Your Activity Tracker DOES Affect Your
Fitness Level Subconsciously

Your Activity Tracker DOES Affect Your Fitness Level Subconsciously

A fitness tracker (also known as an activity tracker) is an electronic device that is used to monitor and track fitness-related health vitals. One can wear it to set fitness-related goals like distance walked or run, heartbeats or pulse rate, calories burnt in a day or after an exercise, oxygen count in the blood, and so on. These are all relevant metrics that are extremely helpful to fitness-minded professionals.

Worn over a period of time, this device acclimatizes to the user’s lifestyle. This fact is of special consideration given that less than 5% of adults exercise for less than half an hour a day, and this number is more or less reflected on a global scale. It also offers several benefits that, being psychological in nature, affect your fitness level subconsciously. We are discussing the same below.

Benefits of fitness trackers

With the world switching to a virtual fitness model, the race to the top has certainly heated up in favor of electronic gadgets. You would find lots of YouTube channels and sportspersons and movie stars telling you about which device you should go for.

We are taking a different route by helping you know why you should actually go with one such device. We would then append the discussion with some of the best options out there that you could go with. So, we would start with listing the benefits of using fitness trackers:

1. Accountability

2. Motivation to eat and exercise in a healthy manner

3. Helps in setting time-based goals

4. Helps you measure your progress

5. Can be paired with your smartphone to notify calls and messages

6. Measures a wide range of health vitals (like heart rate, calories burnt, distance walked or run, etc.)

7. Can also measure sleep patterns and the duration of deep sleep

8. Comes with screen-mounted controls and offers a simple user experience

9. Has a longer battery life as compared to smartwatches

10. Is lightweight and comfortable

11. Offers a better fashion quotient

12. Can be worn 24x7 in all weather conditions

These are some of the most popular advantages that make a strong case in the favor of these activity trackers. However, you should always go for high-quality and premium fitness bands for a better experience.

Which is the best budget fitness tracker?

Checklist to choose the best activity tracker for yourself

It is rather difficult to tell you about a certain activity tracker that is the “best” out there. It is so because any device could be graded on several aspects like quality, sensitivity, battery life, comfort, UI-UX, lightweight, and so on. And no one device can be a fit-all solution for everyone.

So we sat down with some of our virtual fitness experts and narrowed down a list of factors that could help you zero in on the best such device for you. Here’s that checklist:

1. Presence of a 3-axis accelerometer

2. Exercise recognition

3. Pedometer to count the number of steps walked or run

4. Seamless integration with smartphone

5. Bluetooth version used (v5 is better)

6. GPS (optional)

7. Waterproof (only for swimmers)

8. Movement reminders

9. Battery life (should be not less than 5 days)

10. Display size (not less than 1 inch)

11. The AMOLED display is better

12. Adjustable and spare bands

13. Compatibility, size, and ease of charging

14. Available colors

15. Availability of apps

16. Readability under sunlight

These are the factors that you could use to narrow down your choices for these electronic devices. The key thing to remember is that battery life, sensitivity, compatibility with smartphones, and readability under bright sunlight are the most important factors to consider.

The best fitness trackers with heart rate monitor

Among the list of budget-friendly smart devices, you can go for activity trackers that offer the widest scope of 16 point checklist as above. The branded ones are costly but their quality is often not doubtable. Additionally, they come with a warranty to help you with any manufacturing defects.

If you are exclusively looking for something that offers you an accurate analysis of heart rate, you may go with MevoFit Bold Activity Tracker. It is one such premium activity tracker band that offers a precise measurement for fitness-related activities and can thus be worn at all times.

1. Auto-brightness enabled

2. Heart rate tracking

3. Gesture control

4. Color touchscreen

5. Bold, stylish, and premium looks

6. Can be worn at home, gym, or office

7. IP67-rated Waterproof

8. Sleep tracking

9. Multi-sports tracking

10. Changeable watch faces and themes

11. Smart alerts for calls, messages, and social media notifications

12. Smart tools

13. Good battery life (more than 7 days)

14. Fast charging

15. Warranty of one year

16. Data privacy

You may try one today!

Buy only genuine and premium devices

Activity bands can prove to be a faithful companion to have by the side but you should also stay cautious about their negative sides too. It is important not to become too obsessed with the data being shown on their screen or to rely on it wholeheartedly. This may cause you more than an issue and may even hamper your progress in the right direction.

Think of this- the key is to live in the present moment when you are working out instead of just looking at the screen. If that’s not important, how far will you go down the road of fitness in 2021?