MevoFit’s Bluetooth Headphones: First
Impressions After A Week of Use

MevoFit’s Bluetooth Headphones: First Impressions After A Week of Use

It was 1 July 1979 that the first personal stereo, Sony Walkman, arrived on the scene with a bang. It featured an almost unheard-of approach to listening to music and 30000 pieces were sold in the first two months of the launch itself. That was the beginning of a new chapter- portability of music. People wanted to listen to their favorite music on the go as and when they wanted it.

Bluetooth headphones then took over the show in the early 2000s and they have never left the stage ever since. They dwarfed the stellar rise of Walkmans and even became the leading cause why the latter were shunted off in 2004. The world has never been the same ever since, for both audiophiles and fitness enthusiasts around the world.

The year 1958 was special, though!

The prequel to the development

Stereo headphones were invented in 1958. This was a landmark moment because before that these devices were only used for communication purposes by the defense forces. Their use as a music accessory was much awaited and it was all slated to pave the way for a better listening experience. This was notwithstanding their bulky appearance and a rather weird form factor.

Fast forward to 2021 and you would find Bluetooth headphones present in several parts of our lives. These may include activities like working out, jogging, studying, listening to various podcasts, making HD calls, playing video games, and even while meditating. These music accessories are just the thing you would need to tune yourself into your world of music and tune everything else out.

Did you know? While the world seems a bit divided between the feasibility of using wired and wireless headphones, the patrons of the latter outnumber those of the former by a huge margin.

How I came across MevoFit Wireless Bluetooth Headphones?

I am an audiophile and I love listening to music. With my previous Sony MDR-7506 and Philips SHP2000/10 vintage wired headphones serving me for almost a decade now, I thought of switching to something else but in a wireless form factor. I had seen my friends working out and jogging while sporting them while I always used my wired earphones or just none at all.

Past month, I was browsing through some online stores in search of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for professional use. I had shortlisted a few based on simple factors like sound clarity, balanced treble, thumping bass, the padding on ears, noise cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity, and battery life. For reasons unknown, I wanted to place my bet on a newer brand.

I zeroed in on a newer brand, MevoFit and went ahead with its Dark Beat Z100 model.

Why I chose them?

This was a bit tricky. I had saved up some money that I wanted to use for my love of listening to music. I also wanted to use them while playing games on my PS4 console, though that is secondary. (By the way, I have been listening to online music since 2006. I then used to have simple earphones then, though I had saved enough to get myself Philips and Sony headphones by 2010).

Anyways, I chose MevoFit for its price to value ratio and its promised battery life of ten hours. To me, that was going to be sufficient. These over-ear or on-ear Bluetooth headphones also offered connectivity to my newer Xbox One and older PS4, and also to my Mac. Using them for jogging was going to be just as easy.

I placed the order online on MevoFit and paid INR 1790. The product was delivered in less than a week.

Spoiler Alert: Some misconceptions about Bluetooth Headphones!

You can now simply choose wireless headphones without worrying about their battery life or tangling wires, though the latter might someday pose an issue. With regards to sound quality and mobility, several breathtaking developments in Bluetooth Technology, Digital Signal Processing, and Acoustics have surely changed the game by a mile!

MevoFit Dark Beat Z100 = Plug-In and Tune Out

I wasn’t too sure of the new MevoFit Dark Beat Z100 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones though I was excited to have them.

Packed in an attractive casing, this on-ear music accessory sports an expandable memory and mic-enabled call support. You can choose from Red and Black colors. I chose the black one because it goes well with my Xbox One and PS4, and also because my active wear is of the same color.

What makes this music accessory rank among the best over-ear Bluetooth headphones out there is that it offers top-notch circuit miniaturization and passive noise cancellation features at such a low cost. It also features a balanced ratio of Sensitivity and Impedance, two of the central features that define a perfectly immersive musical experience.

How I felt after listening through it?

Just for caution’s sake, I went through the user manual to know how to pair these Bluetooth headphones with my smartphone. It was an easy process and I was online in less than 15 seconds. I tuned in to the online internet radio on my smartphone and set the inbuilt equalizer to ‘Custom.’ The station was set for the ‘80s Hip Hop’ music genre and was followed by some stored songs in my phone’s internal memory.

Here’s what I found out after turning the music on.

1. It offers an immersive listening experience. I felt its beat-centric experience quite different from the highly melody-centric experience of Philips and Sony. It doesn’t mean that the music quality on them was bad but it rather means that MevoFit offered an emphasis on musical beats. It also had a balanced approach to the Treble part.

2. This device comes to its own when you listen to more fast-paced Dance numbers. It offers an exceptionally strong and punchy bass without diluting the sharpness, and pumps it up with distinct Mids and Highs too. This renders a superior listening experience full of Beats every time even for music files with a lower bitrate too.

3. Another thing that I noticed with it is the presence of 40 mm High Definition Audio Drivers. These are the key players to provide better rhythmic response and negligible sound distortions across a wide frequency range. This is an advanced acoustics feature that is only found only in high-end music devices and I got it at a competitive price.

4. MevoFit Dark Beat Z100 offers superior connectivity and compression algorithms, thanks to Bluetooth v5 and this factor makes it one of the best Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones out there. You can literally feel the musical beats filling up the space between your ears by shutting out external and unwanted noises in next to no time.

The padding support is sweat-resistant and skin-friendly. It is further powered by a pair of comfortable protein muffs and rides on easy swivel features to adjust for the perfect fit on your head. You can thus continue to wear the audio accessory for extended durations and still not feel a thing sweaty or bothersome.

The listening experience is well-tuned to charge an adrenaline rush during working outs and online games. In this past week, I have used it for extended durations and it hasn’t left me down, be it for battery life or music experience, or ease of usage. The assembly also houses mounted music and volume controls that keep me free to attend to my stuff. It sure seems like a win-win deal!

Should you buy MevoFit Wireless Headphones?

In my humble opinion, you probably should go with it. This trendy over-ear headphone offers more than a decent sum of offerings at an affordable price with an awesome sound experience. With unmatched passive cancellation features and a highly responsive frequency selection, it suits the bill of your next Bluetooth headphone (preferably the one with dedicated mic support).

If you are looking to take a different route from the Sonys and Philips and JBLs and Sennheisers, you can consider MevoFit Dark Beat Z100 for its exceptional sound quality and value for money proposition.

It may be limited in the availability of colors (and I did find it a bit irksome) but it more than makes up for the trouble with its stylish form factor, attractive design, and immersive audio quality. It is a head-turner for sure, and you can surely get along with it for a longer period of time with proper upkeep.