Smartwatches with Body Temperature Sensors
Can Help You Workout Better

Smartwatches with Body Temperature Sensors Can Help You Workout Better

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Thus goes the famous maxim by eminent management theorist, Peter Ferdinand Drucker. Simple and apt as it may sound, it doesn’t just rule management theories or cold sales. The adage is just as apt a rule for those eagle-eyed fitness professionals and experts who treat their early morning or late evening schedules as an irrevocable rule.

Measuring one’s progress requires calibration of goals in time-limited units and works best through real-time management. As any expert would tell you that he or she prefers to go about that route every day or every week, you can be sure of the fact that they are monitoring their fitness levels on a per workout or regime basis for a more granular assessment of their way forward.

Wearing smartwatches for fitness sessions

Wearing a smartwatch provides you the shortest mean free path to gauge these health vitals in real-time with high precision. You are always one swipe or a twist away from checking your health vitals like Heart Rate, Pulse Rate, Blood Pressure, ECG, PGG, and such-like factors that can single-handedly make or break an otherwise fabulous workout experience.

The quality of a smartwatch or any other fitness-tracking device crucially depends on the sensitivity of the triple-axis accelerometer in it. This electronic component records all the user data and computes it in real-time for the duration of time the device is being worn properly.

The same information is graded against an algorithm based on preset Body Mass Index profiles to offer a balanced assessment as per several prevailing factors. It is thus that a smart fitness watch or a fitness tracker can help you get closer to your goals in a faster and more controlled way by measuring your activity levels as per your nutrition taken and calories burned.

Benefits of wearing smartwatches:

Here are some benefits of wearing benefits:

1. They are an excellent time-keeping device

2. They may offer navigation and position services (also called GPS)

3. They may be paired with your phone, car keys, or any other compatible electronic device for faster detection (through the ‘Find My Phone’ feature)

4. They can monitor your workout and activity levels per unit time

5. They may work as a natural extension of your smartphone through Bluetooth (This can keep you connected with your calls, messages, and social media notifications)

6. By removing your distractions, they can help you stay focused and motivated

7. They may help you achieve better physical and mental reflexes

8. They come with a battery life that can last you days without charge

9. These devices can be worn by men and women of all age-groups

10. They are fashionable and meant for men and women of all age groups

Measuring body temperature is the key to all these factors

The world is not yet entirely attuned to the frequency of measuring all the aforementioned health vitals with respect to body temperature. This is crucial to know that even though all your vitals may be running in the right direction, you may not work for too long if your body temperature is going in the opposite direction.

If your body temperature is higher than usual, you may be eating less and sleeping more than usual- and you do not always have to be down with fever to note that. (That’s plain common sense). Doctors prefer to call it the maintenance of homeostasis, a naturally-found equilibrium state of a human body.

We have a naturally inbuilt thermostat in our brains called the hypothalamus that starts the defense or coping mechanisms as soon as it detects something detrimental to our well being. It starts producing sweat to reduce our body temperature or sending pulses to make us shiver respectively, depending on how hot or cold we are feeling- and they are just two methods we know of.

What if you disregard an abnormally high or low body temperature and pulse rate?

You may well estimate the consequences of working out in situations when your body’s natural defense system is pressed against the wall to keep your body vitals functioning properly. You can do your part by cooperating with better medicinal intervention or other safety procedures as you deem fit. The goldstone of a successful endeavor is the restoration of pulse rate first followed by body heat.

You could be courting an insanely high risk of substantial damage to your body and mind, and thus your motor control if you keep working detrimentally.

Both temperature and pulse rates present themselves as an early warning detection system. As your immune system detects an anomaly in the form of a virus-led infection, it springs up its defense to keep you safe. Obviously, the more you work out in this condition, the more risk you might put yourself at.

PS: It is still okay to work with a little bit of cough and cold or just about any seasonal illness, as long as you are not feeling groggy.

Technology to the rescue: Wearing a smartwatch

A smartwatch is a fitness device that tracks body vitals in real-time. It can be worn by anyone, and its value is only magnified by several orders of magnitude with its usefulness. The competitive space is dotted with several wearable devices that offer several features considered of strategic value to all the aerobics, Yoga, and Zumba experts around the world.

A more intuitive way to filter out the selection noise is to consider if the device offers granular access to all health vitals vis-à-vis body temperature and pulse rate. If you haven’t found one yet, you might want to keep looking.

Or else you may go with MevoFit’s AIR X1.

Released in the Indian consumer electronic markets recently, this premium smartwatch is sure to create enough shock waves in the way you have been monitoring your workouts and their results so far. MevoFit shall launch it at a welcome price of INR 1990 against the usual price of INR 3999. It is available in three colors: Space Black, Smoke Grey, and Sand Pink.

Powered by a crisper resolution and a powerful processor

This trendy smartwatch shall come sporting a 1.3-inch IPS One-Touch screen with a crisper resolution of 240x240 pixels. It would be powered by a 155mAh battery that would run for four days straight when connected to a Bluetooth device post a single charge.

With its PIXART PAR2860QN processor and 512k ROM, it will compute the tasks faster and present them to you at a swipe of your fingers, even in running motion or under a bit of shower.

We welcome you to make your next sweat session more precise and rewarding with a scientific purview in 2021. With the competitive landscape evolving at a breakneck speed, this is your chance to grab a piece of it!