Upgrade Your Online Workouts with a Smartwatch in 2021+

Upgrade Your Online Workouts with a Smartwatch in 2021+

An old maxim states that ‘nothing would work unless you do.’ We stand by it too but with a subtle twist.

Fitness is more often a way of life for most people. They love (read: hate) to wake up early, get dressed, have their energy shakes, and head straight for the gym even before the clock has struck six in the morning. Their life may be running at a frantic pace but it is their fitness session that gives them the calmness in the middle of a raging storm.

Discipline is important and we’d agree too. But what we can’t agree on is working out in an unmanaged way that is mostly uncalibrated with respect to daily fitness goals. It is a common phenomenon with the new starters and left uncorrected, can stay with them to haunt them for the rest of their lives. We are not a big fan of working in this manner or just about leaving everything to your fitness trainer.

Smartwatches are not a luxury, they are a necessity

Using a smartwatch to gauge your fitness on a daily basis is one of the best favors you could do for yourself. It may cost you a bit and yes, that will sting for some time, but it won’t be hurting half as much once you realize the way it would help you stay focused on your goal, especially when you are sweating profusely in the gym.

They offer a myriad of functions for fitness professionals and self-aware individuals so they may save their time. Using this tracking device and pairing it with your smartphone, for example, can simply take out the need for you to keep checking your phone every now and then for any notifications.

You can rest assured that your smartwatch would help the user stay in the swim by informing him of any notifications as they come. Obviously, the saved time can be best used in focusing on the workouts and other related activities. It can also help you keep you informed about your changing health vitals in real-time so you could make better decisions with respect to your sessions.

Virtual Fitness Services

Online fitness has emerged as the single biggest alternative to the traditional gym-based fitness models over the past few years. Fitness enthusiasts are gunning for safer and contactless models through which they follow their workout regimes and achieve even personal attention for specialized goals like weight loss in the abdominal region or building biceps for any professional competition.

Being a virtual and app-based endeavor, it can be availed of in a contactless way using one’s smartphone and internet connectivity. It is also independent of location and time zone so one may even get talking to an expert of one’s choice through audio or video conferencing.

PS: Are you a fitness expert? Here’s how you can train several people at once from your home without going anywhere using a software-based approach.

The best smartwatches for online fitness sessions

A smartwatch is a natural extension of your smartwatch and online fitness sessions. Meant for your Android smartphone and iPhone, it can help you derive maximum mileage in every session in the following ways:

1. More than just a time-keeping device

2. Work seamlessly with both Android smartphones and iPhones

3. Measurement of health vitals like distance walked or run, calories burnt, sleep duration, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and ECG-PPG, etc.

4. They may offer GPS

5. Smarter features like Alarms, Reminders, Contactless Payments, and Find My Phone

6. Work as fitness device (to track health vitals)

7. Offer real-time alerts for calls, messages, and social media notifications

8. Intuitive features like gesture control and ambient light sensors

9. Goal-based fitness tracking (like weight-loss and bodyweight exercises)

MevoFit’s Race Thrust Smartwatch

If you are looking for a smartwatch that you can wear during your virtual fitness sessions, we recommend you go with MevoFit’s Race Thrust Smartwatch. As one of the best and most premium fitness smartwatches in 2021, it checks all the boxes of functionalities above comes (except for GPS) and comes in a waterproof setup.

It is compatible with all leading Android smartphone manufacturers and smartphones with version 4.4 or above. With its bold, sporty, elegant, comfortable, outdoor, and rugged form factor, it is just the next showstopper you could be looking for to boost your next workout session with a lot of charm to spare!