Your HIIT and Pilates Training
Needs A Special Assistant!

Your HIIT and Pilates Training Needs A Special Assistant!

HIIT and Pilates are the two of the most gruesome fitness regimes one can possibly follow in one’s schedule. They are demanding, take a lot of hard work, do not accept any excuses, and should always be done under a qualified fitness guru or expert. But there is another aspect that most people miss- often with catastrophic results.

It is about measuring their progress in real-time. The professionals who miss this crucial stage often come back after spending their energy reserves only to know that they lost their initiative and momentum without gaining much ground. You should not fall into this trap.

Hence using a good quality fitness tracker watch.

Are fitness trackers worth it?

Why you should go for one today?

Yes, fitness trackers are worth it. Some of the best ones among them even help you subconsciously prepare yourself for the higher goal ahead. You can count on nothing less than a real-time sense of being accountable for your health and fitness, and this feeling would stay with you.

I am a professional fitness professional since 2012. I spent the first two years correcting my basics and working out on the most elementary parts of my fitness. One fine sunny day, my trainer asked me to try the HIIT for supplementing my cardiovascular system. It was 15 minutes of pain and exhaustion, possibly because I have never done that before.

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The next day, he asked me to add to it something called Pilates to strengthen my small muscle groups. This was another thorn in my flesh and while I do admit I had done them, I was way too exhausted to continue. Then it all began once again.

Mind you, it was 2014 and those were the early days of sporting a premium fitness tracker. I didn’t have one but my trainer did, and he was watching closely how I was working out. That was the day I began to understand just how important it is to work while measuring one’s progress. It is 2021 now and I must say that I have never let that lesson go adrift.

You can surely take a cue out of my experience.

You don’t have to buy the best fitness tracker watch out there

You only need to get the one that suits your fitness needs the best!

Yes, you read it right. Expensive doesn’t mean useful. While you could surely go for the best fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor and a sleep tracker and personalized screens and whatnot, I would strongly advise you to play smart and rather go for the most essential features that you need to build your fitness quotient up.

This is especially true in the case of working out under a virtual fitness expert as he may even ask you to go with a variety of training regimes. Should you think that online fitness is not your thing, here’s a free resource to help you make your mind.

Here are some benefits of using good quality fitness tracker:

  • Accountability

  • Tracks sleep

  • Stay Connected

  • Monitors Heart Rate

  • Makes you conscious of your fitness goals

  • Motivation

  • Healthy eating

  • Set goals

  • Stays with you 24x7 to track your activities

  • Monitors sleep patterns

  • Also makes you look fashion-savvy and fitness conscious

Every HIIT workout requires a great deal of hard work and pain, and if you are not measuring your progress the right way, you might as well not be making proper use of it. That’s why going ahead with the best fitness tracker with heart rate and pulse rate monitoring could seriously make a big difference.

They gently motivate you to work harder

Yes, they do. Their persistent notifications can create a psychological effect of urgency and validity, thus leading you to push yourself further. They are not just some cool smart device that one could wear because there goes a lot into their making.

The quality of even the best fitness trackers is closely related to the sensitivity and quality of their accelerometers. These are specialized sensors that detect and measure the body's movement into quantifiable terms and show it on the screen.

Mostly generated automatically, they may also deliver the same results on-demand. If you have paired your smartphone with such a smart device, you would get a real-time calculation of steps walked, distance run, and calories burned, besides your heart and pulse rate on your phone’s screen. Some devices may even offer beeping alarms to notify you that you have sat idle for far too long.

HIIT or Pilates or Yoga: There is always an energy requirement

As a fitness professional, you should always have a desire to stay motivated and result-oriented. Fitness or Activity Trackers are reasonably accurate and you can make calculated estimates based on the readings shown on them.

However, a larger part of wearing this smart device can also save you from a mishap because they can track small unhealthy changes that often creep into our daily life. As you become more and more conscious of them, you can surely avert the disaster way before it may happen!