What Goes Into The Making Of A Top-Notch Bluetooth
Headphone? (Hint: It is for Fitness Experts)

What Goes Into The Making Of A Top-Notch Bluetooth Headphone? (Hint: It is for Fitness Experts)

There is something unique with working out for your fitness- you need to be single-mindedly focused on working out on that very muscle group that you intend to train. This means tuning yourself out of all worldly distractions like phone calls, chit-chats, frequent breaks, and associating with those not stretching themselves to the fullest extent.

The best way to do that is to work all by yourself at your home. The next best way is to work at a gym with your Bluetooth headphones plugged in your ears as you listen to your favorite music and then go about your resuming your business. That’s the way I would prefer because I do consider my fitness goals way more important than any distractions.

So, I did ditch my previous earphones in favor of some good-quality Bluetooth headphones for the greater good a couple of years back. Here’s how I did that.

The Best Bluetooth Headphones

It was a hot and simmering evening in May 2019. I was headed for the gym and was in a rush because I was late for a last-minute errand. As I rushed into the gym, my trainer asked to get my BMI checked after I was through with some warmups.

The values were consistent with what we were working for over the last few months. However, he did issue me a caution that there were some of his friends joining that day and he would appreciate if I could stay away from them, for they were all chit-chatters.

It was then that he offered me one of his prized possessions- a pair of high-quality Bluetooth Headphones- and asked me to get on with them. I paired them with my Android phone and tuned them into my music player.

The experience was surreal.

It had the perfect mix of bass and treble, appropriate weight-to-form factor, and several hours of battery hours even on heavy usage. Ever since then, I have not gone back to any stock earphones. I got myself the same best pair of Bluetooth headphones, albeit with a mic for taking calls on the go.

Bluetooth Headphones Buying Guide

Over the last two years, here’s what I have learned about buying the cutest, most dependable, and most enjoyable pair of Bluetooth headphones for oneself. You can start with identifying what your needs are, how long would be using them every day, and how much are you willing to spend in the showdown. Once these aspects are sorted, you can surely look for the best option in that category.

Here are the basic traits that you would always need to check for in any Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphone, be it with or without a mic.

1. Immersive sound quality

2. Presence of high-definition stereo drivers

3. Dynamic punchy bass and dynamic power output

4. Sweat-resistant and skin-friendly

5. Frequency response

6. Padding on ears and head (memory protein muffs and swivel ear cups are preferable)

7. Noise Cancellation and Crosstalk Reduction (only for headphones with mic)

8. Near-zero static-

9. Equalizers

10. Preference for a certain design or form factor

11. Ease of doing video conferencing (for those with mic)

12. The lowest version of Bluetooth compatible with

13. Mounted music and call controls

14. Flexible headband (comfortable for long hours of listening)

15. Max volume (though you should not max them out)

16. Distortion at high volume

17. Weight

18. Securable ear loop

19. Durable (can take a beating)

20. Standard accessories offered

21. Colors available (and their compatibility with your style statement)

22. Compatibility with Android smartphones and iPhones

23. Battery backup and charging time

24. Budget

If you could go for a focused approach for listening to your favorite music using these above guidelines, you can’t put a step wrong.


Another aspect to consider is to go with something that is sporty and has a vibrant look and feel to it and can be worn by men and women alike. That way, your sibling or friend too can wear them for their stint without feeling concerned about how they’d look in the mirror.

For example, do not take a pink-colored headphone from your girlfriend if you are not okay with a somewhat girlish color, or do not take your brother’s WWE-themed headphone with The Rock’s sticker on it. Nobody in their right mind would go for something that doesn’t flow with the traditional aspirations and color themes as conceived by society.

Maybe it could work for quite a time but there would be soon a time when you’d need to call it quits!

Better listening experience isn’t just about superior acoustics

Remember, you are not buying a home theater stereo system for your car, you are buying a pair of (wired or wireless) Bluetooth headphones so you could tune yourself out without affecting your attention at what you are doing. This explains why you should not go for those expensive musical accessories that may offer a way too stunning musical experience but may not be well-tuned for your sports or fitness requirements.

Opting for something that makes you feel clumsy and unable to work is not well worth it, and that’s just why you need to have something that helps you work better seamlessly.