MevoFit Race-Space Smart Watch for Fitness and Sports PRO

“The pain you feel today will be the strength you will feel tomorrow.”

We respect your love for fitness and share your passion for being the best version of yourself. As a market leader in producing class-leading fitness products in India, we are glad to offer the ‘MevoFit Race-Space Smart Watch for Fitness and Sports PRO’ as your very own health companion.

Technology that works for you!

Powered by a capacitive OLED Touch Screen display and all-day-long activities tracking, it is the best fitness watch that offers you a full view of your current fitness status on a daily basis. You may check for your Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, All-Day Activities (steps, calories, etc.), Distance traveled and Sleep taken in a day through its highly intuitive OLED Touch Screen Display.

The same comes powered with a large Wireless Waterproof Fitness Tracker Monitor and a seamless Gesture Control for best results. You may choose from Grey and Green colour variants, or even a combination of these two colours to suit your style better. You can then bring this all to the party with its 7 Sports Modes that can decide your current status of workout.

These modes include Walking, Running, Cycling, Badminton, Skipping, Football, and Basketball. This fitness watch comes with an IP67 water-resistant rating so you could simply focus on your workout and tune other distractions out.

You may also pair MevoFit Race-Space Smart Watch for Fitness and Sports PRO smartwatch with your music player or smartphone, thanks to its advanced remote-control capabilities. This amazing fitness watch also comes with some advanced features like the weather forecast, start-stop timer, 3 personalized themes, and much more to make your workouts more fun than ever!

Be in perfect sync with your social life too

We all love to know what our friends and family members are up to. Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp are just the three apps we can’t live without, even when we are working out.

With the MevoFit Race-Space Smart Watch for Fitness and Sports PRO byyour side, you won’t need to worry about skipping any update or any check-in or any message or any mention because these trendy fitness bands and watches also come enabled with real-time notifications for all your social accounts.

You may also finetune the camera, music player and brightness controls for the best experience.

Complete peace of mind

The MevoFit Race-Space Smart Watch for Fitness and Sports PROis the best fitness watch for reasons mentioned above, but there’s a lot more to it. It can be paired with all major smartphone brands so you don’t have to worry about any connectivity issues, even when you are on the go. This capability includes both iOS and Android smartphones, and all major smartphone manufacturers including Apple and Samsung.

Besides, MevoFit’s fitness band comes with dedicated Customer Care and One Year Warranty for complete peace of mind. Should you experience any issues, you may get in touch with the 24x7 helpdesk through merchsupport@MevoFit.comor through the phone numbers +91 88 2669 2984/64.

Recommendations for best results

1. MevoFit Fitness Tracker App:

To get a seamless experience, we recommend you install the MevoFit Fitness Tracker App on your smartphone. This smartphone app perfectly complements your MevoFit Race-Space Smart Watch for Fitness and Sports PRO. It is available for both iOS- and Android-powered smartphones, and it easily connects, syncs and displays all your fitness band data in real-time. You may also change or finetune any settings of your band from the app at any time.

2. MevoFit Shop and Community Centre

MevoFit is powered by a healthy community of like-minded individuals who prefer to keep themselves fit every day. This advanced social community is your place to get answers related to all your queries, and to post health tips and to get other related info that may benefit others to live a healthier lifestyle.

This app is also powered by a unique credit system called ‘FITNESS WITH BENEFITS’ that lets you earn credits for healthy activities. These credits can be used to buy exciting merchandize from the MevoFit Store online.

3. Diet and Workout Plans

The MevoFit app is powered by a privileged database of more than 5,00,000 food items and over 1000 healthy recipes related to keto, low carb, and high protein segments. The same is supplemented by numerous Healthy Diet Plans and more than 50 Workout Routine Plans too.

4. Social presence

As one of the best fitness bands in India, MevoFit is aptly powered by a growing and passionate social community of like-minded millennials. You may catch all the action on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to know what your fitness idols are doing today!

Product Specification

  • Material : Zinc Alloy and Plastic

  • Watch Mirror : TFT Colour Screen

  • Screen Size : 1.3 inch

  • Resolution : 240x240 pixels

  • Battery Capacity : 170mAh Polymer battery

  • Waterproof : IP67

  • Chip : NRF52832 QFAA

  • Charging Time : 1.5 hrs.

  • Standby Time : 30 days

  • Working Time : 7-10 days