5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Work Out Without A Fitness Tracker!

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Work Out Without A Fitness Tracker!

Accountability and motivation could be the two most obvious nouns you could associate with a fitness tracker. We all can offer balancing viewpoints about these amazing wearable devices because they surely help us enjoy a higher grade of professionalism and results, albeit with some compromises.

Much of the hype in the gyms is about the effectiveness of fitness trackers and if they actually add some zing to the user’s workouts. People wear these awesome devices for reasons not limited to health and fitness alone, and you would always find people wearing them just to make a style statement as well.

We are offering some more insights about why you should not go to the gym without wearing this smart device on your wrist.

This pandemic hasn’t changed the reasons or the results for fitness enthusiasts

Working with an in-house setup can even be more beneficial than going to the gym

No, the pandemic hasn’t changed the philosophy of working out but it has surely increased the importance of staying fit. The year 2020 was one in which people forced themselves to stay indoors instead of going to the gyms. It was a highly infectious virus strain with no cure.

The more professional ones even went a step further as they cut down on binge eating and rather started with working out through in-house setups. This helped the role of Virtual Health Professionals to rise due to standardized and contactless services that were (and still are) available on demand.

In the absence of qualified guidance, one may inadvertently eat or workout more than is required. In these scenarios, the effectiveness of fitness trackers comes into play. These wearable and trendy fitness devices process real-time information diligently and their growing sales have been a testament to their worldwide acceptance.

You might even want to get one for yourself before you head for your next workout today. The same would apply if you prefer swimming to workouts.

Are Fitness Trackers worth it?

Opting for an Oxygen Monitor or Heart Rate Monitor

Yes, they are, provided you know what ends you are using them for. Wearable fitness devices like trackers and smartwatches have electronic sensors that can offer real-time measurement of calories burnt as a result of every single activity that you do. This includes steps walked, distance swum or walked or run, and your sleeping patterns.

You would be often amazed by how neatly a branded fitness tracker can help you gauge your fitness levels, even when you are in running motion. These wearable devices are certainly worth it though you should not extend your budget to buy the fancier ones just to make a style statement.

5 Reasons to do workouts with a fitness tracker

Why do you need a personal wearable fitness device?

There are a ton of health and fitness benefits of using fitness trackers for workouts. People around the world are switching to the virtual model of fitness and it means that a user should be ready with his health vitals for the expert to make a decision quickly.

Think of it, what if you need a specialized workout plan for making a six-pack set of abs but you do not even know what your calorie count currently is. Worse, what if you do not even know how much energy you should expect to spend as you start lifting irons one by one? The expert helping you would be just as clueless.

The effectiveness of fitness trackers can be summarized in the way they help you with the following attributes:

1. Accountability and Motivation

2. Healthy and controlled eating

3. Awareness about the real-time and actual status of health vitals

4. Setting realistic and time-limited goals

5. Variations in health vitals like heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, Spo2, and sleep quality

The last point can be judged only using the best fitness trackers with a heart rate monitor. As a bonus, you could expect them these wearable devices to seamlessly pair with your smartphone to offer you real-time notifications about any incoming calls and messages. This would be done through a proper Bluetooth connection, as you would understand.

The best fitness tracker or watch should have this one trait

The best fitness trackers and watches can only be differentiated from the fake and spurious ones on the basis of the quality of their sensors. You should thus go for branded and high-quality products for a precise and real-time measurement of the vitals.

For this, you won’t always have to run for the likes of Samsung and Apple because they charge a premium for their brand value too. You should understand your fitness requirements first and then decide if certain fitness trackers would be worth it. Maybe you could do just as well with the package at a much lower cost too and rather use the money to upgrade your package in the gym?