available for free download and installation on iPhones and Android-powered smartphones.

2. Community and MevoFit Shop:

MevoFit is home to a growing online social community of like-minded health professionals. We invite you to post your queries, health tips and other help-based information that you think could be of value to others. The MevoFit Fitness Tracker Apppromotes an initiative called ‘Fitness with Benefits’ that lets you earn credits for daily health activities, and you may use these credits to buy exciting merchandise from the MevoFit store.

3. Food and Workout Plans:

With us, you would get access to more than 5,00,000 food items that you could eat for better results. You would also get access to 1,000 healthy recipes for keto, low carb, paleo, and high protein variants. Then there are dedicated Healthy Diet Plans for low carb, keto, and other dietary types too.

Those looking for workout plans would find more than 50 proven workout plans with advanced running trackers in the app too.

Technical Specifications at a glance

Here is a tabular representation of technical specifications of the MevoFit Race- S500 Dive Sports-Smart-Watch for Fitness & Sports PRO smartwatch:

  • Chip - Nordic NRF 51822

  • RAM - 16k

  • ROM - 256k

  • Screen Size - 0.96

  • Display resolution - 160x80 pixels

  • Bluetooth - BT4.0 BLE

  • Battery size - 100 mAh

  • Charging Pogo - Pin Charger

  • Battery Use Time - Up to 4 days

  • Battery Standby Time - Up to 15 days

  • Waterproof - IP68

  • Host - Metal and Silicon

  • Strap - Silicon

  • Material Size - L41XW41XT11MM

  • Band - 20 wide

  • Weight - 40 g

Isn’t that something to make you go WOW?

We have gone a great distance to understand the requirements of fitness professionals and the expectations that they come to have of their next fitness band or watch.

Our MevoFit Race- S500 Dive Sports-Smart-Watch for Fitness & Sports PRO smartwatch fits the bill very nicely and we believe you should give it the privilege of being your fitness partner this week onwards. It has a truckload of exciting features, as mentioned above, and it shouldn’t take you too long to fall in love with it!