Wearable Technology and its Importance
in Current Times |MevoFit

Wearable Technology and its Importance in Current Times |MevoFit

The Rise of Wearable Technology in Fitness and Healthcare

Healthcare and fitness are two of the most traditional but technically forward service sectors, especially in the developing parts of the world. Scores of professionals and experts rely on these smart electronic devices that they can wear on their wrist as watches and trackers to measure their health vitals. They also expect their clients to follow the suit.

As the tech companies gear up for a stellar show in times to come, we are becoming increasingly reliant on them for a granular and precise measurement of our health vitals. Wearing a smartwatch or a fitness tracker in current times is just where the world’s most popular distinct disciplines of Artificial Intelligence, Wearable Technology and Electronics meet in perfect unison.

Scores of fitness or healthcare professionals now rely a great deal on the assessments offered by these smart devices. The way this market penetration has been so rampant is that people too are loving the extra bells and whistles besides all the requisite features at one tap of their fingers.

Why should you go for wearable devices?

The importance of wearable technology in our lives cannot be understated. These devices help us monitor our health and fitness levels precisely without compromising our liberty to take up other tasks. They also help us track our location with GPS and make or take calls or respond to text messages.

This is of specific concern for those fitness and healthcare experts who either need this facility for themselves or for their clients to make better decisions on their part. The catalysis of productivity was never so vivid and vibrant.

Impact of technology on our daily life:

There are several benefits why technology (especially wearable) is making inroads into our daily life, as follows:

1. Faster and effortless connectivity

2. Regular updation of faster processors and high-quality sensors

3. Precise measurement of health vitals

4. Excellent time- and record-keeping devices

5. Security and privacy

6. Work as a natural extension of smartphones

7. Cost-effective

8. Position tracking via GPS

9. Motivating for doing exercises

10. Accessing entertainment services

11. Fashionable and trendy

12. Aimed at men and women of all age groups

13. Less energy consumption

14. Near-zero carbon footprint

15. Can help monitor patients in non-critical situations (like blood sugar levels for diabetic patients)

16. Help in making better decisions as per the information recorded over several days

The technology would become so seamlessly ingrained in our routine fabrics that it will cease to be a separable component anymore. Who knows someday we would just look up at our wrist and it would speak up the details on its own.

Using a smartwatch that tracks your records- so you do not have to!

A smartwatch could be one of the most technologically forward devices you could ever invest in. It offers a precise measurement of your health vitals as per your fitness goals or activity levels, and helps you and your trainer make informed decisions based on a data-driven representation.

You may surely choose from several smartwatches and fitness trackers in the market space. They would help you measure blood sugar, blood pressure, ECG-PPG measurement, nutrition and activity levels, and heart rate- and for the most part, you would do fine with these features. Some extra bells and whistles like GPS tracking and theme-based personalization features could come in handy too.

Wearing a smartwatch that measures your body temperature in real-time

However, if you are looking for a more sophisticated and radically forward solution to your fitness measurement woes, we suggest that you go for something as power-packed as an Apple i Watch or a superior watch for an Android phone. It should help you measure your body temperature and pulse rate as defining criteria for better well being.

MevoFit Air X1: Smart on Health, Light on Hand

We suggest going ahead with MevoFit’s AIR X1. Built in an IP67-certified waterproof casing, it is a new-age electronics device that leverages the latest developments in wearable technology. This smartwatch caters to your style statement too as it is available in three colors: Space Black, Smoke Grey, and Sand Pink.

This device precisely measures body temperature and pulse rate among other requisite factors and is topped with up to five days of seamless Bluetooth connectivity with Android or iOS smartphones. It sports a 1.3-inch One-Touch screen with 240x240 pixels and four sports modes to attend to your growing fitness needs on a daily basis. You can get one for yourself at just INR 1990 today!