An Android Smartwatch or iWatch?
Which is better?

An Android Smartwatch or iWatch? Which is better?

Electronic gadgets are changing several aspects of our world and fitness is one of them. The trend of wearable fitness devices is in the middle of an unprecedented rise and as per this market research, 20 million smartwatches were sold in 2019 in the United States alone. With the rise in virtual fitness, this trend of wearing smart monitoring devices is only supposed to increase in times to come.

The world of fitness has changed by leaps and bounds in 2020. The onset of a pandemic, the rise of on-demand virtual fitness training sessions, and the lowered costs of electronic smart devices have together led to a stellar rise in the trend of working out under calculated estimates.

If you think you need a standard and full-fledged cellular watch that can help you take care of your work profiles, you should go ahead with a smartwatch for android. Some of the best smartwatches for Android OS or iOS can even help you leave your phone behind and still do your work just as efficiently. At the very least, they can still offer you a vast number of apps to download and use.

Benefits of smartwatch

Any smartwatch, be it for Android or iOS, can help you with a ton of features for health and fitness. This is of special significance for professionals who prefer to work out for time-based fitness goals every day and can’t disregard any health vital during the course.

Here are some benefits of smartwatches:

1. They are trendy and fashionable

2. They are affordable

3. They can be paired with a smartphone to get info on calls, messages, and location

4. You can reply to calls and messages from them

5. They can provide GPS services

6. Best of all, they measure heart rate, pulse rate, distance walked, etc.,

With Android and Apple’s smartwatches, you can also unlock your phone on the go. Android smartwatches are usually cheaper and still offer a ton of features in a lower price range but with Apple’s watches, you go for a premium treatment and the bargain may not always be justified.

Disadvantages of Apple smartwatch

With its premium look and feel and a plethora of apps to avail of, Apple’s smartwatch is often the go-to choice for many millennials. It may also have controls for calls, music, messages, and personalization on a highly responsive touchscreen. This also includes weather and social media updates on the screen.

However, its disadvantages are just as large too. It is not a fitness-centric productivity device and can be best termed as an extension of the iPhone that’s paired with it. It may sometimes miss some functionalities that are not yet optimized for a smartwatch screen like answering emails or sending locations via WhatsApp. The biggest strength of iOS is its app ecosystem but most of the apps won’t run properly on the smartwatch.

Besides, looking at your phone every now and then is considered rude and discourteous to the person you are sitting with. So even though you only meant checking the nonfictions, you might end up coming across as uncouth or presumptuous.

PS: The latest and best Apple smartwatch nowadays is Apple Watch Series 6. You can check out its details here.

What is the best Android smartwatch for fitness?

What is the best Android smartwatch for fitness? Well, that’s something quite objective as a professional to answer because every person has different needs and aspirations. We recommend looking for reasons as to why you want to go with a smart wearable device for your fitness needs.

1. Timekeeping, alarms, and reminders

2. Navigation

3. Fitness tracking capabilities 

4. Fashionable and trendy 

5. Correct size 

6. Support for apps

7. Real time notification for emails and social media messages

8. Entertainment device (can play videos)

9. Tracking health vitals (distance run, SpO2, Pulse Rate, Heart Rate, etc.)

10. Location tracking

11. Find My Phone feature

12. Lock and Unlock smartphone

13. Personalization 

14. Can be worn while swimming (if it is waterproof)

15. Multi-Sports tracking

16.  Battery life

17. Compatibility with various models of the same Operating System

18. Warranty and Support

Since Android users are more than iOS users, we are offering our take on some of the best Android smartwatches that you can wear for fitness. They include those by Samsung and Garmin, and you may also check out the latest range of smartwatches by MevoFit too. They check all the boxes of functionality and style quotient for fitness professionals like you and can be had for their classic looks.

Summing up!

With growing competition among smartphone and smartwatch brands, it’s the consumers who are making merry because they are now getting a lot of features at a much lesser price. This scenario is especially true for the more fitness-conscious people who love to stay in sync with the latest technology as much as they love their workout sessions.

With the added advantage of staying updated with the latest wearable tech, they can also leverage the experience of quantifying their progress on a per unit time basis. If you too are one of them, here’s your chance to make it come good with a branded smartwatch today!