Help Senior Citizens Leverage Wearable Technology

Help Senior Citizens Leverage Wearable Technology

Big and united families have their sweet charm. Living with grandparents and learning life as it has unraveled to them offers us so many valuable lessons that are more than impossible to find in school books. They teach us the smarter and more ethical way to live our lives, a privilege that is often denied to those living in nuclear families.

But how can we repay the senior citizens for their kindness? By caring for them in ways that they perhaps do not expect.

One positive way to get this done is to help them stay fit. But enrolling them in a laughter club or morning walk groups on WhatsApp simply does not cut it. There is a lot more than you can find to do for them, especially in these pandemic times when their immunity could be compromised.

Online fitness classes could be a fantastic way to start!

The world is going gaga for online fitness sessions- and for a good reason. These are contactless and on-demand virtual workout sessions that could be availed of using an app-based setup and internet connectivity on handheld devices. Offered by some of the best experts worldwide, these online classes are completely independent of location and time zones and are extremely cost-effective.

What you may do for your parents or grandparents is to buy them a subscription to these online classes and schedule them for a certain number of days per week. Given their smartphone and an online fitness app, they can talk to a personal trainer about their issues and expectations, and take notes of how they should work on achieving their fitness goals. You would be surprised at how quickly they have taken to the change!

Workouts for Senior Citizens

There is no such thing as funny or odd, especially when it comes to physical and mental health. We suggest you opt for a holistic plan consisting of aerobics (or anaerobic exercises), Yoga (or Zen), or Zumba classes for the best results.

Here are some benefits of exercising for seniors and aging adults:

1. It keeps them active and focused

2. It keeps them motivated and free of depression

3. Their medicinal costs might be reduced

4. Their social engagement rates increase

5. Better physical and mental reflexes

6. They have a lower risk of illness

7. Their immunity increases

8. It can beat their chances of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and various types of cancers

9. Their bone density and blood pressure is better

Consistency and a willingness to try the new normal are the keys to this positive experience. Taking brisk walking as a primary example, our virtual healthcare experts advise senior citizens to walk for at least 2000 steps every day. It is one of the simplest exercises and can help stay fit without much trouble.

How Do I Signup My Parents For Virtual Sessions?

It is easy. All you would need to do is to follow these steps:

1. You may download a Virtual Fitness App and signup for a profile of your parents on their respective smartphones.

2. You should fill up details like name, age, gender, and services required.

3. You should then search for the online fitness experts, e-yoga, or Zumba trainers as per user reviews and ratings available.

It would also be better to look for these professionals as per your time availability and budget. You may also check out this free resource to prepare them for the upcoming session.

Online Fitness, Yoga, or Zumba Classes for Senior Citizens

How can using a smartphone help you get the most of these virtual sessions?

Using a wearable device or gadget can enhance the results through real-time monitoring of health vitals. It is of specific importance for aging adults and older people who are often reluctant to go for proper monitoring of their health and fitness.

Using a wearable fitness device can help them get the most of these online sessions in the following ways:

1. Increases accountability

2. Provides motivation to do better

3. Offers real-time information on health vitals

4. Helps in setting, monitoring, and achieving fitness goals

5. Keeps them proactive

6. Can work as an extension to smartphones

Using a smartwatch or an activity tracker (also called a fitness band) can seem daunting to most senior citizens and they might even be reluctant to wear it. This is just where you can come in to assuage their fears and reassure them of your presence.

You can tell them that these premium smart wearables are designed to help them get better results from their virtual fitness sessions (like those for aerobics, e-yoga, or dance classes) and that they are non-intrusive. These devices do not interfere with the user’s daily routine but rather help them get the best out of their activity levels through a real-time measurement.

Buy Premium Smartwatches and Activity Bands Online

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