The Smartwatch That Takes Swimming to A “Deeper” Level

“If I didn't swim my best, I'd think about it at school, at dinner, with my friends. It would drive me crazy.”

  • Michael Phelps

If this is what swimming does to you, you’re pretty much in the zone where this decorated Olympian swirls like a short-range torpedo in blue waters. He has spring-boarded himself to several records for winning the maximum number of gold medals in 2004, 2012, and 2016 Olympics over his past three attendances at the grand stage.

Michael Phelps is an inspiration to most people. That’s not because he is gifted, but rather because he’s used his potential by working precisely in line with all his fitness variables and vitals that are required for being the best swimmer underwater. No wonder, he is called the “Flying Fish.”

He is laser-focused on all his waterborne activities. He has worked very hard for his success and he has made every second of it count, and the shimmering proof of the same can be seen in the way we all stand up to applaud him every single time he goes swimming.

But this blog is not about him...

It is about passionate swimmers like you and what you can learn from him. As we have mentioned above, Phelps is one smart person who has streamlined his mind, body, and soul in one direction- to be the fittest and fastest swimmer underwater. We are here to help you connect the dots and help you see just how you too could get started on your own and get to a fitter and faster version of yourself underwater.

This happens by the way of tracking your every move while reading, sleeping, working, or hiking, and at best when you are swimming. It’s about making every second count and we thought that a smartwatch would suit the ends just fine. So what if you could have a smartwatch that could track you underwater and help you know what you could have done better?

What if you could wear a specialized fitness watch while swimming and keep a real-time note of all your fitness variables and body vitals? What you could just get to track the steps taken and calories spent vis-à-vis your heart rate and blood pressure, regardless of whether you are working out in the gym or are living the bliss underwater?

The answer is simple, it would push you to be better every day- and that’s just the stuff champions are made of. They race against themselves and they stretch the limits, every single day.

That’s just what you need a premium waterproof smartwatch for!

A premium swim fitness watch is like a specialized and advanced form of a swim-proof fitness tracker that can be worn underwater too. It offers a ton of smart features that are exclusively meant for fitness-savvy professionals and they may not count on anything less than a comprehensive view.

  • Standard features (Clock, Alarm, Vibration, Reminders, Weather, Timer, Stopwatch)

  • Hardware (IP68 Waterproof, Metal Round Dial, Dock Charger, Functional switch)

  • Activity tracking (Steps taken, Calories burnt, Distance traveled)

  • Health (Sleep, Heart Rate, Blood pressure, and Blood Glucose parameters)

  • Appropriate for walking, running, cycling, playing badminton or basketball and skipping

  • Controls (Find Phone and Turn Wrist On)

  • Design (Sporty, Outdoor, Rugged, Cool, Fashionable, and Trendy Colors)

  • Changeable TPE-based Straps with Metallic Studs

  • Attractive colors and personalized dials

  • Compatible Phones (Apple Phones and Android Mobile Phones)

The above list corresponds to a very basic core of standard features that you should expect from a premium fitness smartwatch, especially one that you could wear while swimming. Now there is a reason why we mentioned the hardware part at the second position and we are explaining it next

What does a waterproof smartwatch look like?

Every fitness smartwatch comes with an unsubtle score of parametric enhancements over the traditional grandfather’s watch. You may wear the latter for keeping date and time and maybe to go with your office attire- but that may be just about as far as you can take them. They are not exactly sports-oriented.

With smartwatches, things take a turn for the better. They are like your personal fitness trackers that, besides telling you the date and time, also tell you just what state your body was in at a certain period during the day (or night).

You can wear them to track your health vitals and fitness variables like heart rate, blood pressure, and calories spent during various activities like sleeping, walking, running, cycling, or while playing badminton or basketball. Then there is a unique class of swimmers and beachgoers and water lovers like you.

They need a specialized form of fitness smartwatch that is waterproof as the first prerequisite. This is to ascertain that it may be worn for all underwater escapades that you so dearly love and to paradoxically keep you connected with the outside world through Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone. Isn’t that quite something to talk about?

Benefits of a swim-proof smartwatch

A premium swim-proof smartwatch combines several peculiar and strategic elements of top craftsmanship, scientific precision, and result-oriented features. It works through a consistent mesh of these three distinctions to deliver verified, real-time access to your fitness vitals every day.

The same is one-upped if the watch is IP 68 certified because it may now also be worn underwater for swimming and playing waterborne games like Skurfing and Tubing. We know of your love for water and here’s just why we think a waterproof smartwatch would suit you well:

Here are some of the major characteristics that a swim fitness watch should have:

1. You could navigate over a highly responsive colored touchscreen display

2. You can go beyond checking date and time and set up alarms and reminders

3. You can get a trendier outlook for working out, traveling, hiking, trekking and swimming

5. You can make or take calls, and respond to text messages, emails and social media notifications

6. You can also track your phone with it

7. You can get a personalized fitness tracker to keep a tab on your heart rate and blood pressure in real-time

8. You can control the camera or your favorite music with just one tab

9. You can get all the weather updates and other app-based notifications as they happen

This forms the core of standard functionalities that most premium waterproof smartwatches offer. We recommend that you still make a wiser choice to go with only a premium brand to avail of an extended cover for warranty and a wider scope of after-sales support.

MevoFit Race Dive Smartwatch by Echoronics

One such immensely popular and trending option is the MevoFit Race Dive Smartwatch by Echoronics. It is made by MevoFit, a market leader in fitness and lifestyle products in India and the United States. This smartwatch checks all the boxes of being one of the best fitness trackers for men and women out there and offers an exclusive list of features that are reserved for the swimmer in you.

This trendy, circular dial-shaped smartwatch comes powered by Swim Proof Technology to delight you with a personalized experience every time. This technology comes to the fore when you are swimming, you can simply tap on the screen to know the calories that you have spent during the time.

You can choose from its animated watch faces and bright, colorful designs to reflect your mood and to complement your next escapade- be it home, gym, swimming pool, or anywhere else. It therefore has a dedicated Sports Mode that can be switched on while walking, running, hiking, cycling and swimming.

It comes riding on the reputation of an IP68 rating that lets you use it as your preferred fitness tracker for a jacuzzi or some seaside swimming. Reading the notifications and stats on its colorful and touchscreen-enabled responsive screen is a breeze because the brighter display is easy to read under broad sunlight and blue waters alike.

MevoFit Race Dive Smartwatch by Echoronics is one of those heavy-duty smartwatches that you can wear while swimming and playing golf, sleeping, and working out and then catching the next flight to your city- all in one charge. It has a USB-powered charging dock that connects to a powerful battery with up to seven days of result-centric performance on a single charge of two hours.

Pairing it with MevoFit Fitness App is a breeze too.

You can simply power on the Bluetooth connectivity in your smartphone to pair your favorite MevoFit Race Dive Smartwatch with the MevoFit Fitness App. This would help the watch sync your fitness data with the app and open you up to a plethora of premium and advanced features.

You may also set the apps for a more result-oriented approach spanning your fitness goals and fitness variables by linking it to your profile. You would be notified of all subsequent updates, events, and promotions in the app on the smartwatch itself in real-time.

Please note that the MevoFit app is available for Android- and iOS-powered smartphones on their respective app stores.

It’s time to swim up and swim smart!

We know you're just one swim away from a good mood. MevoFit is here to make the party worth never leaving by offering you a lot of leverage for every round of swimming that you’d make in those tantalizing blue waters today.

The MevoFit Race Dive Smartwatch by Echoronics is here to take your swimming experience to a much “deeper” level today! Pair us up to stay connected with your world, even when you are in your beautiful zone underwater!